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[Video] πŸŒ™ The moon greets the rising sun.

[Koumyou appears on camera and blows a party favor at it! Complete with that laugh of his.]

Everyone! I have an important announcement to make!

[He blows on the party favor again, practically giggling.]

It's my son's birthday, today!

Here's his number! Everyone wish him a happy birthday!

[And yes, there's Sanzo's phone number. He holds up a paper with it written on it, beaming!]

He'll act all grumpy but I still want everyone to do it! Pleeeease? Thank you!

[He's a good dad. And also a very, very embarrassing dad. Isn't Sanzo lucky?]
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[Have a confused Astronema. Who Sanzo has never met. Yet here she is, because the loud guy with the blowy thing on the video said to call and let's face it, Ni's comparisons of her to a cat are pretty close and she's bored. Fuck it.]

...What's a birthday, again?

[She briefly remembers something about that from when she took the Yellow ranger's form to infiltrate their ranks. That weird little robot had even given her a... thing.]

Wait, do I have to give you something because I talked to you? Ugh. Human customs.
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No. Look it up yourself.

[Who the fuck even was this and why did they look so horrifically gaudy?]
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[The Queen's eyes narrow.]

So your mouth is moving, but all I'm hearing is that yes I have to give you something, and that what you want is lightning shot straight at your head.
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That would be a fucking fantastic present right now.
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[Astronema actually gets sarcasm, at least. She snorts, slightly amused at the response. It's a good one; most of the other responses he might have made probably would have had her hunting him down to deliver.]

It's that good, huh? Well, my condolences.
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Unneeded. The day will pass soon enough and all this shit will stop being relevant.

[Sanzo was considering alcohol, large amounts of it, to make the day go by faster.]
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Well, good luck with that.

[And quite mercifully, she hangs up.]
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[That was shockingly painless. Sanzo was relieved and went back to his contemplation of getting drunk enough to stop caring about today.]