25 May 2017 @ 01:22 pm
Everyone's so damn eager, huh?

[He's looking off screen as the video starts, the phone being held in his palm, looking up at him. He frowns briefly before he focuses back on the video with a grin. He's wearing his usual red suit+pink dress shirt combo, because why not? Red is his color.]

I'm not going to bother campaigning just yet; I'm pretty new and dunno if I'll even be nominated for election. [He starts walking.] Anyway, name's Michio. I'm a pretty simple guy; I like training and sparring. I'm looking for sparring partners and a job that might be worth my time. By worth my time, I mean interesting; make of that what you will.

As for a sparring partner... If you--Hm. [He frowns again, tilting the phone down as he looks up with another frown, he mutters "Gone again" before looking down and holding the phone back up before the view tilts and he picks up a brick from the ground, and lets the phone tilt away again.]

There we go. [He props the phone up against something so he can step away from it, brick in hand.] So, I have pretty specific requirements for a sparring partner, and usually I've got a good eye for strength, but it's not serving me too well here. [As he speaks, he removes his jacket and drapes it over a bench, and unbuttons the cuff of his left sleeve.] What I want from you guys is if you can track this brick after I throw it; look me up. [He holds up the brick for emphasis.] If you can't at least do this, it's an utter waste of my time.

[There is a split second pink and red blur, and Michio is in a very different position after, now reclining against the back of the bench and looking off in one direction, the brick completely gone from sight. For those that could track it; he's very fast, having taking a pitcher stance, wound up the brick and pitched it clear to the barrier in the direction he was facing, on the opposite edge of Genessia.]

Yep, the other side of that barrier might be what I'm after, but if I can't get through it; have to make due.

[He turns back to the camera and grins, buttons his cuff up again and slips on his jacket, strolling over to collect the phone casually and shuts it off.]
25 May 2017 @ 01:28 pm
Who; Leonard McCoy and James T Kirk
What; Checking in
Where; Common Housing, Jim's Room
When; May 25, Evening
Warnings; None

Read more... )
25 May 2017 @ 12:29 pm
[Qubine's been a leader before. He's spoken publicly with his clan before. But as he prepares to announce his running for Guardianship, he can't help but feel a bit nervous. The idea of appealing himself to strangers, mostly of whole different species, is new to him. As the video feed begins, he lets out a calming sigh, accompanied by a soft, low growl.]

Greetings...Genessia. I am Qubine, leader of the Kalma Clan in Sornieth. I'd like to announce that I will be running for Guardianship of Fayren. I'll admit, this "election" system is new to me. I had become my clan leader by fate...or by circumstance. Whichever you wish to call it.

[He pauses. He shouldn't share too much about himself, lest he bore his audience to death. He ponders about some of the issues he's read about. He's looked at the other nominations and has noticed a rather disturbing trend.]

I couldn't help noticing that some of the other candidates want to steer away from magic. Why?

Now, don't get me wrong. I understand that medicine has its benefits, and I realize that medicine can cure some things that magic cannot. After all, were it not for Orphne's study of medicine, we would not have been able to purge the plague that crippled my former clan for over a year. Still, magic has been an important part of our lives, and can heal most basic injuries far more quickly than medicine. Even for the most severe cases, magic can help stabilize the sick or wounded while the medicine works on the root of the problem.

Therefore, while I would support the improvement of medicine, I will not support the elimination of magic. Especially if it's done in the manner that these Hands of Decay that I've read about have strived to eliminate magic and its users.

[He pauses, letting out a breath once again. He can feel himself growing bitter, something which won't help his campaign.]

Well, I'll keep my introduction short for now. If there's anything you wish to know about me, you are welcome to ask.

[And then he ends the feed.]

[OOC: Reposted after deleting my last one for some improvements. Sorry for any confusion.]
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25 May 2017 @ 05:17 pm
The Planetarium's been running smoothly. Come visit if you haven't! It makes for a nice day out.

OK... so... um. Since everything's going so well there I may have some spare time for side projects. Something like Rook's Communications and Repair.

[He laughs nervously.]

If you have anything needing basic repair-work or rewiring communications or things like that, send them my way. Good rates, I promise!

24 May 2017 @ 11:44 pm
[The video clicks on, and there’s Jacques, back straight and classy as ever in his new suit, hands clasped behind his back..]

Good Evening.

As you may have heard, I have recently stepped down from pursuing the Schnee Company at my daughter’s request and allowed it to be passed on to my son, Whitley. I hope that you’ll treat him with the same respect and admiration you all showed for Weiss.

Now, I know there were some misgivings about my behavior when I first arrived, and I am truly sorry for the way I acted. I was very stressed and my actions were naive, immature, and in only my own interests instead of anyone else’s. I apologize and hope that you’ll look past that awful first impression. I would like to see this world prosper, and I believe I have found a way.

[He plasters on the most politician smile you can imagine here.]

I have elected to run for the Guardian position in Attleton. I firmly believe that I can implement change that is beneficial to everyone, not only in Attleton but even to Genessia as a whole to some extent. I encourage everyone to take a look at my application and reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you for your time, and remember to vote for Schnee, the finest of them all.

[Waking up in a cocoon was one of those terrifying situations Dr. Flug never wanted to experience. Yet here he was, experiencing it. He squirmed and flailed until his face met the cold hard ground of the cave before he took account of his possessions. None of these things were on him when he went to sleep last. Okay. Take a deep breath and focus. The doctor made his way out of the cave and too the magazine stand. He listened carefully to the message and made sure to grab triplicate copies of all given materials. He would need to make notes, after all.

He was in a strange dimension and had no idea how he got here or how to get back. This was almost a little too on the nose for him but he would deal. He could do this. After all, he knew how to find a job. That would be easy, especially with his resume. He sat against the magazine stand and got to reading. Might as well give each thing a quick run through before he set out to find work.]


[After reading all the materials available, Dr. Flug moved to make his video. He set the phone up against a rock and hit the record button. Just the tiniest corner of his bag could be seen before it ducked away and he stood up, center in frame. He waved at the camera before he spoke.]

H-Hello, people of this world. My name is Dr. Flug. I've just arrived and have gone through the introductory materials for this plane of existence. My first priority is finding work, it seems. And so, I'd like to apply for any open positions.

I have a Ph.D in Mad Sciences with a focus in Research, Development, and Engineering. I've worked at Black Hat Incorporated for some time so I have experience in the Evil Scientist role. I graduated near top of my class from M.I.T and finished my Ph.D at the University of Villainy in Detroit. I am also working on my second Ph.D right now in Molecular Monster Physics with a project concerning the creation of monsters through genetic splicing experiments.

...It's going well so far?

Anyway. I have a vast knowledge of the Mad Sciences and I'm not afraid of doing grunt work. If I sound like a qualifies candidate, please contact me. Or if you know of any open positions in the city, please let me know.

Thank you.

[He nods to the camera and moves back to turn off the camera.]
24 May 2017 @ 02:57 pm
[ At exactly noon, the following message appears on everyone's devices: ]

City Guardian nominations are now open.

Current Guardians and newcomers are welcome to run. Current Guardians will continue their positions until the election process is complete. In the case of more than one guardian seeking nomination, a vote will be held. Anyone else seeking candidacy must reply to this message by Wednesday, May 31st. If only one candidate's name is submitted, no vote will be necessary and duties may be assumed immediately at the end of the election period. After the nominations are made, Guardian Candidates will be given a period to campaign and the polls will be open June 18th-24th.

Current Guardians and their deputy teams who are not re-elected will be given a severance package that will last 1 month from the day they leave office to assist in the transition to a new job position.

All candidates must submit the following information upon accepting nominations to be shared with the public. Anyone may nominate but only the official candidate's form will be used in the voter's guide:
Candidate Name: Full name in Western Order.
City Running for: Pick one.
Potential Deputies: If known, candidates may name potential deputies but this is not a requirement. This is not set in stone either, just a general consideration.
Candidate Positions: What are some of the candidate's primary positions on local news and issues within the area?
In-World Accomplishments: If the candidate has any accomplishments they would like to share with the public, they may do so here.
Hobbies: What does the candidate like to do in their spare time?
Other: If there is any other information the candidate would like to share with the public, they may share it here. This is for a quick guide, so please do not exceed 200 words.


Remilia Scarlet


Genessia City:
Princess Zelda
David Haller

Nova City:
Weiss Schnee

[ OOC NOTES: Please remember that if your character is not active during the campaign period they will not be placed on the poll at polling time. Mods will be checking ahead of time. All candidates must fill out the brief form to "accept" the nomination. Please also note that the forms are to be filled out ICly, so characters can say whatever they want, whether it's true or not. These forms are based on player suggestions that were made in the poll a while ago. :) For more information about City Guardians, check out the FAQ. ]
24 May 2017 @ 09:49 pm
[Ildikó hasn’t made it this far in life panicking and not paying attention and so, when she wakes up in what it seems like a fancy metal coffin, her only reaction is a mild irritation. After confirming that she still has most of her weapons, the woman studies the information handled to her and checks her surroundings to confirm this is not a familiar land. Oh well, weirdest things had happened. When Ildikó finally decides to give the communicator a try, she turns it on while holding it upside down and muttering to himself.]

This looks like the kind of trinket the alchemist’s guild would have a field day with, how do you even…? Oh!

[The device is flipped when Ildikó realizes that she’s been holding it upside down and her face comes to view. Two of her arms are crossed under her chest, the other gesticulates around and the fourth is holding the communicator. Why, yes, there are fourth of them. She also carries a khopesh sword and a lot of smaller weapons that aren't so noticeable]

I need a stiff drink, a proper explanation, and some company. Not necessary in that order. [She could really go for a smoke too and this is the sort of situation that makes her wish she didn’t quit years ago.] Has anyone here seen my mother? Old hag with white hair, white and wrinkly skin, a scar on her lip and the charming personality of a wet cat. Might be drinking herself to death in some tavern.

[She loves her mom, really. This is just how they interact, constantly.]

And girls…[She’s addressing her mercenary team in case the Atheris can see this.] If this is some sort of joke like that one time where we all got black-out drunk after Miarialle’s wedding…First, I thank you not at least leaving me with my clothes on this time. And second...you better get your asses moving and come pick me up or I’m going to be very displeased.
Who; Dorian Pavus and Alleyana Lavellan
What; Just home things
Where; Casa Inquisition a.k.a. Skyhold II
When; May 22nd? Afternoon? Sure...
Warnings; Possible (read probable) discussions of abuse, injury, and maybe other things. I'll update if I need to.

No, but really. No one has ever written a song to cover this crap )
23 May 2017 @ 10:45 am
[Spock has devoted pretty much all of his free time since his arrival a few weeks ago to the Genessia Scientific Research Foundation in an attempt to learn more about the world that they’re all trapped on, hoping that a deeper understanding will help facilitate figuring out how to get off this rock. And while he trusts his peers’ work, there is nothing better than a first hand account. Which is how he found himself approaching the barrier. He hasn’t seen it for himself; maybe he can spot something that was previously missed. He’s been fully warned not to touch it, but a close look certainly can’t hurt, right?


He’s still a hundred feet away from the barrier when he feels it hit him: a wall of emotions unlike anything he’s ever felt. He can’t even make one out above the other, it’s just too much too much too much. Through the sensation his mind is racing. He’s not touching the barrier, nor was he trying to use any sort of telepathy when the sensation struck. It’s only been about three seconds and his mind feels as if it’s about to explode; this is far more intense than any meld he’s done before. His logic dictates him with one final thought before the surge overwhelms him and he crumbles to the ground: they were wrong about the barrier’s reach.]

((ooc: Spock has passed out his first month here this has to be some sort of record and will awaken in the hospital in a few hours! Feel free to visit him there to make sure he’s okay, or berate him for being an idiot.))
23 May 2017 @ 04:31 am
[Behold, its everyone's favorite person that is so small most people likely don't even realize that she lives among them. But even the few that knew about her wouldn't have heard much from her recently. That is because she's been an industrious little thing! She clears her throat before speaking. She sounds like she's trying to be serious, but the tiny and adorable voice makes it a little difficult.]

I am in need of a volunteer! Some time ago, I asked people for suggestions on how I could pull in some money despite this world being built for tallfolk. There were a few good ones, thanks by the way nice people. So I decided I'd try one of them, and I have made some gloves designed for hugepeople hands. Its tough getting it all perfect when the hands they are designed for are bigger then I am! I tried to make it like I'd make for someone my size, just super big. But what I need the volunteer for is to try them on! I wanna make sure the stitching holds up when they are actually being worn.

[She glances over her shoulder towards her handiwork.]

I need a giant that has smaller hands, I didn't have a lot of cloth to work with so I couldn't make them very big. Oh right, I should mention that! They aren't made for use when you are doing super hard work, its something you wear to look nice.

[A little frown touches her face.]

Since I am trying to learn how to do this to MAKE money, I can't really pay anyone to help me. That is why I am asking for a volunteer!
Who: Koishi, Luke, Satuki, and a few others.
What: Koishi had another birthday. She's giving people presents.
Where: Different places.
When: May 14th
Warnings: None really. Mostly just excessive cute.
Note: Feel free to react. Depending on the situation there may or may not be a response.

Whelp. It was another birthday come and gone. Which meant Koishi was now 416 years old. This meant that people were going to be given presents. Again. Because birthdays involved presents, right? Yes, she was the one who was supposed to be GETTING the presents. But still!

The BEST Big Sister )

Eyebrow-Grump )

Little Human )

Miss Kitty Shade )

That One Purple Thing )

The Fool of Spades )

The Dollmaker )

Big Brother Shark Man )

That Really Nice Zombie Lady )

Mister Who is Really Nice and Really Quiet )

The Batty Sisters )

Everyone Else )

(IMPORTANT: If I missed someone who has CR with Koishi then yell at me and I'll apologize a whole lot and add them into this post. Sometimes I lose track of people because I'm an unorganized doof.)
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[... He can work with this. Flicking what he was well aware was gray matter tainted water off his coat and hat, wringing out his tie, and casually splashing his way out of the cave like a seasoned spelunker, his mind was already going a mile a minute after watching the hologram.



And if he's never been here well... That's a whole new market wide open and screaming for his attention.



Out into the sunlight, monocle glinting, smile glimmering, bearing every teal colored fang in his head as one hand idly starts up the video function on his phone.

It's a short, but sweet comment.

""""Sweet"""" as it can be with a smile like that

Ladies and gentlemen.

It's pleasure to have stumbled upon your wonderful little pocket dimension, very quaint.

In a short amount of time, I'll be bringing some gifts just for you here, highly useful, marketable, occasionally incendiary, semi automatic and excellently priced gifts.

I look forward to doing business with you.
23 May 2017 @ 12:26 am
Who; Garrus Vakarian and Clayton Young
What; A meeting that's long overdue
Where; The Nova City Beacon Bounty Board
Warnings; Nothing except Clay's mouth

nobody told him he needed to be registered first )
23 May 2017 @ 01:20 am
Who: Cassian, Tannusen and Garrus
Where: Everglade, in Cassian's Subgate
What: An end to two thousand years worth of BULLSHIT

I lose myself between the sound )
22 May 2017 @ 09:03 pm


It's a very unusual feeling. Seth looks down at his hand and rotates it with a curious glint reflecting in his pale yellow eyes. This is very new. New can be many things and as Seth drops into the pool of water he tries to figure out what sort of new this was. Good new? Usual new? Shocking new? He doesn't think it's bad but the word to describe his current situation escapes him.

With surprising calm he walks towards the video and eyes the pamphlets. He empties the box he'd been given into the pockets of his jacket before playing with the phone. He knows about phones, he's watched the world develop over time, but this is the first time he's gotten to use one.

He likes it.

Seth chooses to stand at the mouth of the bay, playing with his new phone and watching those who walk by. He likes watching. You can learn a lot by watching and he's interested in learning. Anyone walking by will see a man standing just shy of six feet with white hair, a lip ring and overly form attire.]


[Seth flicks on the video when he decides that he's done playing with his new phone. Pale yellow eyes stare at the screen, complimented by messy white hair and a smirk on his lips. The bay is visible behind him but not much more.]

Hey all. [It feels like the best way to address the masses.] Name's Seth and it looks like I'm your new neighbor. One of them anyway.

[His tongue flicks along his bottom lip, making his lip ring glint noticeably.] There are a lot of questions out there. I'm sure I'll learn. Any tips for the new guy would be great. If not, what do you like doing around here? How you holding up? I'm sure some of you are doing better than others.

[He's curious by nature.]
22 May 2017 @ 07:08 pm

(Jagger's mind always existed in a state of flux, and it took a lot of will to push away the past, the present elsewheres, and the futures and just focus on one thing at a time, one thing in front of him. He was still disoriented when he awkwardly clutched the box atop his chest close and stepped out of the pod into...

...lapping cold water. Everything else in his mind shut down and it began to internally scream. All he could think of was getting out, getting away, and so...he ran, blindly, sheer terror taking him to the nearest tunnel to the surface, and it wasn't until the cool open air blew gently past his face that he fell to his hands and knees, box clattering to the ground, contents spilling about.

That's where any passerby would find him, gasping for air as the terror slowly started to inch away. His hair, dark and slightly curling, cut just above his shoulders, has the greasy look of someone who regularly rakes their hands through their hair. He's taller, but thin and lanky. He's wearing torn jeans, a Rolling Stones t-shirt, and a leather jacket.


(Those who say Jagger yesterday in a state of panic are greeting but a much more comfortable face. He's still uneasy and his hair still needs to be washed, but it's hardly noticeable as it's stuffed under a black beanie. The young man smiles slightly, and a little self-consciously. When he speaks, it's clear he's a Londoner, for anyone familiar.

He raises a fingerless-gloved hand in a wave before he says anything.

Hello, there...Genessia, yeah? Listen, I just wanted to thank everyone who stopped by and gave a bloke a hand yesterday. It's normal for some of you, getting yanked from your world and dropped in a cave, maybe, but not for all of us. Sorry if I spooked you.

(He pauses for a moment before he says anything else, his blue eyes distant.)

I get we stay in these flats for a tick, but we don't get to keep them, and I get they gave us some dosh to get us started, but I get the feeling I'm going to need more before anyone figures out how to send us home.

(If I really want to go home. That's...actually up in the air.)

I don't know how to do much. I can cook so far as feeding myself, and I've waited tables before, too, but I'm willing to learn whatever you need me to.

(He smiles again, a little awkwardly, and raises his hand again in a slight wave.)

Thanks in advance, yeah? Laters.
22 May 2017 @ 02:23 pm
[It's just silence for a long few seconds, but there's a soft grunt to start things off.]

I knew they were liars, but I decided to humor them... I don't have a home anymore.

[The bitterness in his voice might choke someone honestly.]

Anyone in the market for a roommate? I literally just need a bed and a dresser since I don't plan on actually being in wherever I wind up, much.
22 May 2017 @ 12:19 pm
 [Marcus Fenix is preparing to head to the Hangar Queen, he's still wearing his COG armor]

"So I'm going to try out for the bartending position, hopefully this pays a decent amount of cash here."

2. [Action- At the Hangar Queen]

"So I heard you're hiring bartenders here?"

22 May 2017 @ 04:23 pm
[Krista leans over slightly, hair blonde wavy locks tied up with a towel, another towel wrapped around her neck as she adjusted the phone for a brief moment.]

Testing, one, two three. Juuuust making sure that it's working because I have a big announcement guys and dolls.

[She leant back happy as a clam, clapping excitedly.]

As you are all aware I've been working on the awards and by now something should have come through your post box or... however you would get it. It's voting time for said awards. [She smiled slightly.]

But you might be asking where is the best and worst dressed? Well as I said many, many times I will be the judge of that one and is one of the many reasons for this broadcast.

[She moves her hands to take of the towel around her hair, shaking it slightly as it fell down just below her chin. It seemed a lot shorter than it had been before.]

First of all I would like all voted to be handed in to me by next Saturday. However the awards will not be happening then as I would need the time to actually count the votes and finish getting the awards made and various other factors, those of which I will say here.

[She coughed slightly.] Hopefully I will be doing that early June, so mark the date because... [She gives off a little wink.] after the awards there will be a party, so I must add if you want to go to both the awards and the party you must wear a formal outfit. No and's, if's or but's.

[It didn't take too long before she was already talking again, while at the same time picking up a piece of paper.]

Coming back to best and worst dressed I will need some pictures for the following in order to judge them:

Edward Nygma, Deadpool, Jacques Schnee, Tannusen, Azrael, K-2SO, Kamille "Mobius" Rainer, Gale Reinhardt, Dante Sparda, Whitley Schnee, Szelhamos, Faye Valentine, Weiss Schnee, Ayame Sasaki, Satori Komeiji, Liv Moore, Chiaki Nanami, Grell Sutcliffe, Karla, Mariko Ishiwatari and Yang Xiao Long.

Please show me your style as soon as possible so I can take the time to judge and decide. [A pause if only for a moment.]

Final thing. For those of you who are up for the best singer and dancer awards I am inviting you to perform on the day of the awards so that you can show off your stuff and show us what you can do. Show us the skills you seem to have. But I will add I must be able to see what exactly you will be performing so I can accept it or not. We might even do a duet or something for those who are interested.

[She moves her fingers to her hair for a brief moment.]

Oh and also I cut my hair. Isn't it cool? I've been wanting to do it for the longest time, but my mom would always say no because and I quote 'You can't style short hair.'