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#001 - Introduction [ Audio / Action ]


[This wasn't the first time Squidward had woken up somewhere stupid. Though, the entire 'waking up in a cocoon and being greeted by a hologram' thing was new. There was some static before the sound of a nasally and incredibly irritated voice spoke up.]

Oh dear Neptune, what is this, now???

[He fiddled with the device he was given, grumbling as he found the 'audio' function first. Whatever, he just needed answers, he didn't care how.]

HELLO??!? [He paused to collect what he wanted to say. He may have woken up in another universe, but he didn't want to look like a moron... Priorities.] Hi. I've just woken up in the.. Bay, or whatever. I was explained by the talking hologram that this place is Genessia? [He mutters 'Am I saying that right?' away from the microphone before he's back to demanding answers.] Look, there's gotta be a way to get out of here. Would just climbing back into that cocoon help? How did I even wake up in that thing?

[He groans in defeat as he messes with the videophone to end the audio signal.] And it was payday tomorrow, too...

[The transmission ended.]


[If anyone happened to be close enough to the Bay, they may or may not be surprised that the source of the audio was an actual freaking octopus. He was still frowning at the device, taking the time to look through the apps on the screen. It was a nice device, really, but he was a little distracted and upset by the fact that his shift at work was so close to being over, and instead of getting to just go home like he wanted, he was thrown into this city.

He sighed heavily, figuring out how to use the thing properly. He finally looked at his yellow necklace and frowned at that object too, placing it around his neck reluctantly. When it didn't kill him, he let it remain there and slowly wandered around the area...

For being a place that had him wake up in a cocoon and be able to miraculously breathe air, the city looked fairly normal. Well, at least as normal as cities on the surface were. He's only been above the water about 5 times, give or take, but from what he had seen, it looked pretty.... Okay.
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[An appeal to Neptune? Ted hadn't expected any pagans.]

One theory floating around is that the you before us now is a copy of an original you. A clone, essentially. Cut from the same cloth, then transplanted into an entirely new tapestry. Welcome!

But if you refuse to be welcomed, there is a way out. Though I doubt you're going to like it. Are you certain you wouldn't rather abide with us, for a while?
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Re: [ Audio ]

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Well you don't sound like you're laughing, so let's assume no jokes were meant.

As for the way out, all you have to do--actually, it's more of a list of things not to do.

Basically, take no interest in existence. Cultivate no friendships, aspire to no works, settle in routines too routine to merit comment...that kind of thing. When you tire of Genessia, Genessia will eventually tire of you, and spit you back out of its mouth. But as I said, you may be a clone. The "you" it's vomiting may simply perish, rather than go home.

But that's just a theory. The upshot is that the exit to this life is very similar to the exit in most: suicide, but a more spiritual version of such.
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Re: [ Audio ] [Man Spongebob got dark somewhere down the line]

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No, perish if you do nothing. Doing anything is a much sunnier prospect, one I'm glad you've taken a shine to. May all your days be illuminated with light and life! [Ted was, admittedly, proud of his vocabulary. If it could be wielded to instill terror of sloth, so much the better.]

I've been here...let's see...almost a year and a half, so my education about The World isn't nothing, though not as much as I would like. Welcome! I'm Ted.

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Is there anything you need to know in particular? Besides what the Hologram said? We don't really know how we got here and you can get a job here if you want.

There are listings at the welcome center.
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[ Audio ]

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We don't know the way home yet... I'm sorry.

[That doesn't feel like enough.]
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[ Audio ]

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You alright?

[She has to ask though she knows the answer is probably no...]
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You could try, but I don't think it would work. I don't even know if it would still be there after you leave. The Bay confuses me a lot.
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Sorry to say that it is likely you are, but I am here to try and help in anyway.

[Or try to anyway.]
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[Nagisa was on his way to work when he had spotted something out of the corner of his eye. Looking over slightly, he wondered what it was. Soon he made his way and followed before realizing it wasn't a person, but it was in fact not a person.]

Oh, wow! Your an octopus... or are you a squid?
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Okay, mister talking octopus, you must be a new arrival, right?

[Because he was pretty sure he would have noticed this before.]
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[Audio] - A talk between two chew toys of the universe.

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[Parece que la norma común para la primera de llegar a este lugar implica enloqueciendo a los diablos. Es cierto que López no es tan sorprendido por esto.] </ I>

Bienvenido a Genessia, donde nada tiene sentido y que es incapaz de abandonar. También qué tipo de mal estado abominación de la naturaleza es usted?
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Re: [Audio] - Indeed it is. Also: Dang it I messed up the brackets again. How do you shrink text?

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Sí, estoy hablando con usted? ¿Qué tipo de plato de sushi hizo rodar en el?

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[Did you mention water? Well, look at this girl wearing her Sametobi SC jacket nearby. She was actually on her way to work but... that's something you didn't see every day. Was that an.... octopus...?]
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[Ouch! Loud! But since he has her attention...]

We can hear you just fine. Unfortunately, there's no known way to leave here on your own terms.

... Is there anything else I can help you with though? I'm sure you have questions. I'm kind of new yet, but I'll answer what I can.
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Could you not yell into the phone...?

[She gets that new people come all of the time, but jeez...]

I'll be straight with you. You have been taken here, along with the rest of us, and no there is no way out. You should have gotten a packet with some start up bills to last you a few months, but I suggest getting a job as soon as possible.
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[Rikku seemed pretty innocent. She was just passing by after all. Sure he seemed different, but all kinds of people came here. She appeared to be lost in thought as she bumped into him.]

Oh! Sorry about that!

[And she'll wave her hand to him as if saying 'bye'. Except maybe she's not as innocent as she appears and maybe it wasn't an accident at all. You might want to check that you have all of your red bills.]