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[Video] Remember me? Before the war? I'm the man who lived next door...

[The video clicks on to show an unfamiliar face on the screen. Though Drake has been here for a while now, and some have met him in person, he's yet to ever make an appearance on the network.

Until now, of course. He's dressed very colorfully, and in many loose layers, with feathers and beads decorating his hair among the occasional braid. To any earthlings, he looks distinctly native american, but with bright blue eyes.

His expression is pleasant, if mild.]

Hello, everyone. I have a request to make; if you are a mage or a magic-user of some sort, and are interested in a potential one-off job, please contact me -- in private.

If you reply publicly, I cannot hire you.

Thank you.
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Oh Amberdrake, if you needed help, you could've asked!

[Ni had his suspicions on what Drake might need a magic user for but he could have fun, even if he was wrong.]
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[So familiar! And rude! Ni grinned, seemingly unaffected by the use of his name on a public video.]

Oh of course, but how could I deny a favor for a friend?
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Aww, you're sure? [He sighed in disappointment.]

Well don't leave me out of it next time you need help, I'd hate to miss such an opportunity.
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[Private Text]

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What are you doing!

What are you doing?! Don't goad him!




Don't ignore me, asshole!
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[By hanging up on the douchebag of course.]

By telling him whatever shit you know about him? :/
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How is that a good thing? Driving him nuts? He's already nuts.
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[Private Video]

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I... I could do m-magic. What kind do you n-need?
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[Private Video]

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[He thought about it, but shook his head. He didn't know what kind of magic that was exactly.]

I... I mostly use e-elemental magic.
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[Private Video]

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S-Sorry... I... I guess I can't be very u-useful then.

H-How come you need p-protection? Do... Do you live in Everglade?
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[Private Video]

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I-Is Attleton dangerous?
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[Private Video]

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[Well, at least all of Attleton wasn't a horror show. Still, it sucked for someone to have this sort of trouble.]

What... What kind of predators?
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[Private Video]

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M-Maybe you could move and they w-won't be able to find you.
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[Private Video]

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[He fidgeted a bit.]

S-Sorry I'm not much help...
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[Private Video]

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O-Okay. I hope you find wh... what you need.
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[Private Video]

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I know a fair bit of magic. What kind of help do you need?
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[Private Video]

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I know a set of seals that should be able to keep out anything short of an archdemon. Granted that there are many in this place with that kind of power, but it's the best I can offer. As for your birds... I can't cloak them, but I may be able to provide a guardian of sorts.
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[Private Video]

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Cats, birds of prey, imps... there are a number of options. Anything I set up would have to be bound either to you or to your birds - preferably to you, because the kind of magic I know sticks better to beings that can think.
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[Private Video]

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That rules out the imps, but the cats and birds I mentioned are better behaved. And since your problem also has wings, the raptors are probably the best option.

Where might we meet, to discuss this in person? I don't necessarily trust communications like this to remain private, if someone determined and skilled enough takes it into their head to eavesdrop.

((OOC: I haven't mentioned this yet, but I am over here quietly keysmashing that someone is actually playing Amberdrake. I love those books.))
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I know others who pose a similar threat. [He checks the text message, nodding to himself as he memorizes it.] I'll be there in about an hour, depending on traffic.

[True to his word, Soma arrives just on the far side of the predicted hour. The gate guards gave him a bit of trouble over his mode of transport - apparently demon horses aren't considered safe to the public. It took him demonstrating the ability to banish the beast three times before they would allow him to pass through from Everglade.]

[The subtle riot of color and smell gives him a moment of pause as he enters the kestra'chern's workplace, but only a moment. This is a place of peace and healing, despite its unfortunate resemblance to certain establishments Soma never set foot in back home. Even the flow of chaos from the Castle feels muted here, which is a blessing beyond what mere words can convey.]

((OOC: The three books he's featured in are quite probably my favorites of the entire series, though Vanyel's trilogy are a very close second. If only we had a Skan here...))
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[Soma sketches a bow, smiling in return. The birds... seem to want to avoid him, at least for the moment. It seems his predator aura isn't entirely shut down, though he's making a conscious effort to keep it reined in.]

I am likewise remiss; my name is Soma. And yes, I would like a cup.

[He watches the birds while Drake pours; already they seem to have gotten over their initial fear, and have moved on to curiosity.] I can see why you're worried. A crow wouldn't find most of them to be more than a full beak.

((OOC: Alas, I'm not the Skan type. I'd be more comfortable with Warrl or Urtho, to be truthful, but RL seems to want to keep me to one or two characters at most for the near future at least.))
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[Soma notices the tatoo, but is too polite to ask about it - after all, a man's body is his own, to do with what he will. He takes the offered chair, and the cup when it's poured. He takes a sip while he mulls over the problem.] Mm... And that can get to be quite tiring, I'd imagine. [His smile has a wry edge as he watches the tiny birds' antics. Anything that small has entirely too much energy for its owner's good.]

[He gives it a few moments' thought, then holds out his arm as if supporting a hunting bird. Then, with a small pop of air getting out of its way... there's something that looks like an eagle on his arm. A rather large one.]
This is Altair. He should be able to handle your crow problem just by being around - the only problem is, without being bound to someone or someplace else, he cannot travel beyond a certain distance from my body. I can bind him to you, your birds, or this place - not all three. The choice of which, I leave up to you. [And then, the bird is gone again.] Altair is a familiar spirit, but a simple-minded one. He can obey simple commands, much like your little friends.
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So sorry this took so long. Life decided I needed a brick to the head.

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[Soma gives the bird in question a bemused half-smile, almost a smirk, before turning his attention back to the matter at hand.] Charming. Do you happen to have a box of salt? Anything will do, but salt is a natural purifying agent, and it works better for binding demons as well.

[And then Soma pauses, giving Amberdrake a curious look.] Wait. Did you just say Sanzo? As in Koumyou Sanzo? [What does a friend of someone like that need the services of an outsider for? Assuming, of course, that it's the same Sanzo... which it isn't, but Soma doesn't know that yet.]
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[Three Sanzos. Three Sanzo priests, a connection he's just now making, and three Sutras... out of five. Didn't Mina tell him about a legend like that, once? Gah, his head's too full of memories that aren't his for his own recall to be all that great - let's just say he knows of the legend, but no particulars whatsoever.] Ah. We... may have a problem, then. If this third one's anything like Koumyou, I rather sincerely doubt my seals will be any better than toilet paper against him. Though... we might have a shot if we can separate him from his Sutra. But that would require actually fighting him, and I'm... really not sure I'd stand a chance.

[Thinking tactically in advance - it's something Soma's never really had an opportunity to do before. Usually he's up against the wall, fighting something he's never even SEEN before, let alone had time to analyze.] If we can catch him without his Sutra, I can seal him away from accessing it. Maybe. It depends on how deep his connection to it is.
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Yeah, that sounds about right. Anyone who's making an effort to penetrate your defenses would see something like that right away.

[He steeples his fingers, not paying the laughter any heed. Koumyou, Ukoku, and a third who only went by Sanzo. Ukoku was the one they needed to worry about - a rogue Sanzo priest, with access to the power of one of the five Sutras. Access to a fifth of the power to create (and unmake) the world. The thought kind of put his own troubles in perspective, really - all Dracula wanted, after all, was to kill humans. And God, but that was a bit of a long shot from the start.]

There's not much I can do about Ukoku without more information, I'm afraid, but Altair will certainly be able to keep the crows away from your friends.