22 August 2017 @ 12:47 am
Anyone need a bartender? Starting to think about a job since I only have another couple of weeks in the temp housing.
Who: Ayame Sasaki & Satsuki Kiryuin
What: Ayame has overexerted the use of her powers, and now suffers the consequences
Where: Ayame's home - Attleton
Warnings: None
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Who: Tannusen and/or whoever!
Where: Genessia City - Velvet Lust (Please read that link if you're gonna tag in!)

There was no lead-up, no early announcements. It was just one unremarkable night, and then... every patron or staff member alike who came downstairs from the club floor had donned a banana costume. Some had willingly put them on, and others had been forcibly stuffed into their bright yellow peels.

Bananas mingled among the downstairs patrons, some going back up, others going outside to mill around with their friends both banana'd and not. Maybe they were talking them into going upstairs? Or maybe they were warning them that Wade had been given an Extra Special Assignment...

Either way, the party upstairs was sure to be extra wild tonight. And full of potassium.

(Tag each other! Tag me! Tag Wade! This isn't an open Tannusen post so much as it's an open Velvet Lust post. Enjoy!)

(Feel free to assume the costume is magically stuck on until sunrise if you want!)
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21 August 2017 @ 06:06 pm

Okay, so I only got like two weeks before I have to leave this... wonderful room I've been given and while I'm still, kinda, well... looking for a job I'm done with this whole living alone thing.

So... anyone want a room mate?

[Helgi maybe a fox, but he's still trying to give the network the cute puppy eyed look.]


For the past week or so Helgi has been exploring and trying to get to know the cities better, and see what the places he saw advertising for workers were really like.

He could be found in any of the 4 cities, popping in and out of shops and roaming anywhere he could reach. Although he quickly decided he didn't like Everglade, damn that place was creepy.
20 August 2017 @ 08:58 pm

[The man on the screen looks calm but wet. It has taken him little time to figure out the phones and get all the information from the hologram and pamphlets. He's been to a lot of worlds though this is the first one with a welcome center.]

I'm looking for a man named Rumpelstiltskin. He also goes by Gold.


[With his message spoken he hangs up.]


[Neal's first public stop is to a bar to grab a beer and hear whatever the hell is going on with this city. The information is helpful but it doesn't have a current events section. Once at the bar he pulls out a newspaper that he had picked up, orders a beer and begins to read.

Bounties, job openings... it's a weird mix of Storybrook and the Enchanted forest. He's not sure what to make of it but for the moment he's stuck here. Being stuck here doesn't concern him as much as other things, but that's what the beer is for.]
[ The video comes on, evidentally as somone was figuring out how it worked. Seeing that it was on, the man exhaled heavily through his nose. He didn't seem too happy. As he spoke in a clear Irish accent, it soon became clear why. ]

So, we're all kidnapped but that's just fucking fine dandy because they've given us some cash and a phone. And apparently this place is very civilised and accomendating to the people dumped here by God knows who for God knows reason why. I'll be leaving a lovely review somewhere. 10/10 kidnapping experience.

But here's the problem; I've got a son I need to look after. I don't give a shit about how nice this place is set out or what the intention is with dragging me here. I need to find and care for my son. I've already gone to the place they send the children they pick up and dump in this place, and he's not there. And if he's not here, then I don't give a fuck if this is the Garden of Eden itself. It can go straight to Hell.
20 August 2017 @ 10:36 pm
[It says a lot about Scott’s life that when he wakes up in a metal coffin in a different world than his own, it’s not even in the top ten of weirdest things to happen to him this month. He still has around his neck the power dampening collar Emma put on him after the kidnapping and Scott takes a moment to wonder if he blacked out because of her assault on his mind before he notices the white box and its contents. He then checks the information available and listens to Weiss's hologram a few times to make sure he gets all the info. So, he's in the wrong universe again. Must be Tuesday, carry on.

Shaking those thoughts of his mind, Scott claws at the collar but there's no getting rid of it without the code to unlock it. The beams of concussive force of his eyes might be a pain in the ass on occasion but he doesn’t like being this vulnerable in a strange place. When the audio transmission starts, the voice is polite and calm, obviously belonging to a young male.

There are a lot of things he wants to ask - If there are mutants in the cities, if anybody has seen his team, if totalitarian regimes are the norm here as well...but what he ends saying is:] 

Hello, good day. Is anybody around here good at picking locks?

[Because he is an idiot.

After the question, there's a silence while Scott cringes at his own words. He tries to come up with an explanation for his request that doesn't make him sound like a criminal.]

I'm...in the middle of a complicated predicament, so I'd appreciate a little help.

[Yes, very good. That doesn't sound suspicious at all. Nailed it, Scott.]
20 August 2017 @ 02:37 pm
Who: Cassian Andor, K-2SO, and a lot of angst
What: Cassian's been moping after his fights with Emerald, Kay is worried, and talking has a 50/50 chance of making it worse
When: Dated to tomorrow, after Kay's network post
Where: SoKaCa house in Attleton
Warnings: Likely mentions of war-related topics and robot sex speculations
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20 August 2017 @ 12:09 pm
[Rapunzel had figured to try and explore Everglade a bit, even after various things she had been told. Frying pan in hand she had made her way to what appeared to be a vampire invested area, her device having switched on while she wasn't paying attention.

She nervously entered what appeared to be an establishment for vampires to hang out as the moment she came in, they all turned to look at her, the look in their eyes was clear they would consider eating her. Rapunzel was quick to hold out her frying pan, ready to defend herself should she have to before speaking.]

Before you try and eat me, I have a question. It's part of why I am here. [She coughed slightly. They were intimidating and really, really scary, but she took a small breath in trying to calm herself down before speaking.]

I like to believe that, the tough outside is hiding something beneath. I don't think you are bad people, really. I mean... you look scary and have sharp pointy teeth which were things I was always warned about, but from being here I've learnt to not judge by a cover.

[She paused for a moment, one of the vampires had started to move in closer.]

I want to know more about you, what you like to do? What dreams might you have? You know, things like that. I like to believe that you have dreams like I do.

[She gives off a small smile as the one who had been moving stopped, inches away from her. What happens next is something that would baffle everyone who watches. The next thing that happens is the vampires telling her about themselves and what dreams they have and for some vampires their dreams one would not think of from vampires. The even more odd thing was this had somehow turned into a song (similar to this) with Rapunzel happily humming along and even at one point dancing with them.

By the end, Rapunzel seems to have generally warmed up to them as they started to laugh and have fun before the feed switches off. For those in Everglade will hear loud noises coming from the hangout with Rapunzel sitting there still listening to them interested without a care in the world.]
[Not one to be outdone by Smoker, here's another fool unwittingly making a rumor spread farther than it has to.]

"The grapevine's been sporting some colorful flavors lately. If you've no clue what I'm talking about, well and good afternoon. If you do...ah, better address it then.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not saying there aren't good reasons to kill actors. They were put in the same social stratum as prostitutes for a reason, after all. Earning one's bread as a professional liar takes its toll on the soul eventually. Even, hah, the Buddha wasn't too keen on them.

I'll even admit that an actor dying in their own production is very poetic.

But to get a venereal thrill out of the whole thing is far too obscene and absurd. As always, word on the street is never as serious as I'd like. Take it from one who earns most of my living off such rumors.

Go under the Mercy!

[He hangs up, not quite conscious of the part of the rumor he didn't address. Hey now, absence of evidence...]
19 August 2017 @ 11:47 pm
Who: Black Jack and YOU [aka open log]
What: New arrival
When: August 20th
Where: The Bay - Genessia City
Warnings: Grumpy patchwork luddite of a man.

Waking up with a hazy memory of what happened before he awoke in such a situation was not a new sensation for Black Jack, the man has been kidnapped before just so some unsavory types could use his skills. The waking up in some kind of coffin in the middle of a lake (pond? large puddle?) though? That was new. And at least whoever had done this was nice enough to keep his tools of the trade that are in his coat and his doctor's bag, so Black Jack could hardly be very angry at this situation.

Oh sure, he was annoyed. More so after having read the pamphlet, ignoring the cell phone and finding the hologram of a young woman explaining things. Which he did listen to completely, before heading out into the city proper. And while usually he would stand out, wearing all black and a heavy coat in August tended to get him stares back home, that probably doesn't apply to Genessia.

But hey, he's not above asking for help. Especially since he doesn't know anything about this city, so either he'll approach someone to ask directions or perhaps the sight of him catches someone's attention. Either way, he's not using the phone to say look things up or communicate with the community at large. Even if that would be simpler.
20 August 2017 @ 01:26 am
[Hello, ladies and gents, it's your resident salty robot ready to make a serious announcement.]

Regardless of what some people around here might wonder -or even wish about- I do not have a vibrate function. [Okay, so, ' serious announcement' might be an overstatement. Gale, Cassian, you are both to blame for this.] I am, however, liquid-proof.

That will be all. [The feed turns off, only to be turned on a second later.] Actually, I forgot one thing. Please refrain yourselves from licking my boyfriend, no matter how tasty he might look.

19 August 2017 @ 04:45 pm
Insult injury = _ ?

Does anyone else think the newspaper's puzzles could do with some improvement? Simplistic mysteries that fail to even provide an illusion that they require any complex thought. Anyone with the capability to read at a third-grade level could solve these. A few minor trivia facts and you're granted a hollow prize. Gaining a few coupons does not help a genius in need of stimulation.

And this new bit that's written like something out of a lackluster children's clue book. Riddled with mistakes. It could kill several brain cells reading. Slanderous to the word "enigma." An insult to everyone's intelligence, really. Not that the intelligence levels are particularly high for most of you...
Almost an insult to everyone's.

Whoever is in charge of this is clearly some buffoon. Asinine publishing. We can do better.

What is a riddle you truly felt rewarded for solving? What is a mystery you have agonized over before discovering the answer for? Is there a puzzle you still haven't figured out? A person or situation that continues to vex you?

Would anyone miss that newspaper if something terrible happened to it?
19 August 2017 @ 01:03 pm
Who: Chiaki Namami and Anyone who wanted to come to game night
What: Game night
When: 19th August
Where: Chiaki's Apartment
Warnings: N/A as of yet, depends on what happens this might change.

Chiaki had made sure to send out the times, all she could hope for was people to come. She had set up two areas in the living room, one for video games and the other for various board games in the kitchen it was various snacks and food set up for anyone to eat while the gaming areas only had various bagged snacks and cans of drink.

For those who might be staying there was an area set up for people to lie down with a good number of pillows and blankets.
19 August 2017 @ 08:32 am
*The feed opens on a beautifully manicured lawn and a row of carefully placed rocks and garden ornaments, then it moves upwards to show a pair of cute trainers, some bare legs and shorts, then upwards to reveal the rest of a crouching Sonico, a rather startled and terrified Sonico*

Uhm... I was wondering... Does anyone have any tips for moving bodies?

*She bites her lip then turns the camera from herself to instead show the back of a figure lying on his side. Looks like Sonico has moved his arms and legs so that he is lying straight*

Oh! He is still breathing! Please don't worry! But... he is unconscious I think, and rather heavy...

*Is that a broken garden gnome beside him?*
Who: Cassian Lynch, Tannusen
What: One night out of the many that happen regularly, off camera.
Warnings: Angst.

Tannusen's never been an easy sleeper. Before chrysalisis, he'd had more than enough nightmare fuel just from living under Trench's thumb. After, the downpour of snippets of countless lives had simply added itself to the pile.

These days, most of his nightmares revolved around more recent events. Even those that didn't start that way often ended up morphing in that direction; a tightrope act gone wrong melted into the sensation of that knife in his hand, popping through Cassian's chest cavity.

Sometimes, other nightmares added their own twist. Sometimes it happened in the Subarchway, just like in reality, the Faerie easing Cassian's dying body into the mud, badly-burned hand still clutching the knife through his heart. Other times, the death happened in a dark and filthy cell somewhere out in the southwestern desert, done as a mercy killing to save the priest from the unending horrors that awaited him if he continued to draw breath.

Once in a while, the theme of the nightmare came after the killing. After he'd washed and re-dressed and tended to the body, like in reality, and those blank-faced automations had come to take him away. In his dreams, he wandered the hospital corridors and either never found Cassian at all, or found him still dead, room temperature and slack-faced.



Lost by his own traitorous hand.

No matter what spin the nightmare of the night took, Tannusen never woke gently from these dreams. Nothing so dramatic as to gasp or jerk awake, but consciousness would suddenly click on, and he'd hold very still, just like now.

Just like now, awake in the dark, heart pounding in his chest, his hands shaking slightly wherever they'd come to rest. The burn scarring all across his right hand ached more than usual, even where it spiraled up his arm, and he slowly pulled it close to tuck against his chest. Eyes still closed, he shuddered, wondering how much had been real. Maybe Cassian being alive in the hospital had been the dream, after all... maybe reality was a lot colder than that.
18 August 2017 @ 11:36 pm
[It takes a moment of fumbling about and a grumble about Linkpearls being annoying before a young looking cat-like girl shows up on the screen. Although obviously lost and confused, there isn't a hint of fear in her eyes before she speaks, slightly sheepish. It's not like the Warrior of Light has ever not looked like a idiot who was floundering in water before.]

Apparently someone has decided ta move me ta the next place that might need some help. Although I think I liked the first time the land decided on things better.

[She hesitates for a moment, her ear flicking slightly before biting her lip.]

Although, quick question! Has anyone seen any Wild Roses blooming here? If that didn't make sense, don't worry about it. Nothing too important I guess. But for now, I guess I should at least explore and see what's awaitin' me! Maybe there's a Archer;s Guild or Somethin' ta do around here? Sittin' around and waitin' isn't good ya know?

[She's stumbling a bit with the accent. It's not her real one but..for now- she'll pretend.]
18 August 2017 @ 04:35 pm
[When Fai appears on the screen he seems to already be wearing bunny ears. Why he was wearing them was at this moment in time anyone's guess. But he seemed chipper as per usual as he tilted his head, a small smile widening slightly now he knew the device was on.]

Hello~ Remember the last time I made an announcement like this I had spoken about opening another cafe. Well, I have managed to get a place in Nova City and so I am very proud to announce that the cafe will be called... Drum roll please~

[Said in a joking manner as he moved to pan around toward a giant piece of paper with a picture of a bunny he drew on it.]

Tah-Dah! [He paused for a moment.] I get the feeling people are wondering why I just show a picture of a rabbit. It's because it's the theme of the new cafe. Rabbits~! Or bunnies, or whatever you want to call them. It's also why I'm wearing rabbit ears. Working on the uniform.

[Yes, that is why. It now makes sense.]

Though the cafe's official name will be Bunny Poof Cafe and you can ask what it means but it's pretty much their tails.

[He soon faces the device back to himself, adjusting the rabbit ears.]

And as always I will be hiring the usual job positions for when the business actually opens, which those who might be working at my other cafes can also apply to if it's closer to where they live. [A pause once again.]

There will also be bunnies, of course just like my other cafes which have all turned into pet cafes minus the one in Fayren because there was only ever one Mokona. [He gives a small, saddened smile at that mention before suddenly changing his attitude.]

Ah, also it's not open yet to add. Only just get the place, just have to work on fixing things and getting things together. Hopefully by the end of the month it might be ready, but who knows.
16 August 2017 @ 08:19 pm
[The language is spat harshly, the man himself off screen for a moment as he bustles about. Someone sounds cranky]

Cailín amadán agus a prátaí amadán....

[And on screen he comes!]

Right, anyone who's interested in betterin' themselves through education and perhaps not bein' a great stupid prat is welcome to meet me at the Genessia library. Already promised first pick to someone else, but I got a great load of books to give away.

Good deal of it is European history, if that sweetens the pot.

First come, first serve, save for Max. Tell me what your fancy is, lad.
16 August 2017 @ 10:18 am
[Yukiko was currently sitting at the desk of the Guardian office looking through some paper and gather a few things to place at the side. The office itself looked like an organised mess as she puzzled over it a little more. Once she moved another piece of paper and placed it next to the map she set her focus on the device.]

it's been a while since I use this device to do something like this. but I am doing it as some kind of update on my work for Fayren for the most part and some ideas I have been doing that I may or may not need help on.

[She coughed slightly.]

First of all, I've been thinking of doing a festival in Fayren, at least a traditional one with games and ways to help people bond. But it's the sports or games that I am researching on and would very much appreciate any information one might have that might help me with that.

[She at least got jousting sorted, that will be a thing as she goes to grab her bag, checking through its contents.]

Second, of all with the last two things that have appeared in the newspaper over the past month connected to Fayren, I have decided to investigate starting with the recent case. [A pause.] I know they have sent people out already, but the incident is something that concerns me regardless and I worry they might not return, so it's also to make sure they are okay.

So to the deputies that will still be around, I would like to ask you to patrol at least for today. If you are unable to for one reason or another, then let me know.

[Give her a moment before she remembered something else.]

Oh finally, Heals on Wheels will now be providing classes for those who want to learn basic first aid if they can't do magic and healing spells for those who are able to. So if you are interested, then please ask one of the volenteers.