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[Who the hell is this grumpy looking guy on your screen now? He must be new, though scowl aside he looks like he's otherwise unfazed by both his arrival and the fact that he's been watching monsters walk past all morning.]

[But it's several seconds before he actually says anything, seeming to be focused on further inspecting his new phone. When he does finally speak, his voice is gruff and clipped.]

Can anyone hear this?

[A beat. He did follow the instructions correctly, right...? Is it possible for him to look even more disgruntled than he already was? Because somehow he's managing it beautifully. Everything about his situation right now just screams wizardry, which he is all kinds of not okay with, but.]

I need directions to the nearest tavern.

[Because he's in desperate need of more information. And a drink. Especially a drink.]
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The nearest tavern is on that one street by the thing.
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Not to worry, there's another one just south of wherever.
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No, no, no, across from the place that sells the stuff.

And I have no idea.
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Several, actually. The one I'm using at the moment is Tannusen.
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[ Tannusen salutes the camera with his free hand. ]

What can I say? I'm a helper.