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[Video] Well that's weird

[Groggy and confused was a much better state than he expected to be in. Alive was a better state than he expected. Maybe he wasn't alive? It was pretty easy to die when one's airship was destroyed under their feet.

After fiddling with the phone for awhile, and dropping it twice, he gets it working. He might as well ask, right?]

Greetings. I will not waste time inquiring about how this... world works but I must know how it is that most come to be here. The circumstances that led to my being unconscious before arriving were dire, leading me to believe that this is either some kind of afterlife or that my mind is locked here while my body is controlled by a very powerful entity.

The complexity of the illusion makes it unlikely that the dragon is behind this. Unless it is far more intelligent than previous speculation suggests.

[As calm as his words are, he looks concerned.]

Is it common for others to arrive here in the middle of a deadly encounter? If there are other sylvari that can hear me now, I would be exceptionally grateful to know how you came to be transferred to this place. I still feel a connection to the Dream, though it is fainter than I have ever felt before.

I welcome any explanations that disprove my theories.
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[Tannusen looks completely, deathly serious.]

We're all definitely dead. Anyone who says otherwise just forgot.

Or is lying.

Don't believe them!
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Well, I died, of course. So has everyone else I've spoken to. Except the liars, lying to themselves as much as anyone else.

Why are you glowing?
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Who would lie about such a thing?

[Besides an unseelie pooka.]

The mind protects itself from that sort of trauma, you know. What's a sylvari?
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[Tannusen gave a shrug.]

I haven't paid much attention.

[The fae's blue eyes glimmered with interest at Trahearne's answer, and he rolled onto his back on... the floor? of wherever he was, holding the phone up. His pale blond hair pooled around him.]

That sounds amazing. What's it like, being a plant guy who glows? Are you sure you're not fae?

[Glamour had to all but drip off this guy.]
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You've never heard of the fae? My goodness. Fairies? No? Nothing? Hm.

[Tannusen wasn't sure how to describe what he was.]

Maybe we should meet! Do you like books?

[His bright blue eyes widened dramatically.]

Do you like cats?
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I'll bring you a book of fairy-tales! Though they're not all that accurate.

[Tannusen's smile was a wide, lopsided thing. Were his canines just a touch too long for a human? Maybe. Not vampiric, but... pronounced. Or were they? There was something odd about them, but it was very hard to place.]

I am Tannusen, hobo musician and once-owner of a gay bar and club called Velvet Lust in Toronto.

[Those were totally equivalents.]

Are you near where you woke up?
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[It wasn't at all, but that hardly mattered to a master of Wayfare.]

Be there in a moment!

[The video feed cut off.]
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It was more than a moment. Tannusen had to acquire the books in question, do a sufficient bunk to make the spell more likely to succeed, and then... pop!

Something like five minutes had gone by before he appeared out of thin air, holding three books in his white-gloved hands. He wore a long white coat with black feathers sticking out of the collar in a mighty ruffle. His platinum blond hair was swept back, exposing the delicate points of his ears.

"There you are! I brought you that book." Three books. Each was small, but there was definitely more than one.
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"Nope. There's a small chance... just a little bit of one, that I might be a compulsive liar. Part of my kind's charm, you know. Here," he held out all three in a small stack. "It's just the stories the mortals tell each other about the Fae, but it's something."

One of the books wasn't even fairy tales, it was about Egyptian mythology... particularly about their lore surrounding cats.
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"I don't know either, the owners probably won't even notice they're gone."


"Temporary housing? Oh, right, that." Tannusen hadn't made use of it. He just slept wherever, and took what he needed. So far nothing had messed with a sleeping five hundred pound bengal tiger. Smart.
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Tannusen chuckled, the sound deep and thrumming. "Didn't I say I was a liar? Anyway," he made to circle around the sylvari, openly curious. "I've only heard of chimerical things like what you are. So many people here are boring. Banal. Mundane. Painful. You, though, you glow!"

With Glamour as much as biolume--whatever it was.
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As soon as he wasn't being watched, in the blind spot directly behind Trahearne, Tannusen's presence... grew. In an eyeblink, there wasn't a man in a white coat anymore, but a gigantic striped cat.

The massive white bengal tiger continued around Trahearne to his side, and headbutted his bicep, purring loudly. Do you like cats? Indeed.
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The massive tiger let out a whuff of hot air and headbutted Trahearne again. He couldn't talk in this form!

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