23 June 2017 @ 06:57 pm
Who: Ten and OTA
What: Exploring and information gathering
When: 6/23 - 6/29
Where: Genessia/Everglade/Nova/Attleton/Fayren
Warning: None yet.

[Closed to Leonheart]

If there's anything elsewhere to gather information besides the library is the museum or a planetarium in this case - and Ten stands there staring at the main display at the opening of the planetarium that can be seen from the ticket line and has a look of longingly in his eyes and almost - almost you'd swear that he's actually been up close to those stars.


The Doctor finally makes his way to Genessia Scientific Research Foundation and is snooping around for any sort of clues.

Another place, one will be able to spot The Time Lord are the museums.


Ten can't that Fayren isn't lovely looking but frankly that's all he can say about it. He can't say that he believed he just saw a dwarf go by there; just some sort of sub-human species. The dragon flying over- head some kind of alien from some world but nothing here is actually magical. Maybe someone could prove him wrong? That science can't explain everything.

To white picket fence and all American 1950's feel to it; which Ten makes a bothered face; but his Tardis could be anywhere.


Call him the fool that walked in at night; though he does like the fog - makes him think of London. He does feel that shiver though that something is a-miss here but what is quite another question.

(Feel free to make up your own prompt just put the where in the header :D)
22 June 2017 @ 12:01 pm
[Kidnapped. That wasn't a totally unfamiliar experience for Harold, but the method and means could not have been more different. That didn't save him from a momentary panic, when he woke somewhere other and had to struggle out of the strange, egg-like coffin he'd woken up in. It took effort, and the unexpected damp on the ends of his pantlegs when he finally freed himself, painfully, was adding insult to injury as he forced himself to calm down and take stock of his immediate situation and belongings. A pendant. A smartphone. A damp cave. His spine on fire.

[He pocketed the pendant, the smartphone, the key, the money in crisp red unfamiliar bills. The pamphlet he read over as carefully as he, after, listened to the hologram, once he found his way towards the exit. One of the numerous maps nearby also went into a pocket, folded neatly in the center, after a cursory glance. Step two was research, most of which he was able to accomplish on his cellphone, browsing through the information provided on the network. While he was there, he changed his display name to a typical alias, "Harold Wren" - he had reason to suspect no one here would have known the alias back home, so reusing it didn't bother him, and it was certainly a step up from using his real name.

[The more he read, the more clear it became that, at least for the moment, he was going to be trapped here, among strangers and apart from his work. That was.. concerning. While he understood, from his research, that time would not pass "home" while he was here, it was still an uncomfortable thought, to be stuck in this separate world that had never known the Machine, to be void of purpose for the first time in a long while. And void of friends.

[It is with these thoughts weighing heavily on his mind that he finally keys in the text feature of his new smartphone, making a short post to the network. Banking on the hope that he might be able to gain information, perhaps.]

Hello. I was wondering if someone might not be able to provide me with some information on this place, as I just arrived.
21 June 2017 @ 03:15 pm
[A young man appears on screen wearing a blue/gold military uniform. He wears a white powdered wig that covers his long brown hair tied underneath. He appeared to be at ease with using the device, having taken the time to read the instructions and figure it out. He addressed the audience as if he were standing before his crew and spoke in a clear tone.]

My name is Admiral James Norrington. I work under the East Trading Company and have had many years of experience working for the British Navy. I just recently arrived. I don't have many questions, most answers I've managed to learn already. I would however, like to offer my services and do the best to help those in need. I saw that you had been recently under attack.

I suppose the one question I have is to ask-- is who are the people in charge here when it comes to gathering aide? What has been done in the past? I appreciate any information you have to provide. Thank you.
21 June 2017 @ 12:00 pm
[There's a young blonde on the screen, her hair painstakingly combed and braided to perfection, but the 18th century dress she wears, although equally painstakingly washed, is frayed and torn at the hems, with a few stains which couldn't be fully removed yet. She looks pale, her cheekbones a little too sharp, deep shadows still under her eyes. These signs of her recent captivity couldn't be washed away as quickly as the grime, or as she had demanded for a lady in the Welcome Center to teach her the proper use of this - still uncanny - device.

Eleanor may hate appearing in public looking less than perfectly poised, but every inquiry for suitable clothing got her pointed to Fayren, and she's not quite daring enough yet to brave a town everyone keeps telling her is full of real, actual magic. First things first then.

My name is Eleanor Guthrie, formerly of Nassau, New Providence Island. I'm not going to waste your time with complaints about being taken captive, as I'm sure you hear them from every new arrival. I'd rather sate my curiosity. I've been told a woman may own and rule equal to any man in your towns, even in Fayren, and that quite a few of the most powerful citizens are indeed women. Is this more than just the letter of the law?

[Old wives' tales come to life or not, Fayren is the only place that seems to hold any comforting familiarity in this bizarre, foreign world she has been thrust into, and she's not going to let sorcery or any kind of bizarre otherworldly creatures stand in the way to that.]

I also have another, more trivial question for you: Can we hope for it to get warmer yet? It's a little bit nippy for this time of the year, compared to what I'm used to. I'd hope Fayren, at least, is warmer; I'm planning to settle there if all goes according to plan.
19 June 2017 @ 09:55 pm
[It's such a gorgeous night in Genessia City, isn't it? A nice temperature, a little bit of a drizzle and a waning crescent moon. You know what the night sky's missing? A gorgeous aurora borealis. And that's precisely what mysteriously appears in the night sky, shimmering into a beautiful spectrum of colors. It's truly a lovely sight to behold.

Isn't that a nice, pleasant change after all of the excitement recently? The lovely phenomenon to watch and behold after all of that tension...

Well, that is, until the calming air is broken by a
horrible roar echoing in the distance.

The roar seems to have originated from somewhere around the Bay, where the aurora seems to be hanging over. What on earth could have possibly caused such a disturbance to be heard throughout the city?

Well, there doesn't seem to be anything unusual at the Bay... save for a particularly
fluffy, white dog pattering around.

Nope, nothing unusual here... unless you might be sensative to magic, in which case, that cute little pomeranian may not be all that it seems.]

[ooc: if you have a character with magic or supernatural abilities of some kind, or someone inhuman, I have a
permissions opt-in post over here for her being able to sense that! If you're okay with her being able to sense things about your character, please comment there and let me know! If you'd rather her not be able to, carry on, and her sensing will not work by default! Thanks! ♥]
19 June 2017 @ 04:07 pm
[Karla may have read about the City Guardian action figures that have been released in the past, but she hasn't specifically seen any. So while she was trying to relax a bit by browsing in the shops after the spirit invasion, she happened to come across the action figures of herself. The uncanny resemblance surprised her, so she had to admire the craftsmanship behind them. But at the same time, it was kind of creepy.]

[The feed begins with Karla picking up one of the figures and examining it thoroughly, trying out the sword-swinging action of its arm.]

...Is this supposed to be...me?

[If one looks at Karla herself closely, they could probably see dark circles under her eyes, like she hasn't gotten enough sleep lately.]

[Ultimately she humors the artists behind the action figures and decides to purchase one. She heads to her Deputy Guardian office in Genessia City and sets it on her desk before taking a seat. She also lays her head down on the desk and might be drifting off...]
Current Mood: tired
19 June 2017 @ 08:50 pm

Good evening, everyone. I hope that everyone is safe and well following recent...events. I am so grateful for all the people who worked so hard to keep everyone safe. Thank you! I am also incredibly thankful for those who voted so kindly towards, and who have supported my singing. You are all so very kind and generous people.

Now that people are more comfortable, I hope you don't mind me asking - what do people do for a housewarming party? What would make it the loveliest housewarming you have ever been to?

[action a - through towns at night]

Now that Sonico had regular slots at different night clubs, it meant she had to get used to walking home at night. When Cassian wasn't with her, Sonico would wander her way through Nova or Genessia to find the best way back to Attleton. Sometimes she is singing softly to herself, headphones on; other times she would go somewhere to grab something quick and convenient to eat; sometimes trying to juggle a hot takeaway cup while trying to eat a pretzel or a burger at the same time. Why not take her up on a night time stroll?

[action b - busking in Genessia gardens]

Okay, so it's not busking as such, but when the days are nice, Sonico can be found in the gardens in her summer clothes, relaxing by the pond maybe, or else strumming songs as she sits crossed legged on a bench with her acoustic guitar. Come see and hear the cutest female and best singer, so say recent awards.
19 June 2017 @ 12:14 pm
[After a lot of button smashing, Gaston unwittingly managed to turn the smart phone onto video function. Everyone gets a very confused looking dark haired man wearing a red military jacket. It takes him a few seconds longer to realize it's working and clears his throat before speaking. He continues to hold the small smart phone clumsily in his hands.]

Is this thing working? I was told that this strange device can allow me to communicate to others here.

Can someone point me to where a soldier can get a good drink and a reliable job? If there's one thing I don't like--it's being idle.
19 June 2017 @ 10:27 am
[There are a few clicks and some fidgeting, but finally the phone is being held upright, and a girl with bunny ears and a pretty dubious expression].

Ok, good. Have this working. So that's ONE thing that's going right. Kind of.

So it seems pretty clear that my "world" has decided to pull a Dorothy on me and throw me here, wherever here is, I guess. I'm a kid, I don't have time to listen to holograms when I can just complain about my situation and why it sucks. What can I say, my attention span is my undoing.

But you guys DO have the internet, and assuming its not full of weirdos and perverts like in my world, anybody have any directions to where a kid can grab some grub, and I guess, long term goals, a place that isn't this cave?
19 June 2017 @ 07:09 am
[The video kicks on to show Anastasia at home, comfortably tucked in bed, curled in a sweet little ball with some of her favourite stuffed animals, such as Pan the Rolly-polly Panda.

She had been taking more naps lately for several reasons, but she was awake to strike up conversation.]

I still feel really tired. I did my art the best I can to help keep a path open for people to get to a safe house...

I know I shouldn't have put myself in danger like that, but I didn't want to be chased away again. I didn't want to cower in a closet.

I hope everyone else came out all right.

[Text to friends:Satsuki, Tony, Gale, Soma, Ayame]

Please let me know if you're all right.
[He couldn't believe his luck, but in honesty, he really could.]

When I left, the campaigning was finally over. Now I'm brought back and they're beginning again. Is this normal?

[At least he has a time frame of how long he had been gone.]
V I D E O;

[Once the feed clicks on, you'll see a woman wearing a plain lab coat (with no name or emblem on it just yet) wearing a black turtle neck and a stethoscope around her neck. You might see on her name tag that's clipped to her coat pocket that it says "Genessia General Hospital" and "Dr. Angela Ziegler" on it. She's not wearing her halo, nor her Valkyrie Suit with the wings today; it seems she's on her break, for however short it might be depending on how things go. She's used to having her breaks cut short by this point.]

Wow, that was some crazy time to come here... With all of the spirits gone, I'm glad to see things have calmed down a little. Is everyone doing okay? If anyone needs to be healed, let me know. I'll do what I can to help. Although I suggest that anyone with serious injuries should just visit the hospital to get themselves checked. It never hurts to be cautious when it come's to one's health, right?

I did introduce myself upon my arrival as well, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to re-introduce myself now that things aren't as chaotic around here. My name is "Angela Ziegler" and I'm a doctor at Genessia General Hospital; I also answer to "Mercy" if you'd prefer to call me that instead.

I'm new around here and have a lot to learn yet, but I hope that I can be of some assistance to those in need. I'd also like to check out this world more thoroughly now that it's safer outside. I hope we can all get along.

[She glanced off to the side for a moment before looking back finally.]

Whoops! It seems my break is over. Have a wonderful day. [Click.]

A C T I O N; Genessia General Hospital

[Mercy was hard at work, although admittedly she didn't have too much to do just yet. She was still new at this job, though not the duties. She couldn't expect to be given any special tasks just yet when the others barely knew her, after all. Still, she was doing her best to help out wherever she was needed/instructed.

It was business as usual, besides the constant cries for healing, flying back and forth to assist reckless teammates, and dodging enemy fire; being a field medic sure was a joy sometimes. Feel free to to come across her walking about the hospital for whatever reason. Got yourself hurt? Just want to meet the noobie? Anything goes. She'll have her staff in hand, just in case she needs it, although she's more likely to rely on her skills as a doctor besides her nanobiology healing.... unless she had a need for some serious healing.]
19 June 2017 @ 01:38 am
Ok, this was a problem.

Louise kept smacking herself, but it wasn't a dream, and THAT made no sense. Why was she in some kind of cave, with a jewel in one hand, a smartphone in the other. Her head made her reel, and reaching for some kind of respite, she just found her light up doll Kuchi Kopi, looking as bemused as always.

"Ok Kuchi, we can't be in our dumb moron town right now: this place looks WAY too put together, and I haven't seen so much as one slack jawed dope. Also, I came out of a coffin, so. Yeah. We probably need to start interrogations. Looks like I'll have to be the bad cop again."

Right, humor. That should help, right?
[First, a beautiful unhappy ending was thwarted and now he's in a new disgustingly bright and happy sun-shiny day. At least he got a pretty-pretty necklace out of this. That makes up for falling asleep in the Shadow Realm and waking up in this happy land.


Ulric, a big bad wolf, floats above Genessia, taking in its sights with disgust, thinking over what the brochures and the hologram said.]

Genessia... A whole other world from my own. No Brute. No Bruha. No Rascal...

[A sinister Wolfy grin.]

No Glitter Force~

At long last, I can do what I do best. [Ulric produces a peculiar book.]

Genessia! Your picturesque fairy tale is coming to an end-

-as I paint your dreams black!

[Ulric crushes a tube of paint in his hand and smeared the ages with the only black paint. The magic of the book is activated, unleashing a wave that turns Genessia's day in a bleak, full moon night. His magic was re-writing the future to a sad ending.

Black aura appeared around people in the immediate vicinity, wisps of darkness gravitating towards the Book of Sad Endings.]

Every ounce of negative energy turns the Wheel of Doom one more tick, bringing me closer to the day I can revive my master; Nogo, Emperor of Evil!

[But nothing happens. Ulric didn't sense that satisfying tick of doom. In fact, none of the people appear to be incapacitated by hopelessness.]

Hey... What gives? [He flies down to the nearest NPC.]
Why isn't your negative energy turning the wheel of doom?

[The NPC shrugs and continues on with his day.]

Great. What am I supposed to do now?
18 June 2017 @ 10:30 pm
[Let's be honest. Ganelon isn't a stupid man, and he's no stranger to waking up suddenly to a world very unlike the one he'd gone to sleep in, but this had to be a new record. The cavern he'd found himself in originally was immaculate, clearly crafted by human hands, not a natural place, and that was confirmed pretty quickly when the burly warrior pulled himself from the coffin and found the supplies he'd been left. Whoever'd kidnapped him...in the middle of the Heartwyld, from under the noses of Slowhand and Golden Gabe...had been pretty thorough.

Of course, they were old now, his friends. Maybe they'd fallen asleep before it was his turn to keep watch. If that was the case, why weren't they all here? The pretty lady in the magic hologram didn't have any special answers, either. So...it was like the Catacombs in the south, then. You got thrown in, the door was locked behind you, and someone tossed the key. Fend for yourselves. Live and let live...or let die.

That seemed like the more likely endgame, considering they'd let him keep his armor and his ax. The massive, black-metal, double-bladed ax was strapped to the dark-skinned man's back, blades glinting the light of the streetlamps. Syrinx, the ax was called, and it was a comfortable weight on the southern warriors shoulders.

He cast an imposing figure, standing at the newsstand with an unfolded map, dark hair in dreads tumbling down his shoulders, grizzly beard in need of a trim. His shoulders were broad, his gauntleted hands massive, his emerald eyes firm. He'd turn if someone approached, thick brows lowering to regard them with wary suspicion. Yeah, the magic picture'd said he wasn't alone, but that didn't mean he was going to be friendly to the people he ran into...or who ran into him.
Genessia City - Action & Audio
[ During the assault, Ayame had volunteered to use her abilities to repair any damages to the city brought by the breach instead of doing any fighting, so now that the breach has been quelled she keeps true to her word and finds any buildings or tattered street that could use a touch-up. A particular street suffered a lot of damage, it seems certain people were a little too trigger happy with their weapons, so standing upon it now Ayame simply waves her hand. Like magic, everything puts itself back in place, returning to their previous states before the attack. Every nail on the wall, all pieces of shattered glass and concrete, and even ones that got smashed into fine sand, put themselves back together like time is being reversed.

But as everything transformed looking good as new, Ayame finds herself out of breath with her heart racing and pounding so violently in her chest. Her head feels heavy that not even with a nursing hand on her forehead lessen the feel of its weight. She walks toward a wall, trying to catch her breath and trying to stay awake while she uses the wall as support. There is a ringing in her ears that she shakes off as she takes out her communicator device, sending out an audio for every citizen:

This is Ayame Sasaki. Any Guardian or citizen in need of repairs for damages to their properties, please contact me immediately. Guardian Haller, if there's any place else in the city you need me in, please direct me to it.

[ Ayame ends the feed there, dropping her device on the ground. She looks down on her hand only to see it trembling. ]

Oh no...

Text - Public - Evening
[ This may not be the best time to ask, given how things are. But Ayame thought it would make for a temporary distraction for the others. But mostly for herself as she tries to ignore and run away from her problems, already way ahead of Dante and Gale who are offering drinks by already drinking what alcohol she has in store at her apartment. During her patrolling in Genessia City, she finds a dog kennel and sees a particularly lonely wolfdog that she instantly connected with. ]

What would be a good name for a dog? Female. 3 years old. I'd like to keep a theme with my pets and have the name start with "Hi-", however I am not opposed to other ideas if you think it would be fitting.

[ She attaches a photo ]
18 June 2017 @ 07:30 am
[As the feed clicks on, Dante is lounging in what appears to be the twisted wreckage of a dumpster, with Sparda barely in the frame.]

Well. That was sure a thing, but at least it's over. Finally. So, Ayame, Peter, where we getting drinks? I could use some booze. Oh, and Gale? You're coming too.

[Private to Blaze]

[Once he switches over to a private feed, he's on his way back to his shop but he's moving a bit slower than usual.]

So, I figure you've got questions. So ask 'em.
18 June 2017 @ 09:17 am
So... I'm glad everything is over and such, but I feel like I should apologize for what happened.

I am probably not at fault, I get that, but I feel bad regardless for a lot of people being in the same place. But because of what happened, the awards and such people left behind will be sent to the winners, along with a prize that I didn't mention before. Although for one of them it seems like the winner has since left. So... Whoever was a friend to Yang Xiao Long if you would like to keep her award as a reminder I would be happy to send it.

Also after all of this, I realized I need to train and refine my magical abilities. Get better, maybe learn to wield a sword better than I do currently. I know in my world powers and such change as we grow as a person, so I know my powers right now aren't fully there yet because I am still growing.

But... apart from that, did everyone else make it out okay? Or do we suddenly have like a bunch of zombies or something?

[Important OOC Information: To the winners of the awards: Mobius, Faye, Cassian Andor, Jaune, Sonico, Yukiko, Dave Strider, K-2SO, Garrus, Star-Lord, Weiss, Colette, Gale, Jacques, Grell and Dante Sparda. They will be sent their awards along with something quite... special. Congratulations! You've also won a Genessia Charm

Honorable mentions will be getting a certificate along with a gift voucher for 100 red bills that can be used anywhere and anyone who was a nomination will just get a certificate for participating as a well as a 'you tried' cake.]

18 June 2017 @ 01:43 am
End of Event Action - Nova City Archway )

[Voice - June 17]

[Gale was safely back in the penthouse he shared with Faye, although he was kind of stuck there for a while. It would take a while before his body could let a new stream of lucemite circulate and get his cybernetics back in working order... which meant no dancing or various other kinds of theatrics for a while.

His mood wasn't exactly the best either. For a variety of reasons. Between him dangerously over-exerting himself in the battle, the Guardian debates and now learning that asshole Jacques somehow mysteriously became the mayor of Nova City? What next? Is his Aerodactyl just going to drop dead on the roof? Could things possibly get worse?

Well, whatever. He'd at least broadcast a message while lazing on his couch, sounding very tired.]

If it's not one thing it's another, eh?

Alright, from now until the next paper comes 'round, drinks at After Life and Hangar Queen are half off. I think we could all use some drinks after all the shit that's happened here. I feel like debates are a terrible thing to follow up all that action with. [He mutters then.] Honestly, how are the Guardian hopefuls able to think right now?

That said, both clubs have plenty of staff positions open. If anyone's interested in some way or another, lemme know, yeah?

In the meantime, I think I need some sleep.

[Private Voice - After Life and Hangar Queen Staff]

Yes, that means half off of your drinks too. You know, the ones you have already discounted to begin with.

[He sighs in frustration.]

I won't be in either club for a while, so I'll have to ask you guys to hold the fort 'till I'm back. And don't do anything stupid- I've got cameras all over the place so if you do something, I will know. Just don't risk it. You guys aren't stupid.

Lemme know if something comes up that needs my attention though. I'm not completely helpless yet.
18 June 2017 @ 01:17 am
... So s'it all over then?

Thank God, that was the most pointless half month of me life. May as well have just been feckin' dead, should have faffed about in that dead bloke liminal space if I'd known I'd come back to a load of shite.

Would have gotten exactly the same amount of garbage done.

Great, new guardian votin' too.

Can't wait, I'll get the phone all set up, see if I can't hook it proper to the telly and I'll take a shot every time someone says somethin' stupid.

Tannusen, I want ye to cart me unconscious droolin' carcass to me room when I'm done and lock the door so I don't go stumblin' out at three AM and start a fight with the hat rack again.

Seems like an excellent way to spend me weekend.