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Video and Action

1. [VIDEO] The Bay
Is a non-working vacation too much to ask for? I mean, come on. One day off. After what happened last week I deserve that.

[A dark-haired teenage boy is scowling unhappily into the camera. He sighs heavily and drags a hand through his hair. Somehow it always ended up like this.]

Okay,so let me just get this straight. I somehow got kidnapped and stuck in an alternate dimension. Again. And this time it's not Dad's fault?

Could this possibly get any worse?

[He freezes and moans miserably.]

...Oh, great. I think I just jinxed myself.

2. [ACTION] Genessia City

[Later that day a strange new arrival can be spotted around Genessia City. It appears to be a glowing white-haired teenage boy. He appears in the sky first, flying over the city and investigating the layout. Later he makes his way closer to the ground, hovering several feet above the pavement as he explores the town.]

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Why is no one ever happy to be here? Teenage moodiness, perhaps. People really must stop being so possessive over their own dimensions. And of course you don't know it yet. Can't build the proper anticipation otherwise.

Well, I know what might cheer you up. Have you eaten yet? I'm relatively confident one of my two secretaries hasn't, and they're very pretty, and probably wise to the good restaurants. My treat.
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Plans change. Sometimes for the better, if you can believe it.

Hmm. That's a tough one. One theory is that I was going to drug you, then use your unconscious self for all sorts of diabolical experiments, before finishing off the evening with some organ harvesting.

The other is that it seemed like a nice, welcoming thing to do for new arrivals. Let me know which sounds more plausible.

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"Ted: 1, Boys' cynicism: 0. Take that, forces of darkness! Now where did I put those two?" He hollered out. "Levyyy! Porriiim! Come serve the forces of light, why don't you!" And now, a song.

A knight rode out to slay a beast, atop his might steed
He charged his foe, whose name was this: The Grouchy Teenager's Creed
Hacking, slashing, and thrusts galore, then off with its monstrous head
Rejoice, and hale the worthy deeds of the wandering knight named Ted

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Levy was, of course, in the middle of working when she heard Ted holler out for her and Porrim. She placed the items in hand down and walked into the room with a curious glance towards the phone. She hadn't been listening in on the conversation but she assumed that Ted was up to something.

Why was he singing?

"What are you telling new people now?" She tried to sound annoyed but she couldn't help but smile when she walked over to peek into the phone.

"Hi there!"
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Porrim came in after Levy. Did she want to know? She stopped and leaned against the doorway, and pulled out her own device to see if she could read the backlog.

"Really Ted? Organ trafficking?"
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Levy's smile widened slightly. "Sorry about that. I'm Levy. I work with Ted. He means well. Anything I can help with?"

It was a good thing she missed some of his other comments since Levy was seventeen herself.

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"No, not really. You can put away the chloroform. He's one of those world-weary, clever types; saw right through it. I'm afraid you'll have to engage in a perfectly ordinary meet, greet, and eat affair."
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"I'm sure." She turned on the feed to talk to Danny. "Hello there, I'm Porrim. Ted is a child that somehow got put in charge of a city, I'm his well-paid babysitter. What's your name?"

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Oi! You wanna know why none of us are happy to be here? Just because I'm close to a teen age, seriously? [So sorry, Theodore, but-- you're getting the brunt of the Righteous Rage that this girl's experiencing, being so "dismissed" as a "teenager"-- why, she's 19! Almost NOT a Teenager any more, in fact!] It's bloody wartime where I'm from, and I'm needed on the front lines! I mean: I am an Auror-- a Dark-wizard fighter-- and Hell's Bells, I DO hope that there's a Statute of Secrecy in this world, too, just so I can get captured by the people in charge of that sort of enforcement, and hopefully end up back in my own time and place before tea tonight....
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Man, there are just so many ways to go with this one, each amusing in its own way. There a red-pajama'd Ted stood, on his left, sinister shoulder, egging him on to toy with the strange new interloper.

But wait, what's this? Porrim, adorned with halo and harp, alighted on his right, gingerly crept up to his ear, and whispered:

Don't be an idiot.

He pursed his lips, terribly stuck in this tantalizing world of alternatives. What to do, what to do?

"What's a Statute of Secrecy?" Innocent enough way to start. Curiosity won't kill every cat, surely.
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Congrats, Theo; you've managed to safely defuse this potentially volatile situation (and the witch who would likely CURSE YOU for it) by asking such a simple, run-of-the-mill question, one she answers with a certain blandness, mixed of course, with some small soupçon of sarcasm: "Oh, a Statute of Secrecy is just what it sounds like, honestly: it's a bloody law passed down-- oh, centuries ago-- in order to prevent Mug-- er, Non-Magical Folk like you lot finding out about wizard-kind!"

Calm, calm, she's perfectly calm; she's utterly under control. She hasn't a worry; where others may hurry, she can stroll!
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Well, he wouldn't wanna be cursed at. Respect him and his innocent ears, you nasty witch you.

"No magic in me, eh? Not a bit? That's a relief. What gave it away?"
aphotic_auror: of this town! (And blood will run through the streets)

[[Hey Ted, you COULD recruit this "nasty" li'l sweetheart witch as a deputy, if you wanted... ; )]

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"Oh, I dunno! Maybe it was the fact that you didn't know of the Statute of Secrecy, and you seem far too old to end up manifesting as Magical now." There was more than a soupçon of sarcasm to her tone now, and she decided that to Make Friends and Influence People here, she had best try to tone it down. "I mean, it usually manifests by the time the kid's five-- if not even sooner than that. My personal first show of magic, was when I was three, and fell off a balcony, or through a balustrade, or something of the kind. Anyway, that's not important, since You Are NOT Magical, after all..."

She grimaces apologetically, as she adds: "Sorry... That is to say. You're a ruddy Muggle, so you're really at the centre of this war that I'm busy fighting right now! And more and more Muggles will die without me there to protect them... So: yeah, you can see why I'm so eager to get back to my home."
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Yeah, she seems like a good pick. Got that emotional stability thing working.

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Ted liked that a mere sentence of his own got paragraphs from her. That's a good ROI if he's ever seen one. If he ever let down his guard enough to unleash one of his rants, she'd probably put herself into a coma.

"Well, thank you very much for your professional certification of Mugglehood. Could I get that in writing?

I'm glad, at any rate, to observe such a strong sense of duty. I actually do know one way of out of here, or what seems like one, but I don't think you're going to like it."
aphotic_auror: Six little words that brought down an EMPIRE! (don't you think she looks tired?)

oh, I DO hope that was <I>sarcasm</i>, there... ; )

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A long, LONG pause, before her voice finally comes across the intercommunication device, still hoarse and slightly statickey, as she pulls a "y so crazy?" face at Ted, and says slowly, "Well... Sure, if you really want some documentation of the insult-- Ah! Wait! I DO think I see your game, now. You mean to use that insult against me in a libel trial, don't you?" She smirks slightly; there's no fooling her into making incriminating remarks or even (especially!) incriminating statements signed and sealed, so easily.

"Oh yes? And-- what would that way be, anyhow?" She grins gamely into the transmitter's lens as she adds: "Seriously though: I will try almost anything to get back home!"
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"Foiled again. Will my schemes ever bear fruit?" Being a magician of any but the kind that produced coins from ears was verboten for Ted's kind. Mugglehood would be synonymous with purity; many miles from an insult.

"Your 'almost' is entirely good; don't want to be too desperate." He cleared his throat, sobriety contrasting with eagerness. "It's not so much trying something as...well, the other thing. To leave, all you need to do is lose the will to live."

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I will never forgive you ever

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So sorry, Danny, but-- though she knows that Ghosts Are Real(™), she will not be explaining too much about this "wizard-kind" in turn... "I dunno who I am, any more, honestly... I mean, my entire IDENTITY was sorta wrapped up in my profession, since I lost my-- not-so-current-any-more boyfriend..." She pulls a small grimace at that memory, even as she makes an effort to smile at Danny. "I mean, sure, a vacation would be an utterly brilliant prospect, but-- I don't think that the world I'm from can actually handle me being out of commission here, bloody well working at some customer service job! And-- it's not like I have any experience in such things; I've always been an Auror!"
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"Oh no? Well, I suppose I can't expect anything more of you, as a Muggle... I mean, it sounds cruel as far as epithets go, and really, it sorta is, but--" And Maria blows out a hard puff of air in a short sigh, almost reminiscent of a smoker puffing upon a cigarette or pipe, and then grimaces apologetically at Danny through the video feed as she adds:

"Well, most of my people tend to look down upon the non-magical, or "Muggle" population, but still-- we tend to hide from you lot, too, just because we are afraid of our magic being taken advantage of-- like, a cure-all for the common cold! But don't think we don't have our problems, too-- like this bloody war I mentioned, with a veritable crypt full of Muggles being killed.... Just because some stupid Wizard blames them for his personal shortcomings-- probably with his--"

She pauses briefly, and redirects her own words to something a little more "family-friendly" than COCK, seeing as how this kid seems rather young. "dancing skills, that would never wow a girl, you know?" She grins nervously as she adds this ridiculous rambling explanation for Lord Voldemort's "personal shortcomings".