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Video/action for Tannusen

For a limited time, the Cloak and Dagger is sellin' crisps. They may have taken a jaunt through an alternate magical dimension, so they could have a fascinatin' series of effects if ye eat 'em.

If not, well they're fairly decent crisps. Get 'em while supplies last.

[Meanwhile, back at the rectory, once Cassian is done with pushing fake magic chips, he settles in for a good book.

Been a while since he could just sit and read in peace.
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[more action several days later]

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They had indeed moved in the next day. But until the bed situation was resolved, Tannusen simply found somewhere out of the way and slept in his other form. Since he was getting a bit creaky in the winter for a tiger, it wasn't the best solution, but it worked.

At least he hadn't had a lot of shit to bring into the house, himself. Most of it had been shoving books into Trahearne's new nerd-cave of a room.

The tiger had brought a battered old acoustic guitar case -- had Cassian even known he played? nope, secretive (shy, actually) bastard -- a few changes of clothes, and a single box of odds and ends. Mostly books, stashed wherever he thought the box would be out of the way, like a secret.

Everything else, including most of those famous suits of his, he just stashed for now in Velvet's secret basement. He didn't know how much room there would or wouldn't be, and he refused to take up too much space.

The eternal struggle of someone far more used to being homeless.

In fact, the very act of moving in had sparked up all sorts of annoying struggles inside that crazy brain of his. He woke up, often, his heart pounding, after anxiety nightmares about Cassian changing his mind about the whole thing. The priest wouldn't have been the first person to do so.

Having Tannusen around all the time was...

A challenge.

And oh, he was fully aware of that. So, so aware of that. It didn't stop a damn thing, knowing just made it all into a train wreck he couldn't prevent and couldn't look away from.

When they eventually went to pick out a new bed, of course, Tannusen was his usual trollish, chipper self. Jokes and awful innuendo everywhere, lounging around on display models and driving salespeople up the goddamned wall. It probably made any haggling easier than normal, at least, because everyone just wanted to get the asshole blond to leave.

Only after the new bed was hauled in and set up, and Tannusen had sprawled face-first on it because of course he did, did the tiger actually laugh. Actual laughter, muffled into the mattress, not the fake crap the pooka had been using all day. A subtle difference, but one his two thousand year old boyfriend could most likely pick out. Not many people could, even after knowing him for years.

Funny thing -- funny, get it? -- being crazy didn't stop for convenience.

If he didn't stop laughing into the mattress like a madman he was going to suffocate himself.
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Tannusen managed after another full minute or so to stop the... slightly unhinged laughter. Because that's what the real stuff was, more often than not.

He turned his head onto its side so he could breathe properly. And be heard easier. "You ever just get struck by how stupid everything is?"
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"There's always something stupid," the blond pointed out, though his tone and expression had gentled a little at Cassian joining him on the bed. "I'm just amused at how many fucking beds I've helped pick out in the last few months."

Trahearne couldn't be trusted to pick one out by himself either, after all.

"Didn't have one at all for most of my life, and now I'm turning into a goddamn expert about them or something. So stupid."
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"Uh-huh, and a litter box, I'm sure," he'd heard these jokes before, Cassian. Not new ground, here.

Didn't stop Tannusen from snatching up a pillow and dropping it on the priest's face, though.
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Tannusen, of course, just went strangely quiet. He didn't immediately turn head again, though, just kinda... eyed Cassian contemplatively for a moment.

It was only when he thought his expression might get a little too real, that he turned his face back down into the mattress.

Lots of spinning gears going on in that lunatic head of his.
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Cassian was so unbelievably sweet to him, Tannusen had no idea what he'd done to deserve the guy.

(Other than nothing, because he didn't.)

Holy crap but he knew he didn't.

Tannusen did, at least, shift onto his side before answering, doing so without rolling away from Cassian at all and just sort of curling up into that easy embrace, his head ducked down against the other man's chest.

"...Would you collar me?" It was a very hesitant question. "If I asked you to."
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It was very nice. Other than the demands of his own crazy mind, of course. Their positioning, and Cassian's fingers in his hair? So nice.

But oh wow, that was some sudden tension that the tiger hadn't quite anticipated. Tannusen didn't quite flinch, but only because no sound had actually come out. "...Why am I asking what you'd do if I asked, or why would I ask?"

Might seem like mere semantics on the surface, but it really wasn't.
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Tannusen nodded against Cassian's chest. He did, actually.

He'd never seen the brand Cassian still bore, had never seen the guy with so much as his sleeves rolled up, let alone without a shirt. Anyone who knew him by reputation alone would have never thought this would happen in quite this order.

Or at all.

The tiger was not a submissive guy with... others. In any way. Just ask Kani! Passive, yes, but it was like a lazy giant cat lounging around watching what you were doing while it decided whether it was going to eat you or not. Almost everyone mistook one for the other at some point and tried to put Tannusen in his place, but they all learned a thing or four in the attempt.

"Only if you want to."

It meant nothing, otherwise. There was no point if it was just to humor him.
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Tannusen took a deep breath and let it out, the sound a bit... shaken.

"It is."

But only, only if Cassian wasn't just humoring him.

"I want to belong to you, and I want to belong with you. I want something that can always be on me, that no one else but you could take off of me. It's..." his fingers tightened in a small handful of Cassian's shirt.

"With something like that, I'll... it'll help me know you're not tired of me yet."

Because it wouldn't be hard for Cassian to take it off of him, if he was.
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"Belonging to each other," Tannusen repeated, then nodded. "I don't... have any problems with that."

Though he was extremely touched by the sentiment, and that was there in his tone. An unexpected thing for Cassian to say, despite everything. Not surprising in context, no, but Tannusen's perspective was often skewed. Especially so with someone he cared for.

"Isaac and I had a similar thing going, only he wore the collar and I wore the key. No one ever had a clue what they were looking at, in either case." They could make them sneaky, these days.
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"Yeah," Tannusen smoothed the wrinkles out of the bit of shirt he'd clenched in his hand earlier.

"That would be good. Part of the whole thing is that you could take it off me whenever you wanted to."

And just... never wanted to. He hoped.
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Tannusen just nodded against Cassian's chest. He'd never want it off, he was sure. But that was both an understood sentiment... and wasn't the point, and he knew it.

So he didn't say it.

Instead, with an abundance of obvious shyness, "I love you, Cassian."

Look, Tannusen even used his name again. He was trying to get better about that, now that things had... gotten to where they were.