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[ Open | Action ] now, did you read the news today? they say the danger’s gone away


Amberdrake's office is here, listed both as a therapist's office and as a medical clinic.

Genessia City:

The kestra'chern doesn't just work out of his office, he does visit other cities to work as well. He's taking a break at the moment, seated on a bench in a park. Colorful birds flutter and hop over things in his vicinity, chattering away with each other.

Nova City:

Drake is not pleased to be in Nova City, but he's there on a house call. Characters can run into him on his way away from said house call:

xxxxxTaking the stairs down inside a posh skyscraper.

xxxxxEmerging from the building with obvious relief.

xxxxxWalking briskly for the archway back to sanity.

He looks out of place in his colorful garb with beads and feathers.
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Genos was walking back to the apartment with grocery bags in hand when several of the birds spotted the huge shiny that was a cyborg. They couldn't resist, he was just too shiney. By the time Genos knew they were approaching, it was too late, he was one big metal perch for five or six tiny birds. He looked over at two on one shoulder who peered right back at him. One let out a laugh and the other muttered something it had surely picked up from Sanzo.

The birds were so small and delicate, he would have to think of a safe way to get them off without hurting them...
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"Yes." Away from Saitama or Priss, Genos' tone was more clipped and less polite. He looked Amberdrake up and down, surprised by just how bright he was. For a moment he wondered if this was a hero from his world, even among the other kidnappees here, Drake was exceptionally noticeable. At least for a human.

"Are they attracted to you because of your clothes?" He couldn't resist at least one question about that. His face hid all the curiosity he felt.
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"Genos." He would have considered offering a hand to Amberdrake, but groceries. Instead he turned more to face Drake, now that he was free from birds that could easily get caught in moving metal joints. It just wasn't safe to be a cyborg perch.

"Birds came with you from your world? Did anything else?" He had a burning need to know that, what if something had followed him and Saitama...?
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This man was very perceptive... Genos was surprised, what he actually meant was often missed by people he'd just meant. It didn't matter, he put it out of mind. There was a lot more interesting things to pick out of this bright stranger's response.

"Fourth time... So this is not unique to this place?" That was a worrying thought. "Is there any connection between the worlds you've been on before and this one? I am wondering if something else followed us, it could be very dangerous to the inhabitants to this world as it was on mine. I've not heard anything about something like it around yet."
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"A rogue cyborg, he's vicious and destructive." Genos was starting to get frustrated with asking questions, he only ended up with more and more questions to ask. Still... he had to know more.

"It's unlikely he followed and I know nothing about it, unless he has been disguising himself well since arriving." Not that Genos had heard anything about him on his world since becoming a cyborg himself.
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Genos paused, thinking over how to answer that. Given the level of technology around the main city, he was surprised someone didn't know what a cyborg is.

"The simplest way I can put it is: someone that is more machine than organic but still partially organic in some way." Genos tapped the side of his head, grocery bags crinkling. "My brain is still human, the rest of me is not."
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"It doesn't bother me." Genos wasn't in the habit of inviting strangers to touch his face but there was something distinctly non-threatening about Drake. It was a novelty to find someone interested in what he was beyond his combat abilities or how 'cool' he looked.

"The synthetic skin is very realistic," he explained. "As my body is primarily combat focused, there's little point in applying this skin elsewhere, but Dr. Kuseno felt this would help me interact with other people far easier."
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"I can feel that as well as I would have before." This was a very different reaction than he was used to. Everyone else he'd met was used to the idea of cyborgs, that must be it. "The rest of my body can feel touch and pain as well, to make sure I don't miss injuries or act clumsy. As for my brain, you can try as long as it wouldn't cause anything strange to happen. I still need to get groceries back to my sensei before it gets dark."

Saitama had mentioned something he wanted for dinner in passing and Genos refused to fail at grocery shopping again.
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Genos watched as Amberdrake's eyes went unfocused. He was curious and unsure what he was actually doing, he didn't feel anything from the prodding. Some kind of magic? Genos couldn't question the existence of magical talent with the questionable limitations of humans and monsters in his world and the prevalence of magic here.

"I will be sure to contact you if my head is damaged. If there are beasts here that are at all like what I've encountered where I came from, it's a serious risk. I haven't found much in the way of a suitable mechanic, especially not one that can handle my brain as well." Pity. Finding someone of Dr. Kuseno's skill level was going to be difficult. "How do you do that?"
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"I don't feel hot or cold well, given the intense heat I generate and the cooling necessary to keep me from overheating." Genos had plenty of sensors and such for regulating body temperature but it would do him no favors to feel the level of heat he put out. "I'm curious to see if you can generate sensation by doing that. I believe you but I rarely feel anything that isn't supposed to happen in a while, usually only when tests are being run to make sure a major new part is functioning as it should."

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There are many things that tend to frequent the park. Birds, rabbits, people, tiny blue-nosed reindeer eating cotton candy while hunting for mushrooms... It wasn't all that rare for him to be doing that though he still got the occasional double-take.

But then came the bird. It wasn't like the other sparrows or robins, it was so fantastically colorful that Chopper actually noticed it flutter up to take a perch on one of his horns. It wasn't that odd to him, small birds always seemed fascinated by his little horns.


Chopper actually broke out laughing at the sudden exclamation. A little hoof reached up and gently brought the reddish bird into view just as two more rather brightly colored birds found his horns equally interesting. The birds started chirping and clucking at Chopper with the occasional string of words, and Chopper nodded occasionally or made questioning sounds.
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Dark eyes turned up towards the stranger with an odd lack of hesitation someone familiar with him would certainly notice, but he grinned easily and shook his head carefully so his 'guests' wouldn't be ruffled.

"They were just telling me about some other world and the two humans they came here with, so I was really fascinated! It's like landing on a new island and not being in danger!" It wouldn't be hard at all to tell that what you saw was what you got with Chopper. He wore his mind and heart on his sleeve and face and knees and... everywhere, and right now he was as excited as a teen pirate doctor could be at discovering something new.

[[ooc: I'm not really sure what point you're taking 'Drake from so I'm not sure how much the birds would be telling Chopper. Since he started out as an animal he understands other animals and most non-human creatures created naturally. It's been too long since I've read the Griffon trio... ;.; But I totally heart you for playing him!]
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Chopper tilted his head a little in confusion and got a rather startled chirp for it. So he'll just be sliding over to a form with larger antlers for his new friends. And ironically his 'natural' form. He figured it would be fine since the birds liked the human so much.

"Huh... I wonder how much ending up on a new world would be like landing on a new island... My world is mostly water with a lot of different islands, and a lot of them are almost completely cut off from the others. Drum was eternally cold, Alabaster was a desert, Skypiea was an island in the sky, Punk Hazard was half frozen half burning..."