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[ action | closed ] counting bodies like sheep, to the rhythm of the war drums

Who: Trahearne and Tannusen
Where: Genessia City - Garden Park Apartments - Trahearne's apartment
When: After the cure for Quiet Minds, but before the more recent Velvet Lust scenes w/ Tannu.
What: Tannusen goes back to Trahearne's apartment after everyone's cured.
Warnings: Tannu's a sad sack of cat.

When the tone -- and accent -- in the voicemail messages on his phone changed dramatically, Tannusen decided it was probably safe to return to the apartment. He was cautious, even so, and actually knocked on the front door instead of trying to go right in.

No longer able to teleport himself, he wasn't going to walk right over the top of any wells the sylvari necromancer may still be maintaining on the door!

Especially in his current condition. Tannusen didn't look... well. It was quite possible he hadn't eaten anything solid since coming back to life, and he certainly hadn't slept much.
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It was good that Tannusen knocked. The mark on the door was mostly to alert Trahearne to anyone trying to come in unannounced, the stun attached still wouldn't be fun to deal with. There was a faint flicker of magic as he approach the door and pulled it open a crack.

Tannusen. Tannusen looking like hell. Looking like hell wasn't a given that this was the correct Tannusen. Bright, cat-like eyes watched the fae for a long, searching moment before the sylvari's expression softened and he stepped back to let Tannusen inside.

"It's good to see you whole," he said, voice laced with concern.
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"No, he left for the cure as soon as it was available." His concern deepened when Tannusen didn't look up. It was so painfully unlike the fae to be anything less than put together and confident, or at least annoyed to justify him being anything else.

"Come in, please, Tannusen," he said in a softer voice. He felt ill from the sudden relief that Tannusen came back at all, it had eaten away at him that a friend was in danger and he was again unable to do anything. That wasn't a struggle he hadn't expected to face here.
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Trahearne felt a sympathetic pain in his chest. Regretful and troubled was a sad state to see Tannusen in.

"You did no harm to me, you kept part of Cassian safe, I do not think I'm owed an apology. I feel I owe you one, for my inaction. That is neither here nor there, I think you need rest more than words." And food. Trahearne was no cook but that's what microwaves were for.
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"Of course," Trahearne answered promptly. "You returning is far more valuable to me than an apology for silly matters."

Sometimes Tannusen was frustrating but who wasn't sometimes? As far as friends went, Tannusen was pretty decent. He cared in his own way and more than he showed, that note he'd sent with Cassian's better half showed that.

He looked over at Tannusen on the couch, wondering if he should say more, be properly comforting. Maybe this wasn't the time for him to try that.

"If you're able to eat, you should." Practicality was an easier approach. "There's leftover takeout... or sandwiches."
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"Ah." That was a question Trahearne hadn't wanted to ask. How does one ask if someone had died, really? It was rude, at best.

"How are you?" That he had to ask. Tannusen wasn't doing great, not at all. He didn't want to see Cassian at all despite going out of his way to save him and then there was dying. That was a harder subject to tackle. The best Trahearne could do was try to get something more out of Tannusen to work with.
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"It often helps to share that 'angst' even if there's nothing to be done. I'm willing to listen." He watched Tannusen, what there was of his brow under the seedpods was wrinkled with worry. With a faint sigh, he looked away and turned to go into the kitchen. It was easy to see him in the gap in the wall between the kitchen and living room.

Harder to see what exactly he was doing. There was a clatter as he pulled a pot from cabinet and the sound of running water. He set the pot on the stove and left it to heat up, returning to the entrance of the kitchen and leaning against the wall.

"And no, no one came to bother us."
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"Yes, it was the work of some scientist angry he wasn't allowed to experiment on citizens. So he experimented on citizens." Trahearne shook his head. While some might be criticizing officials for not handling the guy sooner, nutters like that would keep cropping up. With how much trouble this world generated, something like the water incident was bound to happen.

"As far as I know, he's been taken care of. It was settled by the time I could've done anything myself." So he felt pretty useless during the whole thing.
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Trahearne appreciated the admission, it was downright brazen for Tannusen when it came to the fae admitting feelings of any kind. His "good" half had spoiled some of the mystery with that note. He wasn't about to say that, no need to push Tannusen on silly things like that.

"In return for watching Cassian I just ask you keep yourself relatively safe. I have few friends myself, I don't want to worry that you won't come back next time." Do what you like Tannusen, but maybe try to be healthy. For the most part.

Trahearne went into the kitchen again to pull a small container from a cupboard and drop something into the boiling water. That done, he was back at the doorway.
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"...From whom?" The Cassian that Trahearne met had no shotgun and was working himself up something terrible over Tannusen's face. It wasn't easy to assume that the priest would be the one wielding the firearm.
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"I see." He thought Cassian was too open for Tannusen to get so attached to. That explained a lot. He didn't want to know what kind of unholy terror the other have could've been.

"Well that half was exceptionally worried about you, ran right into that mark on the door in his hurry to try to find you." Tannusen didn't know exactly what Trahearne's wells did, but "nothing good" was safely assumed.
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Trahearne was silent awhile. There was a lot he wanted to say to that, a lot that may or may not help. In the end, he didn't feel like much of it was worth the risk while Tannusen was like this. He walked over and sat on the futon, far enough away from Tannu that the fae shouldn't have to pull away.

"I don't think," he said slowly, carefully, "That you should assume he will blame you, given the circumstances."
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It made all the difference and Trahearne had a good idea what was going through Tannusen's mind on the matter.

"What we choose to do says a great deal more about our character than what we're capable of." In either direction, good or bad. "Given you were deprived of choice- well, I think you should give yourself time and understanding."
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Trahearne looked over to him, a look of deep sadness flashing across his face for a moment before it was gone, lost in the calm he tried to maintain. He looked down at his hands in his lap.

"No, you can't expect me to understand," he said softly. "I can't expect to understand either. What I do understand is, as you are now, whole, you would not make that choice. Given choice, you would not act on horrible thoughts."

He rubbed at the palm of his hand with the thumb of the other, pushing hard to feel the pressure through the leafy glove.

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