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Fayren Unearthed Pt5 [Open]

Who: Open to all
What: Adventure and ruin exploration!
Where: Unnamed Ruins
When: November 8th - 20th.
Warnings: None at the moment

As you step past the barricade provided by the City Guard, it's easy to notice the darkness in the area. As he walk forward, approaching the ruins, you can feel the magic in the air, even if you aren't adept to it. The atmosphere itself is heavy. There is a definite sense that something is wrong here.

Preceding forward, you will come to the entrance of the ruins. You can turn back or you can go inside. The entire place has three floors to it, though each floor is expensive. There are long and winding corridors, giant rooms with other, smaller rooms connected to them. An odd altar here and there.

And of course, each floor had monsters.

Achaierai, Belkers, Crypt Things, Ghouls, Nightwaves, Nightwings, Silvanshees and Wraiths can be found on all floors.

Akata, Allip, Astradaemon, Nightcrawlers and Soul Eaters can be found on the second floor and below.

And On the third floor you will encounter Shadow Demons, Adamantine Golems, Nightwalkers, Thanadaemons and Vampiric Mists.

[ooc: This is an open log for everyone to log out their ruin adventures if they want. Note in the subject line of your tag if it is open to all characters or closed to certain ones. He sure to check the Newspaper before posting here.]
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Soma Cruz [Open]

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[There's an art to exploring - both literally and figuratively. Literal, in that without a map you are absolutely guaranteed to get lost. Figurative, in that certain methods can be employed to reach areas ordinarily inaccessible. In his three treks through Castlevania, Soma's pretty much mastered the literal side. Having an enchanted journal that kept track and drew its own map helped, even if it was a very, very simple map. That more or less handled the first part - the second was all down to experience.]

[Thus it is that he's found himself in a chamber previously untouched - or so he assumes, because there are really quite a lot of enemies in there. And, of course, he couldn't have entered from the side like a normal person - no. He had to come through the ceiling.]

You have got to be kidding me...
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*flings a high-priest into the mix* Enjoy!

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[Things can only get better from here! Right? Right. Right!]

[Except... well, maybe not. There's a loud noise of surprise from the vicinity of the hole in the ceiling and then an oof and a crash as someone in all white comes toppling through the hole and lands either on Soma, or on his butt on the floor.]

Aaaaahhhhh, who left that there?!

[Either way, Koumyou sounds like a petulant brat, and not like someone who just fell into a room full of monsters. How'd such a whiny, unarmed clutz even get past the City Guard, honestly?]
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Let the shenanigans commence!

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[That's definitely an 'on' landing. Guess who's currently pinned to the floor with a sword half-drawn? Yep, this poor sap. He rolls his eyes heavenward, with the absolute most done expression you're ever likely to see.] That would be me, I think. Mind that first step. [...Is that a note of humor? He certainly doesn't sound like someone who just fell through a cavern roof, with the attendant rockfall, and then had someone else fall on top of him.]

Think you could help me up? Only, if we don't hurry about it, I think some of these things look kind of hungry.
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[Koumyou flails about as though tangled in his own robes. But somewhere among all that -- hrrrk, his braid is caught on something! -- he also gives his fingers a single snap. The sound is mostly covered by a sneeze at the same moment, because ugh rock dust has gone up his nose!]

[Chi surges invisibly through the air, like a whip-crack, and there's a series of thumps as the enemies in the room all end up flung against the walls. Not done, but disoriented, surely. Those had been some very hard thumps.]

Oh my, that first step really is something!

[Koumyou finally gets untangled and climbs off Soma, offering a partially-covered hand down for the other to take.]

Thank you for catching me~

[Like Soma had padded his landing on purpose.]
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[Soma's been hanging around a Shinto shrine since he was able to walk - he recognizes the onmyouji costume/uniform just as soon as he's able to see all of it. Putting that together with the way everything in the chamber just got forcibly knocked away... well. He didn't see a talisman, so he can't be sure, but he's pretty sure this guy's the real deal. He accepts the hand up, and finishes drawing his sword in the process, his eyes on the monsters.] Think nothing of it. Really.

[The blade he's holding is an old European bastard sword, and he's holding it like he knows how to use it. The blade is etched with a pattern that's not easy to make out in the dark, and it fairly hums with power.] Our friends over there don't look too pleased with us. How do you want to play this?
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[Uh-oh, Koumyou is busted! There's even a chakra on his forehead, a vivid red, raised dot against his skin. Not that he's going to stop the idiot act. It's too much fun.]

Aiih, I didn't even bring a weapon...

[Not entirely true, that.]

How about you lead, and I'll follow! I've never gone monster-hunting before~
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[Soma has... rather a lot of them, but nothing he's sure an onmyouji could use. Well, no, scratch that - he does have a katana or two in the lot. But he's not about to dig one out right now.] I'll take your word on that... for now. [Seriously, does Koumyou expect him to believe he got this far into this place without doing at least some fighting?]

Okay. First order of business: Get our backs to a wall, preferably a corner. We're sitting ducks out here, where they can come at us from all sides. You might want to cover your eyes for a second. [He had been planning to use Mandragora for this - it was among his more damaging souls, and it had the best range. But another living person in the room made that foolhardy at best, murder at worst. Rycuda's chain lightning was going to be his best bet for clearing a path, here. Sparks danced briefly around his fingertips as he called the bullet soul up.] Things are about to get a little bright.
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I can handle bright!

[Says the moon, who protects the Seiten Sutra draped ever-so-casually over his shoulders. It's just the literal yang aspect used in the creation of his entire world, no big deal. It's just chillin'.]

[Still, he squints just a little harder than usual, just in case.]
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[To be fair, Soma just thinks Kyoukou is an exorcist. A powerful one, but human. He has no idea he's dealing with something else - at least, not yet. He gives a second or so for Kyoukou to cover his eyes (or, y'know, squint) and then casts lightning into the nearest cluster of foes.]

[Rycuda's bolt slams into the first monster, and then starts jumping - it's hard to tell how many times, since it's moving at the next best thing to the speed of light, but at least eight different monsters show signs of having been hit. None of them, however, go down at the first strike.]

[Which is why he follows up with a second, a third, and a fourth. That entire corner of the room is now clear, and everything that isn't dead is screaming bloody murder.]
C'mon. They aren't going to leave that hole open for long.
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elemental dragons 2: electric boogaloo

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[Koumyou actually applauds after the first firing of the bolt -- quite enthusiastically! -- as though they're at an exhibition and not in a fight.]

That's really cool! I want to try~! Let's see...

[The fourth bolt acts as it's supposed to, but before its final strike it suddenly stops obeying its master. It splits off into two distinctly eastern dragon shapes, growing in size and veering into two different directions to trample more of the dark creatures. Fueled now by Koumyou's chi, one of them even gives a staticky roar for effect as it fries something big and shriek-y.]

Oh-- oh right, the corner. Coming!

[Koumyou hikes up the bottom of his robes with both hands and runs over to the cleared corner, hopping over a screaming, downed enemy as he does so. Does he need to lift his robes to run? Hell no. Is it funny to him to do so? Why, yes.]

[And still, the electric dragons rage on.]
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You just made my night

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[When Kyoukou wrests control of Rycuda's bolt away from him, Soma starts to get an inkling of the power this stranger holds - even moreso when the twin elemental dragons begin their rampage. He stops - just for a moment - halfway to the corner, to watch and appreciate the chaos. He'll have to ask how the stranger did that later - right now, they have work to do, still.] You don't do things by halves, do you?

[Once they've reached the corner - and Soma doesn't even make a face at the sight of Ryoukou hitching up his robes - the monsters close the gap they've just come through. Many of them are keeping a healthy distance, which leaves a cluster of Astradaemons to take the front line.] Tentacles. Why is it always tentacles? [He raises the sword to a ready position, and the etchings on its blade become clear in the light thrown off by the dragons - the blade's name, in script so ancient it might as well be unreadable, is Kaladbolg.] Stay behind me, and hit them whenever you can with whatever you can. Just try not to get me in the crossfire.
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[You can relax, Soma, he has jeans on under those robes. And tabi. And sandals. There's not a single flash of skin to be had.]

Oh no, not tentacles! My precious virtue!

[He starts digging around in one of his big white sleeves, content to lurk behind Soma for now. What could he possibly be hunting for in this chaos? A weapon?]

[One of the electric dragons goes down in a blaze of glory as it's finally hit with enough counter-force to disperse it. The other only seems to grow larger as a result, continuing its rampage.]

Ah-ha! Found it!

[Koumyou produces... an elegant smoking pipe. And a lighter. The snickt of the lighter can be heard somehow even in all the chaos, and then a tendril of tobacco smoke makes its way into the air.]

Ah, much better.

[Priorities, a Sanzo priest has to have them.]
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I don't think we've got to worry about that, priest. They look far more interested in tearing us apart, right now.

[Good, because the last thing he wants to take to his grave is the sight of a priest's knickers. The jeans do tell him, at least, that he's dealing with a more contemporary type. And for people facing the prospect of immediate disembowelment, neither of them sounds particularly worried.]

[The sight of the pipe does give Soma a moment of pause. Really? You want a smoke right now? ...Then again, that lightning dragon IS taking care of a fair chunk of the room. He shakes his head, looks back at the demons (who are really starting to get rather close, now) and smiles a grim smile.]
Fire this time, I think.

[And, with an almost negligent gesture, he summons up a series of fire-spewing geysers. Anything caught in the blaze is in for a really bad time, and that most definitely includes several of those astradaemons.]
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[Koumyou's been disemboweled before. In fact, he's been torn limb from limb, before. Right in front of his son! It's not a recommended experience.]

What was that look for?

[The priest pouts. Yes, pouts. And smokes.]

You seem to have things pretty well in-hand. Well, you and sparky.

['Sparky' gives another staticky roar and envelops several smaller enemies in its electric jaws.]
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It was for that cloud of mist behind you. The one with the claws.

[As more enemies fall, something peculiar happens with a few of them - namely, glittering orbs of one color or another rise from the corpses, and home in on Soma's chest. He doesn't even seem to be paying it heed - he's more intent on the remaining creatures, which are really getting rather close now.] Right then...

[And now... he pulls a cat out of thin air. No, not even a fully grown cat. A kitten. A black one, which casually hops out of his hand, stretches, and looks up at the nearest demon. Yes. The big, ugly one. Hello, lunch. ...what follows is best not described to those of a squeamish demeanor. Suffice to say, the kitten wins.]
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Ooooh, how cute!

[Koumyou would applaud the kitten, too, but he still has one hand full of pipe. Which he continues to enjoy until the last little bit of tobacco packed into its small bowl is all used up. He tips it over and dumps the hot ash to the ground in an elegant flick, before tucking the pipe back away in his sleeve.]

Mm, I suppose I should actually do something, hm?

[By now, 'sparky' has finally taken enough damage to dissipate. Koumyou suddenly leaps up and forward through the air, his robes and long braid snapping in the breeze of his movement. He lands delicately and briefly on a very tall demon's shoulder... tentacle.]

[But before the thing can lash out and up at him, he's moved on, hopping to another monster, and then flipping to a landing across the room from Soma. He's apparently not that worried about being surrounded.]

Ah-hahh, if only there were more enemies in here! It's not worth using anything too serious.

[Another whip-crack of pure chi sends demons and other monsters flying; he's moved just far enough that Soma is safe from the move, though it does fling a few enemies into sword range for the albino.]

[And there's Koumyou in the middle of the cleared space. Pouting.]

We should find a bigger room!
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[Ask and ye shall receive - or, in this case, fall through the floor. Again. All that magic and whatnot being thrown around, plus the sheer weight of biomass now covering the floor (and not, y'know, floating above it) has finally brought the room's floor to its breaking point. And that last whiplash of chi? That was juuuuust enough to push it over the edge. This time, the entire floor gives way, an area roughly circular (allowing for natural formations and the aforementioned corner) about 50 feet wide. What waits at the bottom... is a much larger cavern. And it's got all new playmates for the two of them.]

[Somehow, amidst the collapse, Soma managed to cover the entire distance between himself and Koumyou in the blink of an eye (literally, since he used Chronomage to stop time to do so), catch the priest about the waist... and is now standing on what appears to be empty air, a hundred feet above the new cavern floor and its residents.]

My apologies for manhandling you like this, priest, but I don't know whether you could survive that fall. Do you want to go down, or up? My vote's on down - we haven't found anything worth risking our necks in here, yet. [...If he's at all worried about the sea of demons below them, he damn sure isn't showing it. If Koumyou can sense enchanted artifacts, the ring on Soma's right hand is positively seething with the power of chaos - and the one on his left hand is like a hungry void.]
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Oh, my~

[Is that at being caught like this? Or at the sea of demons below? Probably both. Koumyou hangs a bit like a rag doll for a moment, his long, pale braid flapping merrily past his face. He manages to straighten up enough to sling an arm 'round Soma's shoulders. There! Now he's at least upright.]

Hmmm... right here is fine! Or down, if you like. But you should cover your eyes. It's about to get... very bright!

[The paper with all the writing slung around Koumyou's skinny shoulders, utterly dormant until now, moves. If Soma can feel power, it's like a world-rending behemoth is stirring in its sleep, inches from his head. The Seiten Sutra governs over holiness and the yang principle, and it rustles in a wind that isn't there, giving Soma a chance to react. Including to drop Koumyou, if he needs to; that thing is holy power made solid.]
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Here it is, then.

[Ridiculously powerful artifact one-upsmanship at its finest. These two should give exhibitions!]

[Soma does indeed feel the Seiten Sutra begin to wake. He does not, however, feel inclined to let go just yet. After all, he still doesn't know whether Kyoukou can support himself in the air, and he's not terribly worried about the fact that he's within striking distance of a holy artifact that makes the Belmont clan's whip look like a child's toy. If Kyoukou had been of a mind to strike him, he could have done so at his leisure before now.]

[He does cover his eyes, though.]
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[Long ago, Shakyamuni Tathagata spread forth a sutra across the heavens, from which was born existence and void, light and dark. The earth was created thence, where life and death came to be.]

[Shakyamuni tore apart the sutra into five pieces and entrusted its fate into the hands of the people Below. Each was protected and kept apart from the rest by a Sanzo priest, though Koumyou had in fact at one point guarded two of the five sutras.]

[Now, he was down to one, the other gracing his son's shoulders instead. Still, one fifth of what had created existence itself was pretty damn serious.]

[Koumyou doesn't chant, or gesture, or do anything but smile and squint as he usually does. The sutra doesn't even have a 'warm-up' cycle; the movement and activation before its attack is purely for Soma's benefit. Once the albino has his eyes covered, the sutra lashes out and down, unfurling into endless, countless branches of itself that glow so brightly it's like the sun itself is suddenly in the huge chamber. That golden light floods through the rest of the ruins, through every crack or doorway. The warmth that accompanies the light is also like the sun, but like being out under it on a pleasant day, not like its intolerable surface.]

[The light itself isn't the attack, here and now, but the ribbons of the indestructible sutra itself. Each end finds a monster, or a demon, stabbing through enemies with a force that can slice steel or stone like butter. The only exceptions are those that flee, particularly the Silvanshees, which are allowed to run un-touched. One in particular ends up just sort of... cornered by the innumerable branches of the Sutra, and Koumyou struggles a bit in Soma's hold. The little demon's visible fear disturbs him, the cat cowering in place.]

That one!

[He points down at the cornered cat demon.]

Don't hurt it! I just want to get a closer look. Can we go down?

[The glowing ribbons of Sutra will move out of their way as needed.]
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[He gives it a few seconds after the light gets really bright before opening his eyes again, a bit at a time - just in time to see the majority of the cavern's population simply cease to exist. He's not normally one to be awed by displays of power, but... damn.]

[When Kyoukou points out the cat demon, Soma nods and shifts gears - the vague shadow of a great, winged entity ghosts into being behind them, and they float down to the cavern floor at a sedate, non-splatty pace. Soma doesn't trust to the Sutra to get out of their way - much like anything else, he figures it's better not to take chances unnecessarily - so he actually controls the descent, dodging around them when needed. He still doesn't know who you are, Kyoukou.]

Right then. Bottom floor - viscera, blood pools, strange glowing fungi, and scared cat demons.
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[The ribbons of Sutra move to be extra out of the way anyway, responding to Koumyou's will without him having to give it conscious thought. Once they're safely on the ground, Koumyou detaches himself from Soma with a smile.]

Thaaaank you~

[He approaches the demon cat carefully, moving slowly, hands slightly out to his sides. The priest has approached scared animals before, of course. He talks in a low, soothing tone.]

Hey, it's okay, see? It's not going to hurt you.

[Koumyou crouches down and extends his partially-covered hands toward the scared demon. The sutra recoils from the area, and then its innumerable branches vanish completely from the huge cavernous room. And there it is on his shoulders again, laying dormant on its Sanzo priest in the dark, lit only by that glowing fungi Soma had mentioned.]

There, you can run away if you want to, see?

[The demon visibly considers it, shrinking away from the human for a moment, and then it bunches itself up and springs straight at Koumyou!]


[But instead of attacking or recoiling, the priest catches the demon cat against his ornamental bamboo breastplate, smiling serenely as he gets the little demon settled in the crook of his arm. It seems Koumyou has just gained a pet. And won't his son, who is oddly terrified of all cats, just be thrilled at this development?]

Well, then.

[Koumyou straightens back up and turns to Soma, demon cat cradled quite contentedly in his arms. That was fast, wasn't it?]

It looks like we have some breathing room, now! I am Koumyou Sanzo.
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You're welcome.

[Considering that he has a veritable army of demonic attack kittens (among other things) at his command, Soma would be ill-equipped to grudge anyone their choice of pets. He bends down to get a good look at the poor cat... which takes a swipe at him purely out of form. Seems the little guy knows who his owner is, at least.]

So it would seem. I'm Soma Cruz - just Soma is fine. [He bows deeply at the waist, the gesture a curious mix of the stiffly formal Japanese style and the elegant European form.] I would like to apologize for getting you into this mess, however inadvertently. Please find it in your merciful wisdom to not squash me like a bug. [He may be smiling and at ease when he says that, but he most certainly means it. What Koumyou has shown thus far is orders of magnitude more power than anyone or anything short of the Castle itself has ever wielded in his presence - and he's pretty sure the priest was holding back. Soma's beginning to suspect you might not be just a normal priest, Koumyou.]
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[Koumyou laughs gently at the demon cat's reaction, and adjusts his hold on it before giving a return bow -- from the neck. He's super in-formal about most things, but there's some things he just can't do, like totally disrespect his own rank as a Sanzo.]

Oh, you didn't get me into anything! I wanted to see if my sutra still listened to me after all these years of being dead. And I couldn't just test it out on anything, you know?

[For one thing, it's convenient to test it out in a place that's rife with potent magic and 'pings' of its use. Camouflage! The only ones who will know what that was that just sent huge ripples through the chi in the air are the other Sanzos in Genessia... and this one witness, of course.]

Of course, if it hadn't listened, I suppose I'd have been in for a rough night!

[The high priest absently strokes the cat in his arms as he speaks. It seems to have accepted him, indeed.]
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[Soma folds his arms and looks around the cavern, hmm'ing thoughtfully.] I could have dealt with them, but it would have taken a fair while longer. Just as well your - you called it a sutra? - answered your call, really; even with these rings, my power isn't infinite.

[He sighs, and finds a conveniently placed rock to sit on.] If you don't mind me resting for a few minutes, I can get us back out of here the same way we came in. In the meantime... maybe we can find something of value down here. Those statues looked like a promising place to start from above, if the collapsing roof didn't deface them too badly.
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I noticed the rings! What do they do? And I don't mind you resting, of course.

[Koumyou glances over toward the statues in question, as though just now noticing them. Which is honestly very possible.]

Ohh? I hadn't even considered there being something here besides enemies to face. Do you know anything about these ruins?
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[Those statues may well not have existed until the situation demanded a focus amid the sea of fast-dissipating gore. But now that they're there, they've always been there. Aren't plot devices fun?]

This one [he holds up his right hand] makes my capacity for magic functionally infinite - but at the cost of stamina. The other draws in the souls of fallen demons and monsters, sometimes granting me one or more of their native abilities. This also grants me dominion over similar creatures, though I've yet to find a way to exert that dominion reliably. I suppose it's just as well - I haven't a clue what I'd do with an army of demon servitors.

[He's not telling the full story, there - the ring actually has nothing whatsoever with the power of Dominance. But it's better to give someone a focus outside of himself for that particular power than have them thinking he might be the best candidate for a new Dark Lord. Again. Not that he expects Koumyou would do so, but... well, he had been wrong about Graham, too.]

[Having regained his figurative breath, Soma heads toward those statues, a quintet of fireballs hovering around him to provide light and momentary protection if needed.]
As for the ruins... I've never been here before. Never even heard of the place til a week ago - but I've explored areas similar to this. Which is why I have a strong suspicion that many of the creatures we destroyed earlier will begin to reform themselves from the residual magic. True demon slaying takes tools I'm not prepared to use, just yet, though your Sutra probably qualifies as such a tool.
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Ohhhh, that's interesting stuff!

[Don't worry, Soma, his interest extends to and ends with 'on you'. Koumyou has more than enough on his plate to deal with, unlike some people on this world who'd want to take those rings.]

[Koumyou shifts his hold on his new pet and shuffles after Soma, curious.]

Well, the Seitan Sutra isn't the one that banishes evil, nor is it the one that negates existence.

[Koumyou counted off on his free hand.]

And I don't know what the fourth and fifth do. Something about the unknown and the infinite, and... uh... yeah I don't remember...

[He's sure he's been told before, but hell if he can recall it. Koumyou's never been much for memorizing crap. Ever.]

Mine's all about holiness, and the yang principle, and the sun. It can do more than just stab things and light things up, of course, but it's not technically for banishing. Mostly. Mah-aaah, they're complicated!

[As one might expect of the thing that created all existence and nothingness, light and dark, life and death, torn into five pieces.]
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I am so sorry this took so long x_x Holiday hit me hard.

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There are others? [He's genuinely interested, but mostly in a 'There are more of those things out there?!' kind of way. As someone whose predecessor spent the better part of 900 years being killed by a guy with a holy whip, he'd sort of inherited the instinct to watch out for such things.]

What isn't complicated, where magic is concerned? When you're talking about telling the universe a lie and making it believe you, nothing is simple. Heeellooo, what have we here?

[Soma bends down to pick up a fist-sized stone, which sparkles faintly in the light still being cast by the Seiten Sutra. Faintly, that is, until he brushes away the dust - at which point he lets out a low whistle.] I do believe this will cover the expenses of this little jaunt.
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[personal profile] its_dad_sanzo 2016-12-04 06:13 am (UTC)(link)
Yes, five total. I used to have to guard two of them, but I passed one along before I died.
notquitedracula: (Chillin')

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I see. Unless there's more exploring you wanted to do, I think we can say we've done our part here, hm?
its_dad_sanzo: (who... me?)

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No, I think this was plenty! I even got a cat out of it, didn't I, Mr. Wiggles?

[And there's the high priest, guardian of at one point two sutras, wiggling his demonic cat around.]