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[action | closed] Not sure what you expected, but I guess it wasn't this.

Who: Sanzo and Amberdrake
What: Sanzo has a realization of sorts and runs off
Where: Hotel room(s)
When: Mid August
Warnings: Angst at some point, probably

The days leading up to now had been tense, in a way that made Sanzo even more frustrated. Frustration was common for him, there was little that didn't annoy him in some way, but this was worse by dint of being different. He couldn't quite place why he was so on edge, he couldn't do shit about it, and he knew it was only so long before Amberdrake prodded him about it. His irritation wasn't subtle, it wouldn't take Drake's level of observation to notice how much Sanzo was smoking lately or how he snapped and snarled at the smallest thing.

Staring directly at the man wasn't going to help anything! Sanzo looked back at the newspaper, not comprehending a word of it. Something about this mess had to do directly with Drake, something had sprung up since that nightmare, but he couldn't fathom why it bothered him this much. Oh, he was an idiot. He was a goddamn fucking idiot. He stared at the newspaper in horror for a moment before getting to his feet in a rush.

He had his robes pulled up properly, breastplate in place, and was headed for the door before Drake had much time to react to the sudden blast of alarm he gave off.

"I'll be back later," was all he offered by way of explanation and then he was out the door.


Later came, much later, and Sanzo couldn't face Amberdrake yet. His mind had been swirling with alarm and all the stupid, obvious "hints" he'd been so content to ignore. He couldn't have made more of a fool out of himself with this mess and what was he supposed to do?! It was terrifying enough to be friends with a damn non-combatant with such a soft heart, the thought of anything more than that made Sanzo feel sick with anxiety. He could blame it on that bullshit lifebond, whatever-it-was, but that didn't make him feel any different.

Instead of going back he'd found a hotel room in hide in for a while as he cleared his mind. He needed to think about this, think about it a lot, before he could say anything to Drake. The most he'd been able to do was send Drake a quick message saying he'd be home sometime tomorrow. He turned off the communicator-phone-thing after that and stared out the small window. It wasn't taking him long to build a small mountain of cigarette butts in the ashtray.

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And Amberdrake, of course, had only been wondering more and more as the days went on if he'd inadvertently done something. The timing after that nightmare was unmistakable... was it the things he'd said to what he'd believed at the time was a dead Sanzo? He didn't know what to do about that, except continue on as though nothing had changed.

But it had. Sanzo was so tense. And then the priest left, and Amberdrake stared after him in concerned surprise.

It didn't take him long to start looking for Sanzo. Long before the message about being back 'tomorrow' came in, Amberdrake had sent the birds out looking and had taken to the sidewalks as well, himself. He peered into alleys and parks, and checked around hotels and bars as he went, using Empathy to scan each building in turn for that familiar signature. There were so many fake people around, the check wasn't hard. Those he felt who were real were easily ruled out -- years of familiarity with Sanzo made that possible.

He'd worried himself sick by the time he found the hotel Sanzo was in, his careful appearance in disarray like a bird that had been plucking itself.

There was an Empathic 'searching' blip that pinged off Sanzo's -- lack of -- shields, a few minutes before there was a knock at the room's door. "Sanzo?" Amberdrake called through the door, worry in his voice. He'd cinched his shields up tight after locating the priest, who he never called 'Genjyo' in public. "Sanzo, I'm sorry. I need to know that you're okay."
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Amberdrake looked Sanzo over as thoroughly as only a worried Healer could. With both his sight and the Gift, eyes going unfocused for that part of the scan. Sanzo seemed unharmed.

"Did something happen?" Drake asked as the Gift retreated and his eyes refocused. He only wasn't wringing his hands in anxiety due to decades of training. No, his hands stayed loose, relaxed, hanging at his sides where they belonged. Amberdrake was a good kestra'chern; a good Healer. He couldn't alarm anyone by showing his distress! "Whenever you ran off like this on Haven," his voice stayed calm, soft, "something had happened."

But then, he'd never found Sanzo already in a hotel room on those occasions. No, he'd herded him out of alleys, scraped him off park benches... "Kain isn't here, is he?" he asked before he thought better of it; he had to ask. "If it's him again..."

Drake wouldn't stop at paralyzing the vampire in the street for a chat, this time! No, he'd surgically remove the bastard's spine, and maybe a few other parts, too.

Despite all his efforts, Amberdrake's hands moved, knitting together with his worry.
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That only left one explanation to Drake's mind. He didn't move to come inside, his gaze dropping to the floor. "It's me, then."

A slow inhale, a slow exhale. Drake was trying to steady himself.

"Or rather, what you heard in the nightmare." Heard, not saw.

The timing... it couldn't be anything else.
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Amberdrake almost bolted, instead. But he didn't. The kestra'chern drew on his training and smoothed his hands back to his sides before doing as asked of him, shutting the door.
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Drake found a chair and sat down in it, folding his hands neatly in his lap.

"I've tried to keep from... inflicting my feelings on you," he said slowly, because he was at a loss as to what else it could be. "If you need space... I can get another room. The birds would," he had to pause to clear his throat, sounding calm otherwise. His shields stayed cinched up tight. "The birds would still like to see you, I'm sure..."
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"--The lifebond?" Amberdrake hazarded, "I... I don't know, you're a lot more tolerant of things like touch than you were before..."

He inhaled slowly again, and shut his eyes for a moment. "If you're asking me to bend my professional training to the problem... I can't. I'm too involved to even see it."

Sanzo didn't want space? But...

Did that mean...? No, it couldn't. Surely not, not a second time.
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Amberdrake grabbed for one of Sanzo's hands as it left his shoulder, and held on when the priest tried to go for the door. "What--" he was a bit flabbergasted, taken completely by surprise. "You can't be serious--! Twice?"

Sanzo... liked him?

A second time?

Was that even allowed?
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Drake just stared at the back of Sanzo's head for a few moments, processing that.


Then, he started pulling steadily on that captured hand.
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"Oh, you're such a stubborn ass," Amberdrake laughed, some of the tension leaving him.

Sanzo was still Sanzo, after all.

He pulled harder!
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Drake just got an arm around Sanzo's waist while he was still off-balance, and hauled him sideways into his lap!

"Always, I said," Drake's voice was gentle and calm despite his almost-aggressive actions. "Always, Genjo, always I would feel the way I do. But I knew it would not always be welcome. Do you think I would turn you away? Do you think that I'm even capable?"
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"You were a lot meaner," Amberdrake rested his cheek on Sanzo's shoulder. "Until you mellowed out... which took years. And I don't mean 'a bit cranky'; I mean you once threatened to put bullets through my hands, and knees. Had the gun out and everything, and that feral look that said you were serious... we couldn't die in Haven, but we could be maimed. That's how it was, at first."
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"You needed the help," Amberdrake answered simply enough, "and I was the only one even remotely equipped to offer it, so I did. Haven was relentlessly cruel to you."

The number of times Drake had carefully gathered up the pieces of Sanzo's psyche... even he couldn't count them!

"You were dangerous, and volatile, but so is a wounded kyree or gryphon. And obviously that isn't the only side of you I ever saw, especially as time went on."
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"It has its rewards," Amberdrake said with a smile, his cheek still on Sanzo's shoulder.

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