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[ Action | Open ] burying the voices of my conscience hitting ground

Who: Tannusen and OPEN!
Where: Just some random park in Genessia City with a lot of NPC foot traffic.
What: Tannusen's out in public, during normal waking hours.
When: Daytime!
Warnings: Nah. Will update if it becomes necessary.

Tannusen had found a pretty ideal bench on which to set himself up for the day. He sat at one end of it, a backpack sitting on the ground by his foot. One leg was folded over the other, a lined legal notepad of yellow paper balanced on his lap.

The pooka glanced up at people over his glasses as they went by, sometimes seeming to study them and sometimes disregarding what he saw with no apparent rhyme or reason. The mechanical pencil in his gloved hand moved with few pauses, sometimes scratching a word or five and sometimes... drawing? Was he drawing?

Okay, one... why would he do that? Two, on lined paper? And three... no, really, what was he up to?
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It's not often these days that Regis steps foot out of Fayren, especially ever since Noctis arrived to Genessia. When he's not spending time with his son, he's working on lessons for his class. Never in his life did the former King of Lucis imagine himself ever as a 'Magic Instructor' and a honorary Arcane Knight at that. Regis forged a whole new life here in Genessia and occasionally he has to pinch himself to ensure he's not dreaming.

Do the dead even dream? He doubts it. Maybe if he was truly dead, he wouldn't be able to dream of something so fanciful. His near picture perfect life here in Genessia is testimony of his unexplained resurrection. Maybe the Six orchestrated all this, certainly seems like it.

He's idly walking along the sidewalk, cane at hand, when he spots a curious figure upon a nearby bench. Regis out on errands today but he gave into his wanderlust and ended up here in Genessia City. His bad knee still gives him trouble, along with some of the wounds he endured during his duel with Zoro but Regis is still up and about. Granted he's a tad sore but at least he's alive and well.
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'Is he sketching me?' Regis assumes so from how the artist keeps eyeing him. He blinks his eyes several times in surprise. The king didn't expected to become a centerpiece in a mock character study but he's flattered nonetheless. Unlike most of the pedestrians here, Regis does acknowledge he might be the most interesting person wandering down these streets. Everyone else does look a tad bland for the most part in the usual urban chic. However, Regis is clad in a handsome black pinstriped suit with a matching long cloak that has hints of purple in the inside of it. He's the perfect blend between medieval and modern.

Regis takes that slight nod as a welcome. He walks leisurely over towards the bench with a faint grin upon his face. "Pardon me for being quite nosy but what are you sketching?" The king asks as he subtly tries to peek at the artist's work. He's curious, very curious.
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For someone who lacks artistic talent even on a good day, Regis is impressed but it takes him a moment to figure out what he's staring at. He expected to see more of a portrait than a gesture but Regis doesn't really understand art too well. Music he understands but actual art? He's a tad clueless about but he appreciates it nonetheless. Though, he's admittedly more interested on the notes there.

"You're an artist and a musician?" The old man questions once he sees the guitar chords. Back in his heydays, Regis used to be something of a musician but then dedicated himself to the war with Niflheim once it gained fever pitch.

"I was never quite so artistically incline since my talents lied on the battlefield." He's not lying about that. Regis was a rather fierce combatant in his youth. "But used to be fairly decent with the guitar." Regis leans a little against his cane once his bad knee starts nagging at him. The gold leg brace is probably the only thing that clashes with the black of his attire. The two of them are two different sides of the same coin fashion wise. It's oddly humorous and Regis does acknowledge it with a slight smirk.
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Cole's hat preceded him, sticking out way farther than his face as he leaned forward from the back of the bench. He tilted his head to better read was on the paper and blinked slowly. It was easier to read what Tannusen was thinking than what he was writing down. A specific line caught his interest and he pointed down at it.

"She doesn't like that."
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"I'm not going to hurt you," Cole said to that coolly-polite mask. There was no fooling the spirit, as long as one was someone he could read. Tannusen had none of that protection that Ted had!

"I said she doesn't like what you wrote. You should write something else." He hadn't moved away from Tannusen yet.
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"They're afraid, but not of her," Cole countered. Tannusen did have a point though, he should act somewhat human and sit like a normal person. Like a totally normal person, he clambered over the back of the bench and sat next to Tannusen, cross-legged. He didn't bother to watch Tannusen now, floppy hat blocking the fae from his view.

"I like that picture you didn't want me to see. His hair wasn't long enough though..." Cole mused over the images of Cassian in Tannusen's mind, the priest looked both very ill and very beautiful.
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No excellent eyesight, sorry to say. Cole only saw a glimpse of the drawing in person, far more in Tannusen's mind. Spirits were so fun like that.

"I like it." Simple, as far as Cole is concerned. "Fast, fading, fear, you're doing this to stay like you are. Why do you look at real people for that?"
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The Genessia City public park is usually one of the place where Abel, the tall silvered haired priest goes out for his morning or evening job, depending whenever he feels like it. He was passing by, when he noticed him, sitting at one of the benches working on writing in his notepad.

Giving him a wave, "Hello, Mr. Tannusen. Feeling better, I see?" Last time he saw him, the pooka looked like he got hit by a truck, and Abel escorted him back home from the hospital. "What you're up to?"
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"Please, it's just Abel. The priest bit is just a title." He said, chuckling in good humor in spite of himself.

"Oh, is that so?" Well, Abel doesn't want to pry. After all, he's just a jogger saying hello and he's not much of help concerning supernatural. "Is it an event?" He asked, curious.