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03 ❄ Video

This world has an extremely sick sense of humor. Whoever thought this was a good idea will be iced to death indefinitely. An ice coffin would be a little too nice after all.

[Icy was sitting in a street down an alley way because honestly she didn't want to be seen like this. She hated it and that was obvious given the frown on her face.]

Because of this silly little stunt, I am stuck as something so revolting, so awful I think I want to be sick.

[If people pay attention they would realize she has fairy wings on the back.] Who in there right minds would want to be something this hideous?
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[This real faerie -- no wings, sorry! -- just laughs. There's something off about his teeth.]

Have you tried ripping them off? Might work.
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Aw, that's a shame. You could get someone to rip them off for you?