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[Action] Exploring Everglade

[The moment Spectra floated into Everglade, she could feel the tension in the air. The tension between man and mon(ster) was so thick, she could cut it with a knife. If she had one. She ventured deeper into the city proper, phasing through buildings, walls and anything else solid to avoid detection by the residents.

Fear, hatred, it all reigns supreme here and it makes Spectra wish she was back at Monster High where a vampire could date a werewolf if they wanted to. But she was stuck here. She had to exist with the knowledge that people had to suffer at the hands of the natural, supernatural and perhaps even the bureaucracy. She knew it wasn't her place to try to change things, so she will carry out what she came to Everglade to do.

From the back alleys, to the front yards. From school yards to hospital rooms. From magic shops to even the Guardian's office, Spectra phased in and out of everywhere she went in quick timing, snapping photos on her phone and getting candid statements from the people talking, unaware of her eavesdropping. This would make for a big, juicy piece on her Ghostly Gossip blog.

After a good few hours of snooping in other peoples' business, Spectra floats around a deserted road to review the photos she took on her phone, saving the ones she liked and deleting the ones that turned out bad.

However, she didn't expect someone to suddenly turn the corner and come down the road she is momentarily haunting.]
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[But, someone does. Tannusen, in particular, has a habit of taking enthusiastic walks through Everglade with his hair down to hide the pointed tips of his ears.

And woe unto anyone who jumps the apparent 'human'.

The Faerie pauses, however, when he notices the ghost girl... with a phone. Possibly real person, then? Interesting.]

Please tell me you're not playing solitaire. That game's been eating way too much of my time.
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[Drawn out whispers seems natural enough to the Faerie. Sluagh talk in much the same way.]

Yeah? Find anything interesting?
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How dull. I usually just give my tree tea and a new book, for that. Or hand him one of his cats.
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Hell no. Are you?

[A valid question, Tannusen thinks. Ghost, and all.]
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Why would you want to look around Everglade? Morbid curiosity?
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[he jumps about a mile]

Shit! A ghost!
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Going on patrol, ghost to ghost. Another walk through Everglade, senses keen for troublemakers and other ne'er-do-wells who might need the swift retribution of justice.

But despite what one might hear, Ted doesn't immediately shadow-punch every ghost he sees. No matter how much Gengar might want to. Hey, even the dead--who really shouldn't be wandering around the living--deserve the benefit of the doubt.

So a man, or at least a vague, black, silky silhouette of one, gets the jump on the pale-blue girl.

"Hello, what's your name?"
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[Ted makes sure to use his voice-changer for the rare chances he actually talks to people while on the prowl. At the moment is sounds like something hollow, wispy, and sexless. Perfect for anonymity.]

"Ha, sorry, ma'am, but scaring is practically a greeting in its own right in this city. A public service, even, if you can believe it. May I have your name and occupation?"

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Re: [Action]

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"Haha, interesting name! May I assume you're a ghost or some sort of spirit, then?"

[Because clearly she's being too subtle about this.]

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[Fai had been slightly busy focused on making sure his pokemon didn't cause many problems, minus one pokemon who always seemed to want to cling. he wasn't as small as he was when that started, but that never stopped him from trying. After slightly nudging him for a moment, he found himself stopping, noticing someone coming towards them and seemingly not as focused.]

I have noticed a lot of young people love their phones, but I can never understand why.
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You mean in ways like letters or magical items?

[Like Mokona back in the day. Mokona had always been useful when they needed to speak to Yuuko at the beginning.]

I know that use rather well, honestly. But I thought there was a lot more to it.