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002 | ACTION. OTA.

[Thankfully, Kimmuriel didn't have to wait too long after his initial arrival to find that he wasn't alone in the city. Jarlaxle had collected him some hours ago now, had taken him to the inn he had been staying to help the smaller drow settle in. And for a while, that was good enough - it was a nicer place to wait out the daylight hours as opposed to the cave he'd been skulking in earlier that day.]

[And after the sun had finally set, and most other people living there had, hopefully, turned in for the night, Kimmuriel finally took his own leave. First to visit the welcome center that people were so fond of recommending, and though it had some helpful information, it wasn't enough.]

[So, you know. At this point, he decides it's time to do what he should have been doing since he arrived here in the first place.]

[Anyone that happens to be nearby may see the small elf, all coal skinned and white haired, lurking off in the shadows somewhere as if in thought. Or worse, they may feel a sudden chill, may feel as though icy fingers are forcefully pressing against their mind as Kimmuriel tries to dig into thoughts, into memories, into anything that can give him more information about the cities and the world in general. This would have been so much easier to do at the start than trying to talk to these miserable people.]

[What are personal boundaries???]
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((OOC: Since it was optional I'm going off the assumption of no mind-reading in my opener, cuz Tannu would not... react well to that.))

[Tannusen is at his bar and club on most nights, and tonight hasn't been an exception to that rule. Even so, it's not uncommon for him to leave for a while in the middle of the festivities, to find quiet in the hopes of recharging his bullshit tolerance. Tigers are not, after all, very social creatures. Velvet Lust has become an integral part of his life, but it can't change who he is.]

[So... sometimes an exit is required.]

[That's what's going on at the moment, the Faerie striding down the sidewalk with his gloved hands stuffed into his coat pockets. Someone lurking in the shadows is almost always going to catch his eye, however, unless they're being a great deal more careful about it. Not surprising with all the trouble he's gotten into -- and out of.]

[Thus, the tiger pauses near Kimmuriel's lurking spot of choice.]

You lost?