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[ The video starts on a single glass:

It's set on a counter next to a sink. ]

Caramelized bacon with crystallized egg yolk, to end on a dessert note of anti-griddle-frosted mango sabayon. It's good but..

[ It's not good enough. She sounds disappointed in herself. Her hand comes and slowly pushes the glass of breakfast into the sink, where it goes to waste. She goes slow enough that it almost looks like a tragedy when the perfectly crisp bacon hits the sink and breaks in its fragility, the mango sabayon tripping down the sink slowly like the spilled blood of breakfasts in some kind of breakfast war. ]

Everyone's worlds have so much more to offer in advancing my cooking and I haven't taken enough advantage. Tell me about your world's cuisine, please! In particular, breakfast. We'll worry about the other meals later, one step at a time.
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I'm from a real basic Earth with real basic stuff. So, not much help there.