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The Terminator and the Man who kills (Marcus's two sides) [Action/Video]

[Video: Marcus Wright/Bad]

[You find the cyborg terminator sitting somewhere on a rock loading his weapons one by one as he also sharpens a knife. He seems awfully tense and quiet like something is wrong...]

The cyborg terminator says nothing to the camera as the cyborg seems to be stalking toward the camera with a screwdriver in his hands.

[His eyes show a tense red.]

[Video: Marcus Wright/ Good]

The other better side of Marcus Wright is ready to protect anyone who needed it, as he seems a lot more cheerful and happy.

The one willing to lay down his life for anyone.

"What.. happened?'!



Marcus had been walking earlier and ended up eyeing the water near a certain area and he needed something to wash off his face, but what happened was that he split into two sides.
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[Perhaps it's a good thing she's home and in safe place, as her apartment is protected with high security and guards, so bad!Marcus wouldn't find her, so the interaction is face to face on video.

However, the glowing red eyes is not a good sign.]

Um...Marcus, are you okay?
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[She frowned.]

"Yes, you told me that before."

[She gasps when she's sees on her CPU of not one, but two Marcus's fighting and duking it out violent. She held her phone in terror and watches helplessly.]

"M-Marcus?! Please be all right!"
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[Ruby is safe in her apartment as she watched the struggle on the video.]

"Okay, I'll just...turn this off. Please be all right. I'll figure out a way to help you."

[Once the video is turned off, she just sit there, trying to figure out what to do, and what is the mystery of seeing two Marcus fighting each other.]