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[So it may look like Cassian has finally felt some form of retribution for running his mouth like a machine gun. The priest on camera has a massive bruise on his jaw, and his lip appears to have just newly scabbed after being split.

Nevertheless, he looks very calm, for once in his time here

... I feel as if I may have made a mistake in voicing my opinion. I've never been a very polite man, and my mouth gets ahead of me without me thinkin' the words over first. It has always been a personal failing of mine, and I hope from this point out I'll do better to control my temper.

With that bein' said, I owe an apology to our new Guardian for actin' like a child denied a cookie instead of the adult I know that I am. It was uncalled for and rude for me to insult another person like that simply because I personally do not care for them.

Everyone, after all, deserves respect. It is a basic right.

My words were improper, and I should have voiced my dissent more appropriately. Chatter like that before is better left for drunken ramblings than polite conversation, especially in a public forum.

I apologize for my language, and I'll do my best to ensure that I do not lose control of my tongue in an open space such as this again when it comes to important matters.
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[ Private Video ]

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[Amberdrake sighs at the video and rubs his forehead for a moment, before composing himself and switching his phone's camera on as well. On a private line, because Drake keeps his presence on the open network to a minimum.]

What happened to your face? I know it wasn't Sanzo, his knuckles aren't even bruised.

[Because yes, Drake checks these things. Regularly.]
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[Of course. Totally logical, right? Right.]

Via... what I'm guessing was a punch to the face?
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[Drake actually sighs.]

Well, whatever... semi-works, I guess.