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[ action | OPEN ] and if I told you everything, would you call me crazy?

Who: Tannusen and whoever!
Where: Genessia City - Velvet Lust (Please read that link if you're gonna tag in!)
Warnings: Heavy innuendo in the first two threads. Will add if any others are needed.

🌟 OTAs and closed threads between people who aren't Tannusen are also welcome! Just mind the security.

A. anyone ICly over 18 [OPEN] (18 meaning adult. If your character IS an adult and is just technically younger, they're still okay for this!)

It was night-time, Velvet Lust was open for business. Tannusen could be found either at the bar downstairs, sitting on one of the stools instead of helping pour drinks, or upstairs at that bar trading commentary with the snarky bartender on duty. Either way, he was drinking tea, thank you!

B. anyone ICly under 18 or who just wants to [OPEN]

Day or night, if anyone lingered for long enough just outside of the bar, it was going to eventually draw Tannusen's attention.

C. pre-hours on assorted days [locked to Velvet Lust staffers]

Before the bar opened for the night, Tannusen could be found on either floor of the establishment. Stocking things, fixing something, or... even lounging around as a tiger. Staff were always allowed to come and go for several hours before opening time.

D. pre-hours one day [locked to Cassian Lynch]

On one specific day, shortly after the first incident with Ni, Tannusen found himself eyeballing the downstairs area while it was free of people. Maybe... he had an idea. He pulled his phone out of his suit jacket, and dialed Cassian.

Of course, he couldn't just be serious right from the get-go, so his first words when the guy picked up were an artfully-breathy, "Hey babe, what're you wearing?"
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[Locked to Amberdrake]

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Sanzo lagged behind deliberately, taking any chance to pause. He needed to stamp out his cigeratte. Wait, he needed to get another out. Light it too! Give him a minute, he's just enjoying the night air while polluting it. He bled reluctance and irritation, this wasn't his idea of a good time. His idea of a good time involved staying home and not talking to anyone he didn't have to.

With some convincing, he'd dressed up for the night. Overdressed, even, in a collared shirt, tie, and smart waistcoat. Amberdrake was maddeningly convincing, Sanzo wasn't quite sure how he'd gotten him this far into Genessia City at all.

He paused yet again under the guise of reading a nearby sign and muttered something about this being stupid under his breath for the third time.
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just roommates being pals

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Taking Sanzo anywhere that wasn't a shooting range, karaoke bar, or a convenience store (for the all-important beer and smokes, of course) was seriously like dragging a cat across the ground in a harness and leash while it just laid there and plotted your demise.

At least Sanzo was in a pretty harness and leash, such as it was. It was always nice to see him in 'street clothes'. Flattering as the Sanzo robes were on him...

Amberdrake paused when Sanzo stopped again, and actually sighed. In public. Honestly.

"Ke'chara," he had no qualms calling him endearments in his native tongue, in public. Literally no one would know what he'd said. "Must you?"
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And they were roommates!

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"What?" Sanzo asked with no attempt to sound innocent. He wasn't happy to be here and his voice dripped with his disdain for things like bars he didn't want to go to. Yes he knew he was being a brat, but he did nothing to hide it.

He took a slow drag on his cigarette, watching for Amberdrake's reaction. Amberdrake would win this fight, eventually. It would be a fight, at least from Sanzo's point of view.
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Directly pointing out that Sanzo was being a brat wouldn't do anything to change that fact. Amberdrake knew this well, after years and years of experience with the cantankerous blond spanning multiple worlds.

"I understand the sign is very fascinating," the kestra'chern let a hand hover behind Sanzo's lower back, not quite touching. He'd literally herd the guy if he had to; he'd done that plenty over the years, "but surely it doesn't take that long to read."
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Sanzo grunted, gracefully allowing himself to be 'herded' if only so Drake wouldn't physically push him along. He had little doubt that Drake would, if it came to that. Smoke trailed after him as he walked. He was smart enough not to blow it in Drake's face, as tempting as the idea was when he was pissy.

"Why are we bothering with this?" he asked finally, breaking his personal vow to just complaint silently the whole way there.
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"Because I like to actually leave the house once in a while. For things that aren't work," Amberdrake knew exactly what he was doing with that hovering hand, you bet he did. He kept pace with the grumpy monk, just as serene as could be. "And I enjoy your company."

Though no outside observer would be able to tell why. Sanzo was such a brat in public.

"Besides, Koumyou Sanzo comes here all the time. Aren't you at all curious about it?"

They just... wouldn't go upstairs. It was too loud up there for Drake's tastes, anyway.
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"Koumyou Sanzo has bad taste in bars," Sanzo grumbled. Sure he respected his master to no end but that didn't mean he always made the best life choices. He didn't really want to see his father doing whatever he got up to in Velvet Lust.

Sanzo sped up a bit, that hand was just close enough to be annoying, he could almost feel it.
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Amberdrake chuckled quietly at that. The response, or Sanzo speeding up?


"I hadn't realized you made such a habit of frequenting the bars he visits."
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"I don't, I just said he had bad taste." Flawless logic. He thinks they're bad so he just don't go. "The name of this place is bad enough. Sounds like a place the kappa would lurk around."

Anything Gojyo liked was automatically bad, of course.
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"Well I like the place," Amberdrake scoffed at the priest, "so there."

Not getting out of going, asshole!

"And I have impeccable taste."