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[Text] A Sorry Sonico

Dear Everyone,

I am truly very sorry for any inconvenience I have cause over the last few days. I believe I have been a nuisance, and perhaps also very rude. To those of you I have recently met - I promise that this is not the kind of person I am. 

I am sorry if anyone had to witness a lack of manners from myself. My actions were not truly my own, but I am truly sorry for them all the same.

If there is anything I can do to repair any damage or upset caused, please let me know.

Yours, very sincerely, 

P.S If you were gifted any of my belongings during that time, please keep them as a token of my apology.
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That water was a real pain, wasn't it?

Still, I can't imagine you were that bad.
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I'll put it this way, there was a... dispute.

[What a tactful way to say he'd murdered himself with his bare hands.]

You? No manners? Now I'm sad I missed out on seeing it...
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It got sorted, yes. Not easily, but I can't say it wasn't at all fun.

[By certain lunatic definitions of 'fun'. But, he's never claimed sanity except as a joke.]

You don't think it's interesting to see other sides of people? I'm sure it wasn't that horrifying.
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[Hey, it's still true that he enjoyed the fight to some degree. Let the madman have that tiny victory, he knows it's a hollow one.]

Well, that's not so bad. If it makes you feel better, I haven't seen you be less than perfectly polite.

[Because clearly that's very important to the pink girl. Tannusen himself has been known to flip his shit more often than he's seen -- or heard of -- Sonico losing composure.]
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I speak only the truth.

[At the moment.]