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[ action | open ] and all the kids cried out, "please stop, you're scaring me"

xxxxxI can't help this awful energy
xxxxxGod damn right, you should be scared of me
xxxxxWho is in control?

"Red Ranger... I'll see that you pay for this, if it's the last thing I ever do!" That had been Ecliptor's voice.

Astronema hadn't been dead. She had, however, been drained of energy from one reflected shot of her own amplified power. It was bad enough that she couldn't even move her eyes to show Ecliptor she was alive when he rushed to her. But somehow, perhaps through willpower alone, she at least remained conscious.

Which meant that she saw, through barely-cracked eyelids, her mentor and father-figure turn to dust. Even as the powder rained down from Ecliptor's attempt to shield her, the power that had done it had grabbed at her mind. But before it could

Astronema woke up.

She was laying just the same as on the Dark Fortress, only now she was on a strange, small bed rather than on a metal floor. She took a deep breath and opened her eyes, amazed that she could even do so yet, and mentally felt around in her rather extensive energy reserves. She'd never been out of energy like that before in her entire life, not even during training.

But now, it was almost back to normal... already? Just what had that blast been made out of, besides something that would apparently try to 'correct' her nature? The Queen of Darkness sat up slowly with a creak of armor, and surveyed the dark cavern of the Bay.

She opened her mouth to call for Ecliptor... and then closed it in silence.

Ah, yes. The dust.

A sweep of her power gathered all the fine golden powder that had traveled with her into her cupped palms. The sorceress sat for a while, ignoring the white box in her lap, just gazing down at that dust. Some time passed. She didn't know how long; didn't care.

Eventually, she closed her hands around the dust in a protective gesture. When she opened them again, it was all gone. De-summoned to whatever void things went to when she stored them; safe.

Now, to see about this place. With an absent gesture, Astronema de-summoned the box she'd awoken with, as well. She would examine it later. The sorceress climbed out of the pod-bed, and her boots sank into liquid. Astronema's expression twisted with disgust before smoothing into cold arrogance as she lifted her chin. A flash of purple energy and she'd teleported from beside the pod to solid ground. Another flash, and her staff was in her gloved hand.

She ignored the slow crumbling of the cybernetic implant on the side of her face; that was dust she didn't care about.

When the hologram was triggered, Astronema stared coldly at it for a moment before turning to the magazine stand and plucking a map from it to look over. She continued to act like she wasn't listening to the device, but every word was cataloged, even as she studied the map.

"...So," Astronema finally spoke, for the very first time on this world. "It seems I've finally gone mad."

Huh, said her casual tone, that took longer than I expected.

xxxxxxxxxx[ OOC: current appearance is from the end of PRiS. ]
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Still eager to find a way home, Liora decided to pay another visit to the Bay, to listen to Weiss's hologram again and search for other clues. She flew towards the tunnel, but upon spotting the new arrival dressed all in black, she immediately pulled herself back, dropping to the ground before she got too close. While Liora had found everyone here intimidating at first, this person was doubly so, if not more. The fear Liora felt was almost as bad as when she had encountered Erebus.

The little dragon got down on all fours, slowly inching closer. She'd be content to simply pass by the woman without socializing if she'd let her, but it'd be rude to pass by without a greeting. Unfortunately, any greeting that Liora could think of just got choked in her throat.
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Liora stopped in her tracks, her heart skipping a beat as the staff was pointed at her, ready to fire. She wasn't ready to fight yet...she wasn't fully trained. If only she were, she lamented. If only she were stronger...

The fact that Astronema didn't already know who she was meant that she wasn't specifically after her, which was Liora's only comfort at the moment.

"I'm...I'm Liora..." she stammered. "Who...are you?"
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"No...I just woke up here a short while ago, so I don't know anyone here..."

Liora still watched her carefully, noting every gesture, trying to read her possible intentions.

"So that's why I'm nervous...because where I came from, the Beastclans and Erebus were all after I didn't know if the creatures in this world would be after me as well..."

She just can't be too careful, especially without Cane and Snowy to cover her...
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"Astronema..." Liora repeated the name, pondering about any significance. It sounded like a name for an Arcane dragon, although Liora didn't know any with that name, personally. Liora stood on her hind legs now, choosing politeness over fear, although her heart just refused to calm down.

She gave the woman a nod. "It's...nice to meet you..."
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"Yes, that is about the only thing I have gathered so far. Everyone I've met here is from a different world. I come from Sornieth myself."

Liora tilted her head curiously at the newcomer. "Where do you come from?"

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[Dustin was out exploring again, and today's explorations took him out near the Bay. Pausing when he heard the hologram going again like it had for him. Upon spotting the new arrival, he watched the woman for a moment, fingers lightly rubbing over the wrist strap of his morpher.]

Hey you okay?
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What do you mean 'what am I?' I'm a---

[And he freezes, because looking at her, if he says he's a Power Ranger, she's proooooobably going to blast the heck out of him.]
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[Dustin slowly turned to face her as she circled him, his body tensing up as if preparing for a fight and his sudden jolt of fear suddenly replaced by defiance. Screw it, he can fight if it comes down to it.]

I'm a Power Ranger.

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[He's not one to run, Astronema.]

What year were in you in before you got dragged here?

[Dustin is honestly curious.]
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Danny had been out for a quick flight around the bay, when he spots the new arrival. He turns and heads toward her, just in time to catch the end of it.

He snorts.

"Yeah, join the club. Feels like that makes about as much sense as anything round here."
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"Ghost, actually."

He gestures at himself dismissively. "Hence the glowing and floating and general ghostliness." True, his glow wasn't very obvious in daylight. But once he got any closer than this it would be kind of visible.

"What about you? Judging from that light show just now I'm guessing you're not an accountant."
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"Oh, I can do that too." He shrugs. "But most of the time I look like this."

He blinks and watches her motion curiously. "Cool. You know, I don't think I've met many people who could do something like that running around. Who aren't ghosts."
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"If you were a ghost, you would know," Danny assures her. "And so would I. I can kind of feel when there are other ghosts in the area."

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