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[Action | Closed] Why are you here?

Who: Ni and Amberdrake
What: Ni tries to bother Amberdrake for a lack of anything better to do
Where: Amberdrake's office, Allteton
Warning: Will update if needed

It was almost disappointing how easy it was to track Sanzo down. Stupid kid, he couldn't see what Koumyou saw in the brat. He hadn't been here long, a few months? And he was already attached to at least two people. For shame, he was so poor at keeping himself detached. He was too stubborn to learn.

There was no fun to be had in harassing him directly, so he didn't. A few days to get himself settled and gather information, and then he could start setting up what he wanted to do next. Injury, death, loss, they were all temporary here. That made it considerably less fun to go after the younger monk. But he could still make his life just that much harder. He did get terribly upset when a friend was hurt, didn't he?

Amberdrake was hardly just a 'friend', Ni had figured that out quickly. That made him the best to start with. At first Ni watched him, trying to determine how capable he was. He had magical talent, worked as some kind of therapist, and was so bright and colorful it make Ni ill. If he ever noticed Ni watching him, he didn't show it.

And that grew boring. Ni had no threads to pull to make things go as he wished, no influence or handy, brainwashed toys to sic on innocents. Neither his rank or intelligence won him much of significance here. Doing things himself had its charms.

As garish as Amberdrake's office was, it was charming, in a sense. He'd love to set it all on fire and watch from the distance. Maybe some other time. This time he was lounging on one of the couches, looking comically out of place in his shabby lab coat and bunny slippers. A white stuffed rabbit sat on his stomach, face pointed to where the birds huddled together, silent.
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Amberdrake had been wondering when Ukoku would make his next move. The kestra'chern always kept his professional mask up when anyone could see him, and he'd been grateful for that when he'd noticed the dark priest's presence. He'd warned his Sanzo, of course, but had continued to artfully appear to not notice the lurking other Sanzo.

Still, he knew he was a target. And he knew Ukoku wouldn't keep his distance for long. Predators rarely did. The man may have bypassed the bells above the door, but Amberdrake knew immediately that there was someone in his lobby -- and who it was. The Empathic Gift was more help than hindrance, once in a while.

Drake was in the kitchen when Ukoku teleported in, washing his hands and arms free of the oils he'd used on his last client for the night. He dried his skin and pulled his wing-cut robe back on now that the sleeves weren't in his way, before calmly going about making tea. Once it was done, he poured two cups and brought them out, setting one down on the endtable by the couch Ukoku lounged so casually on.

Then, without skipping a beat or with so much as an eyeblink out of place to sully his graceful, professional mask, the King of White Gryphon took a seat across from the priest. His open robe draped artfully over the chair, effortless, feathers whispering and beads clinking together softly.

And then, still silent, Amberdrake regarded Ukoku over his own tea. He acted for all the world as though scruffy, lab-coated, be-slippered strangers appeared in his office all the time. And perhaps they did. His clientele had always been an interesting bunch. Once, it had even included a God.
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Amberdrake tipped his head a little to one side, the motion stirring a single tiny bell in his hair. He took a sip of his tea while he studied Ukoku, though decades of practice made his detailed scrutiny not feel so much like what it was, and more like he simply watched the other man politely. No one liked to feel like a bug under glass, after all.

His own smile was gentle, faint; part of the kestra'chern mask, and as second-nature as breathing itself.

"I knew you wouldn't like willowbark tea," his voice was quiet, calm, and smooth. "I fear it's an acquired taste. So I brewed something more... appropriate. I hope it's to your liking."

Which yes, meant he'd known he had a guest before he'd emerged from the kitchen. Drake knew precisely what cards he was turning over, when he turned them over. Bringing out two cups had meant the same thing, of course, but now he merely confirmed it.
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"I strive to be such, Ukoku Sanzo," Amberdrake followed the priest's odd gesture to the birds, and something about his presence seemed to counter the darkness of Ukoku's. Reassurance spilled from the Empath, aimed solely at the tiny feathered animals. They perked up, and one began to preen its neighbor. Another yawned. A forth one, this one gold and black, stared at Ukoku like it was memorizing him.

"Garth, be polite," Drake murmured, and the gold and black bird puffed his feathers up and tucked his head against his neighbor. Apparently if he wouldn't be staring the teeniest, tinniest little daggers into Ukoku, the multiple-world-hopping bird was going to nap.

Amberdrake smiled into his tea, and took another sip, his gaze returning to Ukoku. "They know not to cause too much chaos in my office, no matter the company, or its lack. It's a calm and quiet place of healing. But I doubt you're here to learn about my birds, or my office."
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"Is that what you came here for?" Amberdrake asked, setting his tea aside on another little end-table and folding his hands in his lap. He remained as calm and gentle as ever, sounding merely curious. "Fear? To send me running home, I suppose... to spread that fear like a sickness. To whip my Sanzo into a frenzy of worry and hopeless despair that he can't protect me."

He continued to watch Ukoku with that same polite stare, his vivid blue eyes not piercing, nor hard... they could be having a conversation about the plumage of the birds outside.

"And to learn about me, I suppose, because knowing things is the most important tool of all, is it not?" Drake knew more than Ukoku thought, yes, and that had been a direct reference to that comment from the dark priest. "May I ask you a serious question, Sanzo?"
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"This... malice in you. I assume that's what you interpret as darkness, and thus what you see the world through. Do you remember when it built to such a high pitch; what caused it?" Amberdrake picked up his tea and took a sip, and smiled at his birds' sleepy, tiny peeps against each other.

"Has it been with you all your life, or did it build up over time? Perhaps it started as simple disdain, and grew from there?" Drake inclined his head, a gesture of apology for his intrusive questioning. "Professional curiosity, you understand. I never had the opportunity to ask the others I've known of with such a... unique perspective."
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Well, Drake hadn't expected a useful response, so he wasn't disappointed. Still, he'd hoped just a little bit for a scrap of insight. Ah well.

"None of them ever had the courtesy to visit me at my office," Amberdrake smiled, and saluted with his cup of tea before taking another sip.
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"Is it?" Drake looked around at his own office lobby. "I was going for more of a muted candle-light, but I suppose even that is bright to some."

Ah well. He turned his focus back onto Ukoku. Not that it ever truly strayed from the dark priest, even when his eyes did.

"What I find curious is that you seek to study others... and yet you claim you haven't examined yourself as closely. I wonder why that is? If it's true, it's quite telling."

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There were no messenger birds in the office today. Instead, the assorted crows that had taken to stalking the Healer had been allowed in, hanging out on the backs of the furniture and on some of the larger perches. Amberdrake was in the lobby with them, lounging elegantly on a couch. One of the birds was perched on his shoulder, toying with his hair. He was so used to that, even from larger beaks, that he just absently reached up to ruffle the bird's breast feathers now and then. Most of his attention was on something he was reading on his phone.

The bird on Drake's shoulder greeted Ukoku by grabbing one of Drake's braids and yanking on it to make the bell at the end jingle. His hair was somehow darker than the crow's plumage, almost blue it was so black, in between the decorations woven in. An artful contrast, most likely lost on the dark priest with his very severe, monochromatic style.

Amberdrake looked up, and smiled. He politely turned his phone's screen off to give the priest his full attention. "Hello again, Sanzo. Are we making a habit of these little visits?"
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"Interrupting? Hardly," Amberdrake lifted a bit of his hair and draped it over the corvid on his shoulder, amused. The bird took to viciously attacking a string of wooden beads woven into it. At least this one was entertained. One of the beads crunched audibly, but Drake was unconcerned.

"I'm actually in the mood to do some work. Perhaps you're of a mind to volunteer?" Amberdrake swept his legs off the couch and sat up in one fluid motion. Everything he did held decades of practiced elegance. The bird on his shoulder flapped its wings in protest, but Drake soothed it with a few murmured words in another dialect.
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Amberdrake laughed softly at that. "I meant as the one I'm doing work on. Come on," the Healer stood up, and shoo'd the bird off his shoulder. They weren't allowed in the other rooms, even when they were allowed inside at all. And that was only when there weren't any clients expected to come by. Drake's own birds were spies, after all; he wouldn't be surprised if the crows that had started coming around after Ukoku's appearance filled a similar role.

He relied on Ukoku's obvious curiosity to drag him along, and swept into one of the work-rooms. What else could Ukoku do but follow? Unless he was just going to nap in Amberdrake's lobby with his crows. Which Drake would take in stride, as he took all things.

But the dark priest was here to pick at him, poke at him, learn about him. He couldn't do that by snoozing in his seating.
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The room was similar to the lobby with the hanging canvas on the walls and dark, plush carpeting on the floor, and the magical glowing lights. Over-all, the colors were much more muted, and the light was a little dimmer. There were more cushions on the floor, currently stacked neatly against one wall. The massage table was centered, unfolded and sheeted, waiting. A chair stood by the table, perhaps for those who needed help climbing onto the padded surface, or for clothes to be stacked on, or both.

Work Room 1 was usually left in this state, while Work Room 2 was usually left in another, more mentally-therapeutic state. Of course, when there were back-to-back clients, each room was shifted accordingly. That's why there were two. A luxury he hadn't had when he'd worked out of an actual tent.

"My clients don't spare much expense for my services, either." Amberdrake went to the tables and cabinets that stood against one wall, opening a padded wooden case and selecting a vial to place on the warmer. He switched on the towel steaming chest -- so convenient, with electricity! -- and continued his set-up. Busy, but in a way that was so second-nature it was muscle memory at this point.

"Have you ever had a proper massage? I know the whole of my profession doesn't exist on your world, or on any that I've heard of so far, but perhaps there are fragments here and there."
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"Are you claiming virtue?" Amberdrake tsk'd, not looking up from what he was doing. He slipped the worn-down lotus ring off his finger and placed it in a pouch at his hip. "I'm disappointed. Do you want one, or not?"

He glanced up with a small smile, "Unless you're too nervous."

That was definitely a challenged he'd just issued.
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"Less the look and more the hesitation," Amberdrake mused in response to that pouting tone, turning back to his work. This was as much to tactfully give privacy as to actually accomplish anything. He checked on the vial, not wanting it to get too warm.

"I'll assume this is your first massage, then. You can cover yourself with the top sheet, I'll only move it as much as needed." Then, because teasing could be amusing even if it was with someone reprehensible; "Don't worry, any virtue you have left will stay intact."

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