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001 ❆ Open Log

Who: Elsa and YOU!
What: Arrival
When: March 13th, daytime
Where: Genessia City
Warnings: None
Notes: Brackets or prose are both fine!

Elsa hasn't wandered very far from the archway that brought her into the city. She can still feel panic coursing through her at finding herself here, despite the pamphlet advising her that that's exactly what she shouldn't do. The location herself was only adding to her confusion - especially when she'd stepped out into the street and been nearly run down by some sort of horseless carriage - but the majority of her distress is with herself rather than her strange surroundings.

Her right hand is covered by a blue velvet glove, in which she clutches the walkie-talkie and the pamphlet that she found upon waking. Her left hand is ungloved, and Elsa clutches it to her chest, desperately trying to hide and cover it as best as she can. "Conceal, don't feel," she whispers to herself, trying to calm herself. "Don't feel, don't let it show."

In the Bay, the patches of ice that had appeared wherever she'd stepped in the shallow water are beginning to thaw. Elsa's one relief is that no one had seen her there as she despaired of herself and the power she's struggling to contain.
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Mab had been testing the gates and when we say testing she was probably trying to break them just to see what would happen. She's still trying to determine what effects her magic has on this place. Her knight wasn't around to complain and she hadn't collapsed it so there was very little chance he'd start giving her a hard time and she had broken no promises. All in all not a terrible experience but hardly fulfilling as she hadn't been able to do much to the gate at all. She was on her way back toward the center of town to get some food and then head home when she felt a tug of familiarity on her own magic. Like someone tapping into Winter's heart.

She turned and moved in the direction it had come from, her expression alert. She brushed by people without giving them a second look though most moved if they'd seen her around once already. She had a way of making certain they kept their distance. When she came upon the young woman curled in on herself, murmuring she stopped and observed. The girl was quite caught up in trying to ... hide something. Though there was still that quiver in the air of magic dripping through the cracks, expanding and contracting chaotically because the wielder didn't know how to control it and it was clearly doing more of the controlling. She tilted her head a little to the side, her inhuman eyes seeing more than just the surface. It was definitely coming from her. It wasn't quite Winter's power but it was something very similar, enough to resonate with Mab.
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The girl's expression starts out with something that looks like horror or perhaps embarrassment. And she should be embarrassed with that small amount of control. Has no one taken her in hand? She wields a great deal of power. And she drops her eyes to the ground looking shamed. That is prey movement. It is fortunate Mab is a high ranking Sidhe or Elsa would have far more to worry about than freezing the block. She is nothing if not an apex predator with ridiculous amounts of control.

Untapped talent is so very rare, especially on this level. Mab's face goes from impassive and rather emotionless beyond intense interest to a soft smile. "Thy master hath left thine studies sorely lacking." And she rolled out of the old speech into something more modern, "Why do you hide such power?"
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Bridget had been waiting for the sun to set for the last hour in the shadow of one of the many buildings around the central lake. It would be easy for someone to overlook a shadow within a shadow since she was completely enveloped by a hooded cloak that would protect her even from the indirect rays of sunlight that reflected off the water. But since it got rather boring waiting the last few hours until sunset inside a rented room Bridget had started trying to spend at least some time attempting to adjust her eyes to actual sunlight no matter how indirect it was.

But someone was... leaking. Bridget's hood lifted just a little at the sense and squinted a few moments into the sunlit areas before having to drop her hood again for a few minutes. By the time she was able to very slowly lift her eyes again there were two figures. Bridget mentally reminded herself to buy some dark sunglasses as she adjusted bit by bit to watch the two women.

One was painfully undisciplined and leaking her power like water from the first attempt by an apprentice cooper while the other... Bridget didn't try to read that one. She didn't even try to read such a confident aura since there was so much of her current environment was an unknown. Bridget was aware though, and was watching the pair with complete neutrality.
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The soft snort says what Mab thinks about human's fear of magic. "Humanity fears what it does not understand. You have no need to fear your powers, Child." Mab began to walk closer to the girl, absolutely no fear in her face. Why fear someone who is what you are in many ways. Or what you might have been when you began. She holds out a hand, long fingers tipped with polished nails that seemed to change color in time with her eyes in an unsettling way. Her eyes, cat slitted shifted like the aurora borealis through greens and blues and violets, and a human who was not careful could lose themselves forever in those eyes.

"Your hand." And it was an order, sounding like she was used to giving them and expected nothing less than for Elsa to hop to it. "You wish to learn control?" She had seen the other woman appear though Bridget had not come any closer she paid more attention than the denizens from this world tended to do. And the cool power like her own was not only coming from the woman in front of her. Bridget seemed to have control of her own power though.
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Bridget leaned her elbows on her knees under the tightly-woven fabric and smiled at the irony at the woman's statement. She could hear them even from the distance they were at. It really was true that many humans tended to react to the unknown with fear first and then with the desire to somehow conquer that same unknown.

So she was content to watch for now. Her own power was completely known to Bridget and she was in complete control. She'd even started setting up a new network of passive telepathic webs through the city to collect even more information.
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Well, she isn't a complete fool if she has the sense of self preservation to be wary around a being of power such as Winter's Queen. As the girl sets her hand on Mab's, she lets her own power reach out and graze Elsa's. Just the barest hint of the mass of magic she holds herself. "Do not hold it back, mortal Child, you cannot hurt me." Her hand glows a little as she creates a containing barrier around their hands. She had promised her knight she would not hurt innocents unless provoked. He may not be responding to her recently but it was not the right time to force him out.

Her eyes do not move but she does call out to the woman eavesdropping. "It is rude to listen in on conversations while skulking in the shadows." That one did not feel human.
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Oh, so she had been noticed. Not that Bridget really cared. There was only so much curiosity that could be sated with passive listening and both women were worth some active participation from her. But... 'skulking'?

She was tempted to roll her eyes but refrained. It was one thing to do something so childish around Strauss, another around strangers she wanted to know about. So instead she raised a hand and made a flicking motion to send one of her communication threads towards the pair. The non-human would probably hear her just fine without it but the scared young woman deserved the courtesy of hearing Bridget speak as well. That way it would sound as if Bridget was only a few feet away. She closed her eyes and lifted her head enough that Elsa could spot her more easily before lowering her hood again. Stupid sun, she should have chosen a cloudy day to try this.

"Skulking? You make it sound like I'm trying to hide myself, which I have not." Bridget stated without any trace of guilt. If two people started a conversation in the middle of a public area it was hardly a crime to listen. "I would join you if I could but that's currently not an option. Unless you'd accept an invitation to join me in-please stop doing that. You have done absolutely nothing wrong." Bridget frowned slightly as the flavor of Elsa's thoughts and actions turned towards panic and then partial shut-down.

[[ooc: I hope you don't mind a bit of vague telepathy? Bridget isn't reading her thoughts so much as the speed of her thoughts and translating that into emotions. If you do mind I can edit that part no prob! Bridget won't actually read thoughts without permission.]
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Elsa blooms like a rose for a little while, letting her power curl inside the small protection bubble Mab has created, it is still young and inexperienced but delightfully full of potential. When Elsa jumps and Bridget talks, Mab takes a moment and frowns disapprovingly at the young Queen. "Do not stop." Her voice is stern where Bridget sounds more reassuring. At least relatively speaking. "You should be able to use you powers and speak at the same time." And then thinking it might make her more agreeable she added on, "I will keep it contained."

Turning her attention to Bridget she does not take her eyes off of Elsa. "Listening without invitation in a dark corner. It is rather the definition." But her attention more curious. There were no barriers across the streets that would keep creatures out, that she had discovered anyway. And she was certainly a creature many would like to keep out. But the darkness was a hint. There were many creatures who shunned the sun. Something about Bridget chimed against her own powers though she definitely was not a creature of Winter.