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[ action | closed ] dark shapes gather ‘round

Who: Ukoku Sanzo and Amberdrake
What: Drake contacts Ukoku a few days after this mess.
Where: Attleton - Sadullos Kestra
Warnings: Probably none, but I'll update if needed.

Amberdrake double-checked that the oven, now covered in all kinds of writing he couldn't hope to decipher, was still closed. Clicking on the light showed that the feather was still in it, though it had, of course, moved. Still, it was in there. He wasn't sure if the wards one of his clients had drawn on the oven would do anything to keep the feather inside, but the real purpose was to just hide it from magical detection.

Drake didn't need that thing lighting up every Mage-Sight like a bonfire.

He sighed, ran his hands over his hair again, triple-checked that he looked composed...

...And he did, as soon as he stopped fidgeting...

And then he went out into the lobby. He took a seat, grounded himself for a moment, and then pulled out his phone.

It started with a text.

You wanted me to impose on your expertise.

Ugh. This was not going to end well for anybody, and he knew it.
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Maybe it was just the knowledge that, of course, Ni would be smug carried over, but, somehow, the text he sent dripped with an eager smugness.

Ah!! what are friends for if not for helping? Do tell! /(^ x ^)\
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Oh!! A gift? <3 I'll be right over!!

He meant that quite literally. When one could teleport, it was pretty easy to get around the cities, even if he had to paused at a gate or two. The dark priest was at the door in a matter of minutes.

Ni stepped in without knocking, a bounce to his step and an eagerness to his limited emotions that Amberdrake wouldn't have felt before. Something was up with this, it had to be something big for Amberdrake to contact him. The therapist knew a great many people, a great many people that were skilled and magically competent. But here he was, asking Ni for help.

"Amberdrake~" he called in a sing-song voice.
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"I couldn't bear to keep you waiting!" He threw up his arms dramatically, ah this was great fun! The bunny was held by its ear and went swinging through the air. It was all very comical if you didn't know what kind of person Ni was.

"You did need my help, after all. I'm here to help. Anytime." The look in his black eyes was nothing short of vile.
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"Aren't I?" Ni swooped closer, bending sharply at the waist to peer at Amberdrake's face, too close to be polite. His eyes scan that careful mask of calm pleasantry. It was so sturdy, well practiced. A hungry look flashed in Ni's eyes, just for a moment. He eagerly awaited the day he could break that mask and see the man behind it shatter.

He'd be even tougher to break than Genjyo Sanzo, it would be worth the wait.

"So? Did you get a picture?"
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"They're prettier where they are, I wouldn't want to take them." Not yet. Ni snapped back upright, he'd bother Amberdrake more later, he wanted this sample.

"I'm sure it's something worth my time, you wouldn't call me otherwise, would you?"
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"Ah! You're threatening to leave me out of the loop?" He leaned over, like he was wilting from the pain of such a threat. How could Drake! "What's the fun of study if it's not shared, mm? You'll know what I find out, don't fret."

He winked. The worse the news, the more fun it would be to share it!
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Ni was too focused on seeing this thing for himself to sit down. He nearly jumped forward to take a look at the thing in the salad tongs. Sure, he should be careful, but he wasn't and plucked the feather from the tongs with his bare hands.

Ah, that was fascinating! He felt ill, an anxiety that wasn't his own set in almost at once. This thing didn't want to be touched hm? That hadn't stopped him touching anyone or anything before.

"Oh I see why you called me." He laughed and waved the feather in Drake's direction. "What a gift."
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"I would never!" He ran his finger along the should-be-soft edges of the feather and hissed when it sliced into his finger. Blood dripped down his hand and onto the carpet. Well, just look at that.

He laughed again, impressed.

"I can't wait, ah! Wonderful!"
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"You'll be the first to know!" Ni sang as he turned for the door. He waved the feather over his shoulder, oh he knew Drake couldn't stand this thing. What else could he do with it? He'd have to find out.

He wasn't even completely out of the door before he vanished.