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Video x Wrong Turn x You gotta be kidding.

[The image clicks on and there's a kid looking into it, looking annoyed and resigned all at once. ]

Gon. Hey, Gon. I don't see your dad anywhere man. I think he's screwing with us. Where are you? Don't try calling me on my normal line, my phone's gone all I got is this thing.

[He taps the screen making a racket just to be annoying and get his friend's attention.]

Pick up you moron, it's the button on top!

Dude I got a pile of money man. It's not Jeni or anything but it's a PILE. Someone just left it there with an ugly necklace.

[Why read anything, ain't nobody got time for that.]
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[personal profile] subtlecoruscate 2014-03-15 01:29 pm (UTC)(link) old are you?
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[Just...kinda stares at him]
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[Did you forget what number comes after 12?

Actually. Never mind. She doesn't have the patience for this.

Feed terminated]
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Well...that went well... ^^;;

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[Keep laughing. She hopes you spend a long time searching for a friend that probably isn't here]