Mavis Vermillion
Who: Mavis, Zeref and... You!
What: First, Mavis is preparing her date with Zeref. And then, two immortals on a date! <3
When: August 15th.
Where: By the lake in Fayren.
Why: It's the Anniversary of the month that Zeref and Mavis spent together before she died.
Warnings: We'll keep it PG-13. ;)

A. A fairy among the fairies [Fayren / Open to all]

Mavis arrived at the large lake in Fayren, carrying a heavy picnic basket with both hands. She set it down on the grass a few feet away from the edge of the water. She'd been told there were water fairies in this lake but she had yet to see them. She remembered the fairy she'd met before. Elatus. She wondered if he was still around. She should try and contact him, maybe?

It was a little before half past eleven. She'd told Zeref to meet her at the lake at noon. So she still had time to prepare a few things before he'd get there. She opened the basket and pulled out a large checkered blanket that she spread neatly onto the ground. Then, she started pulling out a bottle of wine, glasses, a selection of cakes from Fai's café.

Mavis was wearing this summer dress. Hopefully, her date would like it. She looked down at her handiwork, thoughtfully.

"Something's missing," she said out loud. "But what?"

B. Refreshing some memories [Closed to Zeref] )
Yukiko Amagi
16 August 2017 @ 10:18 am
[Yukiko was currently sitting at the desk of the Guardian office looking through some paper and gather a few things to place at the side. The office itself looked like an organised mess as she puzzled over it a little more. Once she moved another piece of paper and placed it next to the map she set her focus on the device.]

it's been a while since I use this device to do something like this. but I am doing it as some kind of update on my work for Fayren for the most part and some ideas I have been doing that I may or may not need help on.

[She coughed slightly.]

First of all, I've been thinking of doing a festival in Fayren, at least a traditional one with games and ways to help people bond. But it's the sports or games that I am researching on and would very much appreciate any information one might have that might help me with that.

[She at least got jousting sorted, that will be a thing as she goes to grab her bag, checking through its contents.]

Second, of all with the last two things that have appeared in the newspaper over the past month connected to Fayren, I have decided to investigate starting with the recent case. [A pause.] I know they have sent people out already, but the incident is something that concerns me regardless and I worry they might not return, so it's also to make sure they are okay.

So to the deputies that will still be around, I would like to ask you to patrol at least for today. If you are unable to for one reason or another, then let me know.

[Give her a moment before she remembered something else.]

Oh finally, Heals on Wheels will now be providing classes for those who want to learn basic first aid if they can't do magic and healing spells for those who are able to. So if you are interested, then please ask one of the volenteers.
Cassian Ó Loinsigh
16 August 2017 @ 08:19 pm
[The language is spat harshly, the man himself off screen for a moment as he bustles about. Someone sounds cranky]

Cailín amadán agus a prátaí amadán....

[And on screen he comes!]

Right, anyone who's interested in betterin' themselves through education and perhaps not bein' a great stupid prat is welcome to meet me at the Genessia library. Already promised first pick to someone else, but I got a great load of books to give away.

Good deal of it is European history, if that sweetens the pot.

First come, first serve, save for Max. Tell me what your fancy is, lad.