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[Action | Closed] Motorized mayhem

Who: Trahearne and Tannusen
What: Tannusen invites Trahearne to meet Jethro, who is a motorcycle.
Where: Genessia, starting near the Everglade archway
Warnings: Shouldn't be

Trahearne looked up at the archway as he approached, tense from just being this close. With recent events about Everglade and it's unsavory leadership, he didn't even want to think about the place. Thankfully, he didn't need to go through the archway, he was just here to meet Tannusen. He spotted the fae and hurried towards him.
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There was no helping it, with a native Earth full of werewolves and vampires and such, any subarchways the Fae opened would insist on spawning in the redheaded step-child of the cities. One would think Fayren, with the fantastical nature of Faerie business, with castles and dragons and all that nonsense -- but no. Changeling-specific things were far more in Fayren's wheelhouse, but the world he came from skewed it all firmly back into supernatural horror.

Even if a subarchway was just to a five by ten storage unit out in the middle of nowhere, Nevada. Specifically, this had been set to the summer of 2008. That was the year he'd had to put Jethro into storage in order to go into deeper hiding. By the time Barack Obama had won the US election at the end of the year, Tannusen had snapped a sufficient number of necks to be safe enough pull his very distinctive custom bike out of storage and ride back up to Canada. He'd rushed off to meet up with an old carnie friend who needed his help with some spooky business up in Toronto.

But he couldn't bear to see even a fake Isaac again, so it had to be before Toronto. Otherwise, he knew he'd never leave the arch. It also needed to be after he'd paid that nocker village to forge a chimera out of the motorcycle, and that made for a pretty narrow window in the grand scheme of things.

Narrow, but not too narrow. Especially with time paused.

And sure, the Harley V-Rod Tannusen pushed alongside him was a soulless construct... but so was the original. When one was dealing with chimera, souls didn't come into effect. Jethro had always been very much like the natives of this world, except his personality and form had been crafted by other people, not... whatever ran this world.

Tannu looked up when Trahearne drew near, and offered the sylvari a smile. Not astride the bike, he'd chosen to push it from the subarchway all the way to Genessia without turning on the engine. It was less likely to draw trouble that way.

Trouble could come later. It always did.

"Trahearne, meet Jethro. Jethro, Trahearne." Why yes, he did just introduce the bike like it was a person.
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Tannusen held the bike up with one hand on the nearest grip, and stroked the other hand over the bike's false gas-tank... much like one might do to a pet. He still might very well be fucking with Trahearne, or it may indeed be able to feel that. Who knew?

"Jethro was the only friend I had at my back for a long time," uh oh, that sounded pretty sincere. "It was my sister's bike for several years before I got it from her. It's soaked up all sorts of daydreams and thoughts and feelings from the both of us." And a whole lot of nightmares, of course. Neither sibling has had a good run of it.
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No indeed, Tannusen's sister was doing just fine, last he'd seen her. The one relation he didn't have a problem with.

"Mmhm, she pretty much raised me." Because fuck knows their shared father hadn't been interested in raising a kid. Having one? Sure. Raising it? Ha. Maybe training it, like a pet hound, but not raising it.

"Well, I thought you should meet it before it's just suddenly hanging out in your apartment."

Street parking was for losers.

Also, Jethro was openly a very pretty, custom, expensive motorcycle. A prime target for vandals and thieves, which... never ended well for said vandals and thieves.

"You ever been on a bike?"
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"A factory V-Rod will go a hundred and forty miles per hour, or two hundred and twenty five kilometers per hour," Tannusen continued to pet the false gas tank, like stroking the neck of a horse. Or dragon pony deer. "Jethro is, of course, not factory."

So, faster than that.

Not that he expected those numbers to make much sense to Trahearne. So Tannusen glanced up at the near-by traffic, and pointed out some of the cars heading down the road. "That one's going thirty five miles per hour. But I'm not going to open Jethro's throttle in town."


Certainly at least not with a passenger. Tannusen threw a leg over the bike's saddle and patted the pillion seat behind him. "Want to try?"

He'd need to get himself a new helmet -- among other things, and a basic passenger helmet... but for this run, this would be fine. They wouldn't go too terribly fast, in part to keep the wind from blinding them both.
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Tannusen reached down past his own leg to turn the key in Jethro's ignition. He then held down the switch near the right blinker control for a moment, and the bike's mortal form growled to life. Not bad, it didn't even sound like a bike that had spent so many months just sitting idly in storage.

The sound made him stupidly happy. He'd missed this!

"Hold onto my waist, and put your feet on these," he pointed out the passenger pegs by tapping them with the sides of his boots, one after the other, before planting his feet back on the ground. He'd be holding the whole mess up until take-off, after all. "You'll want to avoid touching the big shiny tubes," the exhaust, "or anything that moves. All of that gets extremely hot. Other than that, lean the way I lean, when I lean. Easy, right?" Another reason for a passenger to just hold onto his waist, it made matching those leans that much easier.
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Tannusen took Trahearne's wrists in his gloved hands and moved the sylvari's grip to be a less... nervous one. "You can hang onto my sides, you won't blow off like a leaf. Honestly, you're probably heavier than I am."

The engine of the bike spluttered, just a little tiny bit. Was it laughing at this? Somehow? Or was it just rough from that months-long cold start?

"There's a spot downtown with decent tea, let's go there," once Trahearne was settled into place, the blond pulled in the clutch, shifted Jethro into gear with the tip of a boot, and...

They were off!

Everything felt a lot faster on a motorcycle!
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Thankfully for Trahearne's nerves, downtown wasn't that far from any of those cardinally-positioned arches. The tiger kept them slower than the traffic around them, too, and pulled up at a cute little place that had outdoor seating. So sue him, he didn't want to let Jethro out of his sight for long, just yet! He slid the bike into a spot beside the sidewalk and killed the engine.

"Not too terrible, right? I stayed around twenty."

Out of... a hundred and forty. No, more.

"This place brews a good oolong. Ever been here?"
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Tannusen had a habit of meeting people in neutral locations when they wouldn't come to Velvet, or when he didn't particularly want them there. So he'd been to a lot of these little spots, all around the main city. Some of the other cities, too, if to a far lesser degree.

That was how he'd gotten poisoned with Nova City's water supply, despite living and working in Genessia. Just tea, taken at an otherwise-innocuous meeting.

What a result, though. Certainly not the one he'd been hoping for from that particular outing...

...And look at how empty that outdoor seating was! They could pick their spot, no one else wanted to freeze their butts off outside in the dead of winter. First, though, tea. Tannusen led the way indoors to place his part of the order.

"Yeah, I got scolded over how bad you are at cooking," he told Trahearne once their orders were in. "Apparently it's a crime I haven't taught you a bunch of cooking you'd never use."
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The bike had moved when no one was looking. About three feet to the left; closer to their seating.

"Of course," Tannusen, of course, wasn't alarmed at that discovery. To his eyes, the chimera wasn't a bike at all, after all. "I doubt I could avoid doing so even if I wanted to." Which he didn't.
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...Tannusen just tried very hard to not die, having just inhaled a sip of searing hot oolong tea.
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Tannusen's coughing fit ended with him half out of the chair, but it did pass. "...Yeah, the good half was a mouse." Cute, sure, but nervous as hell. And lacking a lot of the usual punch, literally and otherwise. "I have no idea, honestly. He's as old as dirt, but he's modern enough, I wouldn't be surprised if he's been on a motorcycle or twenty before."

Then again, he kept assuming Cassian had done things before that he hadn't. But come on, he had to be right eventually. Right? Right. Maybe not.
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Tannusen gave Trahearne a suspicious look, but didn't have enough of a suspicion to do more than that. Then his gaze shifted back over to the motorcycle. And to its large, travel-worn saddlebags. Of the two largest bags, one held a tightly-rolled survival sleeping bag, and the other... stuffed into a dark, zipped-up pillow case to avoid suspicion...

"What, in the bags? Nothing too dangerous," Tannusen took a cautious sip of tea, trying not to resume choking on it. "My old pelt and skull is bundled up in one of them. After I broke free, I found the poacher who took me out last time. Needless to say I wasn't going to throw his 'trophy' in the dumpster."

He'd considered burning it, a time or thirty, but no. It had so much chimerical potential...
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Tannusen's eyebrows raised at Trahearne's surprise, and he wordlessly set his tea down to get up and walk over to the motorcycle. He opened the relevant saddlebag -- the largest of the bunch, more of a large canvas duffel bag strapped down to the back fender -- and pulled what seemed to be a very lumpy, huge black pillow out.

That was all that fit in there.

He brought it back over to the table, sat back down, and held the thing out for Trahearne to inspect. The 'pillow' was way too heavy, even for its considerable size.
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