25 April 2017 @ 08:27 am
[The video flickers on, enter one unimpressed but otherwise unphased looking Peter Quill. Bonafide human, blond, with a glint of metal behind his ear.]

Star-Lord here, don't guess we've got any Nova Corps around here, huh? I didn't think so.

[He runs a hand through his hair and smirks. When he finishes, tapping can be heard on the video like he's trying to drum out some old song on a piece of plastic.]

Fair warning to anyone out there, you see big green guy, a green chick who looks like she could kill you, or a small furry guy with a striking resemblance to a Terran raccoon in the right light and a propensity for guns bigger than him, watch your mouth and try not to do anything stupid. But let them know I'm around.

If you see a baby tree walking around though, for fuck's sake let me know and keep an eye on him.

[There's a smile, a little charming, a little smug. His eyes are just a bit less certain but hey - he knows he's got this, and he knows if his people are here they can take care of themselves.]

In the meantime though, anyone know where to get some decent grub around here?
24 April 2017 @ 01:51 pm
[Rocket woke up irritated, and became more irritated upon exiting his weird sleep-egg thing and finding himself in some kind of weird watery underground hole with nobody else around. When the communicator clicks on, the voice of the hologram can be heard first, just before Rocket's.]

What the hell is a Genessia?

[He doesn't pronounce it exactly right. There's a sound of metal-on-metal, and a frustrated noise from Rocket.]

Well, this is a great mess, no clue where this loony place is, and just some fricking holo humie in a skirt, could use the parts though.

[Yup, he's attempting to disassemble the base of the hologram with the tools that came over with him, his gun strapped to his back.]

HEY, anybody know what the hell this place is and how I got here? Cos I don't remember blacking out.

[Of course, he says that right before that weird gas comes out of the base and he passes out, so replies will happen after he comes to.]
Action - Disgruntled Worker Bounty - Public (in Genessia City)
[ Mariko's been keeping to herself ever since she arrived here, only talking to Konoka, Dante, and a few others she recognizes in her previous time here. She took this bounty just for the extra money and for the thrill of investigating she couldn't get at the Holodeck. She didn't expect this to escalate so soon, as the target of her bounty is apparently found by a local crime group and is protected by them. A shoot-out ensue when the guards of the disgruntled employee sensed that Mariko is on their tail, rendering a small block of street into a danger zone. Armed with rifles and live combat training, they manage to make this tough even for a superhuman like Mariko.

She could just use her magic to make this easy, but there's too many people in these buildings and she doesn't have enough money to cover the property damage she'd cause. Feigning a retreat, Mariko covers herself with a barrage of shots from her magical rifle. Bright magic-circles flashing from the muzzle starts a symphony of gun fire that could be heard a few blocks away. Mariko starts running once she made a good distance, warning any soul she encounters

Run! Get out of here! Go!

[ Mariko demanded just as a stray bullet from a longer ranged rifle got her on the shoulder. Luckily bullets only give her some discomfort. It still hurts like hell, but not enough to put her out of commission just yet. Mariko gets knocked down, but she quickly recovers on her knees to fire back ]

Text - Post-Bounty - Public
[ Well that hunt should keep her snoopy curiosity down for a while. Now a little high on painkillers, Mariko realizes that she's been feeling particularly deprived on human contact. She feels like she's been here forever, and yet she only knows certain people who aren't always there to talk. So she takes a chance and makes her presence felt through the network again: ]

A little weird to ask out of the blue, but any of you here play video games? What are your favorites? Kinda been looking to play some new games, I need a break from my usual ones (ノ≧ڡ≦)
24 April 2017 @ 10:59 am
Action :: Arrival:Near the Bay

It had come as a surprise when Belle awoke in the strange cave. She'd thought it to be a very creative dream when she realized that pinching herself didn't wake her up and she'd arrived with a book from the castle. Perhaps it was a trick of the castle? She had little information and she was still getting used to magic.

She had listened patently to the message and retrieved a map of the city. It was very helpful but it wasn't the sort of helpful that Belle was looking for. She wished for a way home, if not to the castle then to her father. How far away was she from him now? Worry knotted uncomfortably in her chest but Belle put up a brave front as she stepped from the cave.

She blinked as she took in the strange city that she'd found herself planted in the middle of. It was far more grand than anything she'd seen before. 'Was Paris anything like this?' She wondered to herself. Some things looked like magic while others looked like strange machines. Her father had been a toy maker and while she didn't know how the machines worked, she was able to recognize them for what they were.

She delayed at the entrance of the bay, taking in the sights and forming an opinion of each new detail. Next she'd go searching for the library. For if there were answers, surely they'd be located in the vast realm of books. She could find her home new later and perhaps thank those who were kind enough to provide lodging. Things were confusing enough to have to also worry about finding a place to rest her head.

Belle was dressed in her usual blue cotton dress, her apron tied around her thin waist. Her features were beautiful while her eyes cast an inquisitive stare over the setting. She wasn't planning to accept things as they were but she needed to learn more if she was to find a place to start.

Audio :: Open

[It doesn't take very long for Belle to learn the device. There were details concerning privacy settings that she'd look into later but there is one inquiry that couldn't wait.]

Hello. [She spoke in a sweet voice that carried confidence and strength in it's warm tones.] I don't wish to bother anyone but I've just arrived and I must ask a question of those here.

Has anyone seen my father? I don't believe he's arrived with me but I am hoping that he might have arrived before me. I can't help but worry about him.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

[She removes the phone from her ear and waits for a reply of some sort. She doesn't know who she'd be met with but she hopes that someone has seen her father. She doesn't wish to leave him alone for any longer than she has too.]
24 April 2017 @ 09:27 am
Genessia: Pan's Grocery
[Kobato had finally managed to get a job. Sure it didn't give her much money to survive on rent wise, but it was a start of maybe helping others with it. At least that was her thought process.

Now all she had been told to was was when things were scanned for the customer all she had to do was simply put said item in the bag. However it wasn't so easy.

Kobato the first time somehow managed to ripped the bag, another time managed to drop an item, causing it to break. It just seemed unlucky and to some other poor customer something else might happen and each and everytime, Kobato would turn to them and bow quickly.]

I'm so sorry, I will make it up to you.

Genessa, Nova City, Attleton
[Kobato when not working appeared to be exploring around, running over to give some homeless person her money and on occasion could potentially be found laying on various benches.

On one occassion she even appeared to be talking to herself.]

I, Kobato Hanato will do my best today. I will help at least one person.

[With a determined node she looked over, going to find that person to help.]
24 April 2017 @ 09:04 am
Good evening, I hope everyone is well this morning?

After I read the newspaper yesterday, I figured I might as well do something and use my inn in Fayren to take care of those who have the Chimera Infection. I know it might seem an odd thing to do, honestly but beneath my inn there is another part that can be used in situations such as this and emergencies.

It keeps them away from others to potentially spread and if spells go array it's at least confined and much easier to deal with.

So if anyone knows of someone who might have the illness, please inform me.

On another note, does anyone want to go out and do something fun? Like whatever you would find fun we could do.
24 April 2017 @ 02:30 am
[ The device must be propped against something, possibly another book like the one lying open in front of the camera, though the angle is too sharp to see what the book may be. There are three more books stacked off to the right, and a fourth is added to the stack as Dorian leans into view, closing it and placing it atop the stack. ]

I find myself in need of aid.

[ He clears his throat before continuing. ]

First, I should thank everyone for their assistance when I first arrived. You were all most helpful. For those I've yet to meet, [ He inclines his head toward the camera in greeting. ] I am Dorian of House Pavus, and I find myself in need of assistance once again.

Nothing so dramatic as my arrival, of course. I was simply wondering if anyone may have a recommendation from whence to acquire a viable and quality mage's staff, preferably of an Inferno aspect, or, more likely and more conveniently, where to acquire components with which to assemble my own. I'm well and truly capable of casting without the use of a foci, but in a pinch, speed and finesse is preferable to only finesse.

I thank you for your time in advance.
24 April 2017 @ 01:49 am
[Waking up in such a alien place was quite jarring. The mere confusion of it all, being locked up in a dungeon and rescued by the oh-so-handsome Lord Marth, and then ending up in another dungeon?

This can't be right at all. She saw her sister, they marched together as soldiers in Marth's army, so how did she end up here? And as for this box with pretty things for a girl? Well, it was just a necklace that caught her eye. Was it an apology for kidnapping a real life Macedonian princess? Minerva and Michalis will not be happy regardless. But first thing's first, she needs to find a way out of this town and back to Marth.

She will be sitting on a park bench with the box of things in her lap and a staff leaning against the bench, messing with the phone. Anyone passing by might wonder what this tiny little thing is doing by herself.]


[Eventually she does get it working, broadcasting her sweet little smile.]

"I hope this is working okay. My name is Maria. Can anyone hear me?"
A - Action, Fairy Haven Courtyard

Light the bonfire, Torchic.

{ The nice thing about dead wood? It burns very easily. Zeref had arranged a small pile of branches from dead trees near the outskirts of Fayren - leftover from the last time he lost control over his Curse - into a firepit, well away from anything else that could catch fire and surrounded by rocks. The small, orange bird looked almost lethargic. Zeref frowned, and leaned down toward the bird. }

You've had no difficulty with this before. Please, light the--

{ Torchic sneezed, fire rocketing out of his beak as if it were two evolution stages later. The dead branches weren't ignited; they were incinerated. Zeref quickly reached for the Pokéball, a brief look of panic crossing his features. }

I'll take you to the Center later.

{ He mutters, returning Torchic to the Pokéball. He didn't think Torchic sneezed on him, but he couldn't be too sure. He turns toward the entrance to Fairy Haven, fully intending on splashing alcohol on his face. }

B - Text

I trust everyone has read the latest issue of the Genessia Tribune? Does anybody know if the Chimera Infection can mutate to affect non-humans? I am concerned about one of the Pokémon. He has suffered from hay fever in the past, but given the circumstances, caution is warranted.

Further, if any of you are experiencing symptoms, I would ask that you do not come near Fairy Haven. While I am sure Fairy Tail are eager to assist with the triage efforts, please only use the device to contact them directly.

{ He and Mavis cannot risk infection. They both know that losing control over their Curses is a very real possibility without a magical disease. The last thing they need is to also lose control over things like Living Magic, Law, or worse, Fairy Heart. }

{ OOC: For clarification, Zeref is not (currently) infected. But given just how dangerous his magic (and Mavis', for that matter) is, he's a little paranoid. }
23 April 2017 @ 06:30 am

[Did you subscribe to The Genessia Tribune? Did you even remotely wish you had a newspaper or some other form of media to refer to for news, weather, and current events? Then you're in luck! There's a paperboy riding through the streets of Genessia flinging newspapers onto doorsteps or, if you're unlucky, through your window. Even remote locations in the other cities will still get a paper if one of the residents ever wanted one. The Paperboy is just that dedicated.]

[And if you're one of the following people, and you happen to subscribe to the newspaper, the Paperboy may or may not have flung the newspaper through that person's window, at the person, and/or broke something in the area: Jefferson, Link, Fai D. Flourite, Kobato Hanato, Karla, Olivia Moore, Super Sonic, Namur.

The following people have their newspaper placed neatly on their doorsteps: Theodore Satchel, Blaze, Trahearne, Yukiko Amagi, Chiaki Nanami, Ayame Sasaki, Thirteen, Professor Augustine Sycamore, Dave Strider, Koishi Komeiji, Oswald Cobblepot.]

This Week In The News )

[ OOC: Want to submit anything to the newspaper? Reply to this comment with the subject line as your title and include any information you want to be sure is in next Sunday's newspaper! This includes news, gossip, singles ads, business advertisements, job listings, bounties, and anything else you want in the newspaper.

FOR BOUNTIES: Reply to this comment with either a claim or a log (every 3 claims must include a log). Feel free to team up, or even fail to deliver the bounty. Please note that whoever goes after the bounty is in charge of writing the NPCs involved,but feel free to ask the mod for any tips if you like. First come first serve on claims unless you haven't turned in a log for every 3 bounties. ]
22 April 2017 @ 09:48 pm

[Jaune starts the video, shoulders tense. Behind him, there is a nondescript door and window.] Hi. Jaune Arc again. I'm just going to get to the point. I've been here a while, over a year now, and I know a lot of people who have helped Genessia. I've been thinking a lot lately about how I can do the same. More than the other cities, I consider Nova City my home. But it's not perfect, and like all the other cities, some people benefit more than others. And a lot of people are just...overlooked.

I don't regret fighting, but I don't think everyone should have to. And everyone deserves an alternative to cope in ways that end up destroying them. So I've taken my background in dancing and made a dancing studio.

[He pans the camera up to show the building behind him. It's two stories, modern looking, but the most noteworthy feature is the looming gyarados shaped sign with sweeping words below it stating: Neptune's School for Dance. He moves the camera back to his face.]

So yeah Neptune's School for Dance is a new business and dancing studio where I'm hoping we'll get to focus on all kinds of dancing. I'm open to ideas because I want it to be a place where students feel like their input is valuable and stuff. Anyone is welcome to join, it's pay what you can...what else? Oh, right, our adult classes are offered on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Seeing as I'm the only instructor at this time, and a Guardian Deputy, if an emergency happens obviously I'll have to focus on that. Which is why I'm hiring a second instructor and a bookkeeper. Once we grow more I might hire more instructors. [Some of the awkwardness seems to fade as he starts talking more animatedly, gesturing around.] But yeah, we'll be doing at least a few performances in the year, and some anti-violence stuff, as well as-- As well as rehabilitation. First class is free just to see if you're interested, and I guess if you have any questions you can ask them here. [He rubs the back of his neck, a bit unsure, and ends the video.]

Action | Closed to Weiss )
22 April 2017 @ 10:46 pm
[Tonight, Gale can be found behind the bar at After Life. He's eyeing up several bottles in front of him - bottles of the strongest alcohol and drink mixes he had available, one of which even being awfully prismatic, which was awfully appropriate to match the crystal walls of the club. He has a purple cigarette holder between his fingers adorned with a purple butterfly that matched those of the employee pins of the club, twirling the tip of it in such a way to swirl the smoke from the tip. He was bobbing his head to the beat of the song currently playing before he finally glanced at his device to address the network.]

So, I could go for some drink suggestions for After Life and Hangar Queen. Particularly for After Life- it could go for something new after bein' open a year now. Bonus points if whatever you come up with can floor even a cyborg.

[Because he could go for something that was strong to him, especially since after Ivina's disappearance, he lost the strongest drink in the joint when her subarchway closed.

He glanced up for a few moments before shrugging, letting out a laugh.]

Who'da thought that someone like me could run a business for a year now. This place sure is weird.

[On the counter, a Cubone would then come walking into view. He stops beside the Prism drink before reaching up to the bottle and attempting to open it. Gale just casually glances over, raising an eyebrow.]

I don't think you'd want that, buddy. You'd regret all of your life choices if you did.

[Not that he's moving to stop the little Cubone. He's just watching the little Pokémon struggle to get the bottle open.]

22 April 2017 @ 01:25 pm
[ Now seems like a good enough time to try making a post instead of just commenting around sparingly, right? Everyone gets a nice view of Link, who got pretty good with cameras. He holds up his free hand, giving a small simple wave. Hello. ]

Where do you find- ? [ Someone interrupts him. ] ...

HEY! Get off the roof! It's dangerous! What the heck are you doing up there?

[ The camera gets turned around and ...down. From the high ledge he's sitting on. The man below seems a little ticked off and concerned about the choice of location.

He just pans it back on to himself. ]

...anyway. Jobs, horses or best food?
22 April 2017 @ 12:31 am
Who: Szelhamos and Amberdrake
When: Early evening
Where: Drake's office in Attleton
Warnings: May edge into territories of past abuse/trauma. Will update warnings properly if this happens.

You Must Have Been Out of Your Head )
21 April 2017 @ 11:00 am
[It was quite late in the evening.

Okay, maybe it was 9:00. Good girls should be getting their beauty sleep, but this one was restless. She sat beside the window of her room, gazing out at the night sky. Not much can really be seen because of the hustle and bustle of this city, but the moon was visible and brilliant.

Anastasia seemed to have a bit on her mind, which is why she turned her device on, to find someone to talk to. Those who can see her young face can see there are traces of sadness in her blue eyes.]

"I hope I'm not bothering anyone, but I have a question... How do you honor your friends who have left this world?"
21 April 2017 @ 02:57 am

So I got bored.

While mired in the depths of this boredom, I invented a super cool fun new game for all your friends, family and children to participate in.

This game is called "Deadpool Stole Your Shit".

The rules are:

Look around your house!

Is something missing?

I fucking took it.

If you want to get it back you can goddamn find me and pry it out of my cold dead instantly regenerating hands, sucks to be all you normie suckers.

[[YOU WANT YOUR SHIT STOLEN? POST HERE! With whatever random item you want to have vanished. If you're not interested in being burgled, but you want to comment anyway, just mention it OOCly or in your title so I don't get confused.]]
[What Grell sends out to Marco via text is accidentally sent to everyone ever!]

Backdated to April 12th )

[After the first ten people to comment, Grell realizes the mistake, erases the entry, and quickly sends out another text:]



[Backdated Action for Marco]

[Paris: the city of love. What better way to spend an anniversary than there? So after Grell sends the message properly to Marco, she also sends him coordinates to a restaurant within the subarchway and tells him to dress nicely. Waiting in the expansive lounge area, Grell is wearing her best on a budget with a neat French bun. She had to get the dress back the next day, so hopefully they won't do anything too crazy.

But they probably will.]

[ And here's Tannusen openly on the network, this time. And in glorious, full color video!

He looks... tired. There's a darkness to the skin under his eyes that isn't usually there, and a heaviness to his eyelids that isn't being affected, for once. ]

Hey, so, here's a question for everyone. Where do you get braile printed?

You know, the stuff with all the raised dots for blind folk to read.


In person, Tannusen can be found at his bar, nursing a mug of tea. Jethro is parked indoors, which isn't actually all that strange for a regular to see. The motorcycle is positioned at the end of the bar, next to Tannusen's seat of choice, and the Faerie occasionally reaches over to pat it on the gauge shroud like one might with a pet.
Current Music: 30 Seconds To Mars - Stranger in a Strange Land
20 April 2017 @ 02:01 am
Cut for scary dream... )

[Liora springs awake, gasping for breath, as if to recover from the suffocation she had suffered in her dream. While it's nighttime, at least she's able to see the faint light from the moon and stars. She feels the comfort of the web bed that she's made at the top of a tree. For a moment, she looks around frantically, trying to remember where she is. Then she notices her device lying next to her, currently broadcasting. Then she remembers that she's still in Fayren. She picks up the device and stares into it with a relieved sigh.]

It's just a dream...I hope I didn't wake anyone...

[It's certainly a good thing that she didn't wake with a full scream. She sort of wishes she could talk to someone, but really doesn't want to wake anyone.]

...Is anyone awake...?