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[Action | Closed] Good news!

Who: Amberdrake and Sanzo
What: Amberdrake has to tell Sanzo that Koumyou has shown up in Genessia.
Where: Drake and Sanzo's home in Attleton.
Warnings: N/a

The birds waited as tiny, excited, rainbow puffballs on their perches as close to the kitchen as they were allowed. Sanzo had banned them from the kitchen, to prevent an irritating swarm as he cut up apples to feed the greedy little shits. While he wasn't annoyed at the task, they knew it wasn't worth breaking the rules to grab bits of fruit before he was done.

They were rewarded for their patience when he finally finished and set the bowl of finely chopped apples and grapes on a table in the living room and left them to converge on it, spouting nonsense and trilling in excitement. Sanzo shook his head and returned to the kitchen to clean up. Seemed he was doomed to have to care for over-excited gluttons no matter where he went.
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Amberdrake came home... in the middle of the day, for once. Garth, the yellow and black bird who had traveled from other worlds as well, hopped off his shoulder and swooped in on the others to steal a grape. He'd done a good job today!

Drake smiled at the little puffballs and then went into the kitchen, wrapping his arms around Sanzo from behind and kissing the side of his neck. The priest was in a good mood, and Drake was happy to see that -- but also apprehensive because he was pretty sure he was about to have to ruin it.
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Drake kissed Sanzo's cheek, next, and then casually took the knife out of his hands.

Not a good sign.

"Come with me, please," he tried to take one of Sanzo's hands in his to lead him out to the living room and onto the couch.
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"Nothing's actually wrong, per se," Amberdrake sat down on the couch and attempted to tug Sanzo down to sit next to him. "I'm fine, and you're fine, and it's not that creep Ukoku."

There, did that cover the bases?

"Someone else from your world showed up. But I'm not... I'm not really sure how to tell you who it is."
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Oh yes, just drop that bomb directly on Sanzo's head. Good idea, Sanzo.

Drake kept hold of Sanzo's hand, and gave it a squeeze. "There's nothing that has to be done. You just... need to know before you run into him on your own."

He fished into his open robe with his free hand, turning Sanzo's over as he did so. Then he placed into Sanzo's palm an orange paper airplane, perfectly-folded. Several long, blond hairs had been placed inside the center fold so that they stuck out on the ends.
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Amberdrake put an arm around the priest's bony shoulders and pulled him in close, trying to offer comfort against whatever that awful feeling was.

"He's here, he's alive," Drake said quietly, "a few of my birds spotted him coming out of the Bay and I went to talk to him. Got him settled into a nice apartment; showed him how to use the communicator... I told him you'd need time to adjust."
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Amberdrake tucked Sanzo's head under his own chin, and draped his open robe over the priest along with his arms.

"It's okay, enar ves'tacha," Drake kissed the top of his head. He radiated calm, trying to help Sanzo get through this without having a complete meltdown. "It's okay."
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Drake carded the fingers of one hand through Sanzo's hair, as he often did when offering the priest comfort. He threaded the Gift in as he did so, diverting some of the stress chemicals Sanzo was producing away to dissolve harmlessly away from his brain. Just enough to keep Sanzo from spiraling out of control. "It's okay, love," he repeated, for lack of anything else to say.
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Drake didn't argue with that, though he did murmur a response. "You will be," he kissed the top of Sanzo's head again, and resumed combing his fingers through his golden hair. "Whatever you need from me, Genjyo, you have it."

Including time. He'd made sure that Sanzo would have time to process Koumyou's presence in Genessia before actually dealing directly with his father. The father he'd seen die right in front of him as a young teen, saving him. Genjyo had seen Koumyou torn apart; had been covered in the older priest's blood...

And now, he was here. Alive.

So of course Sanzo would need time. This was quite the paradigm shift.
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"That's up to you, love," Amberdrake wouldn't pretend there wasn't down-sides to Koumyou's sudden appearance on the world. The fact that he could be torn away at any moment was a big one...

"I'm taking a few days off again," Drake added, "I won't leave you alone with this until you're ready."
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"Of course you can," Amberdrake wasn't even being patronizing, "I just plan to make it easier."

He combed his fingers through Sanzo's hair some more, just being warm and solid and there.

"This isn't the weirdest thing I've ever seen happen," he mused, "I've mentioned before that a previous incarnation of yours was on one of the worlds we were both on. And of course, there is that decade I spent away from you that was mere days for you. The multiverse really doesn't care about little things like 'time' and 'death'."
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"Of course," Amberdrake pressed another kiss to the top of Sanzo's head. The Gift was still in that head, and he lessened the swelling almost without thought. Go away, headache!
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"That's perfectly understandable," Drake rubbed Sanzo's back, under the wing-cut robe. "You may never know what to think of it, and that's understandable as well. I have to say, though, I'm glad to have finally met him. I always wanted to."
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"Not too much, just that he'd probably like me well enough," Amberdrake smiled against the top of Sanzo's head, "I was a much bigger worrier back then. And I told you my family would have liked you, too, which is true. Though they'd have likely driven you right up a wall..."
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"No, now I can just talk to him myself and be regaled with all the stories about you as a kid that I could ever hope for," Amberdrake teased a little, hoping to keep Sanzo's mind off the more grim possibilities of Koumyou's presence in Genessia. "He brags about you at the drop of a hat. It's precious."
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"I don't have to ask! He just talks, on and on," Amberdrake laughed gently, "mostly about how cute you were. He saw my phone wallpaper and just went off about how big your eyes used to be and oh you still keep your hair the same way... and so on. He really wanted to know how tall you've gotten. It was adorable."

Drake had seen 'Kouryuu' before, himself, of course. So none of that was a revelation to him. Genjyo had been an awfully cute kid. Tragic, but cute.
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"No, you most certainly will not!" Amberdrake scoffed, "Just be glad I didn't pull up the gallery app for him. I didn't, you know."

This time.
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"Good," Amberdrake replied to the bit about the two Sanzos seeing each other soon enough. He ignored the rest, just smiling and continuing to rub Genjyo's back.