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Forward dated to After The Water Event because something something something

Who: Cassian (Now as one person) and Amberdrake
Where: Attleton, at Drake's office
Why: We've all learned an important life lesson about punching tigers.

So... returning to one body was actually a lot less painful than one would imagine. Rather it sort of happened while both halves were asleep.

The painful part, on top of clashing memories, was the insane amount of physical damage. All of it. Just all the physical damage ever. Is his jaw broken? Shit there's holes in him too holy fuck how did those get there- Oh his ribs were broken again.

... Welp.

There was always Drake, but as Cassian recalled... Drake didn't much care for Everglade. And he really didn't need this to be more trouble than it already was.

Which was why, a good... hour or more later, Amberdrake would get a visitor.

In Attleton.

In a very thick obscuring cloak, not that it'd matter due to the fact that one of them was an empath and the other one was walking around with like more than three broken bones at a time.

Not even a voiced answer to alert or greet him, just a text-

I've cocked some things up
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It was a good thing for everyone involved that Drake was usually at work in the middle of the night. Yes, he would have gone to Everglade if he'd had to, but no, it wouldn't have been fun or pleasant for the Empathic human to do so. Especially in the dark.

Drake came to investigate without getting to look at his phone, first, pushing open the work-room door with his hip so that he could peek into the lobby. He gave a nod, and then ducked back in to wrap up what he was doing.

Ten minutes later, a very relaxed fake!human dozed away on the massage table, covered up to stay warm. Now, Amberdrake was able to come out into the lobby properly, wiping oil off his hands with a spare towel. "Cassian? Is that you?"
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Whelp. Drake pulled his phone from his belt and read all the messages, now that his hands weren't coated in oil. W h e l p.

"You didn't ask someone else to punch you, did you?" the Healer asked, a touch wry, tossing the towel onto one of the numerous seats in the room as he approached. "Well... let's see the damage, then," meaning Cassian's rather ominously hidden face.
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"Hey, you're the one who apparently signed up for it, last time," Amberdrake said after glancing at his phone. It was a reasonable question, to him! He frowned slightly at the state the guy's jaw was in, and glanced at his phone for the second comment. "I... see."

Everglade was the worst, okay. This wasn't exactly proving him wrong.

"Alright, have a seat," Drake gestured at the numerous chairs and the couch against the wall. Lots of spots to choose from. "And I'll get your mouth working again."
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Drake sat down beside him, indeed, and lifted a hand to shoo Cassian's poking fingers away. "This isn't exactly a fresh break," he noted, looking at all the inflammation, and the bruise pattern, without having to use the Gift at all yet. "Hold still."

Very carefully, he set his fingertips against Cassian's jaw, and his eyes immediately unfocused. That whole chunk of Cassian's face suddenly went partially-numb as Drake temporarily shut off most of the local nerves. Not enough to make it feel like his face had vanished, but enough to bring the pain down to a dull roar.

He set to work quietly, draining inflammation, setting and splinting the bone, and repairing the tissue around it. About five minutes of work went by in silence before he withdrew the Gift and then his fingers, offering Cassian a smile.

"There, how's that?"
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Amberdrake's smile grew a little, pleased that they could converse normally again instead of Cassian having to message him on his phone. That just added a level of clumsiness to talking that it was nice to do without. Plus, if there was to be more Healing, he couldn't read his phone screen while he worked.

"Are there any other injuries?" he asked, folding his hands in his lap, "I'm going to take a wild guess and assume it was quite the fight, for you to get hit that hard."

Drake hadn't scanned the rest of him, focusing just on the broken jaw. The bite wasn't obvious with clothing over it, and neither was the re-broken ribs. Although he suspected the latter, simply because an intense brawl made quick work of his energy splints.
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A bite... that several days later, was bad enough for Cassian to ask for healing? Was it infected?

Drake shook his head at the apology. "Trust me, I'm used to this." Between his brother back on his world, and Sanzo on all the others, having to re-visit his patients' old wounds was just standard procedure for the kestra'chern. "We can go into the back room, if you prefer," there was another work-room, not presently inhabited, "but I'm going to need access to all of that."

Cassian was going to have to do more than undo a few buttons to let him get at his shoulder, unless he wanted the Healer to cut open that part of his shirt.
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Amberdrake gets up and follows after him, and closes the door behind them for privacy. The second work-room is in its default configuration, set up for therapy more than for massage. Cushions are scattered around a low table near the middle, and the room's massage table is folded up and pushed against a far wall.

The canvas panels hang several inches in from the walls, instead of closer to the drywall like in the lobby, and the mage-lights are set to be duller. That last bit is easily fixed, the lighting brightening up so that Drake will be able to see the damage more clearly.
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"And this was a... 'fairy'," Amberdrake doesn't mean to sound skeptical, but. It looks distressingly close to a vampire bite, other than the location being less than ideal for punching into blood flow. Drake waits until Cassian has it wholly unwrapped before he sets a careful set of fingertips around one of the punctures, eyes going unfocused in that familiar way that means the Gift is at work.

Yeah, that's plenty deep enough to be a vampire. And Cassian lives in vampire-town.

"What was this even about? Nothing political, I hope."
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"I didn't intend to suggest that you would, I apologize," Drake didn't actually know what a fairy was. Somehow over the course of five worlds, he'd yet to encounter anyone going by such a term. Something to research later, it seemed.

Right now, there was a wound to contend with. And it was a bit nastier than a simple set of four punctures. He checked over the whole thing and then chased after any potential for infection, and drained what little inflammation he found.

Punctures themselves, particularly by teeth that still fit inside a human mouth well enough to not interfere with every day life, didn't naturally equate to the same flavor of damage as being lit on fire. There was a supernatural element to the bite; Drake didn't know specifics, but he knew something was weird.

"I don't know if this would have properly healed on its own," he said as he worked, numbing the area before he started undoing what little natural healing had occurred. It was creating pockets as some of it wanted to heal far slower than the rest. "It's responding to the Gift, but... more stubbornly than I expected."

There was fresh blood, good. Drake left Cassian for a moment, going to one of the many counters that lined the sides of the room and opening a drawer. He came back immediately with a fresh, thick pad of gauze to help contain the mess.
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"You want me to remove healthy tissue... why?" Amberdrake paused what he was doing, holding the gauze in place but withdrawing the Gift so that he could glance at Cassian's expression with focused eyes. Because seriously, what?
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Amberdrake couldn't fault the guy for curiosity, even if this didn't sit well with most of his training. "I'll take a little of the more stubborn bit for you," he offered, "will that be enough? About the size of a marble."
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"Alright, come over to the counter so I can use it," Drake lead the way, opening another drawer with the hand not covered in blood and plucking a few surgical tools from the neat tray inside. And a small container for the sample.

"The most stubborn bit in at the deep ends of the wounds. At least your fairy had the courtesy not to hit you where it would have caused nerve damage." Or worse things.
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"I'm not a mage, so I don't know the specifics... like what kind it is. I just know it's being more a lot more stubborn than a regular puncture. Or four." Amberdrake set to work, one of the mage-lights overhead drifting closer and brightening further to help with the impromptu surgery. The lighting in the office was all provided by these things; little floating puff-balls of colorful energy that gave off neutral light.

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