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Picture Yourself In A Boat On A River

Who Szel and Amberdrake
When Early evening
Where Amberdrake's office in Attleton
What Szel's hit the fae soul shit too hard. Now he's out to inflict himself on others.
Warnings Drugs?

Oh. No good. Great. Tannusen passed out. Not that Szel did not attempt to rouse the doped up tiger, he nudged him with his foot and poked his face and everything. But when his clearly extensive and well thought out awakening tactics failed, he just was left with no choice.

He'd have to go spend the evening with someone else.

Swimming through a haze of magically induced hallucinations was a fascinating trip, and when he found he no longer cared to walk, the demon took to teleporting his way through the city.

Which was how he ended up materializing in an office, the scent of opium hanging thickly around him.

"Don't bother going for the door. It's locked now."
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You know what Amberdrake could deal with a whole lot less of?

People teleporting into his office in the middle of the night.

The Healer had been taking a well-earned break after sending his last client home for the night, sitting on one of the couches in the lobby with a fresh pot of a soothing tea. And a pair of cups, because he never bothered to just bring one out anymore. Not when Ni might pop in at literally any moment, trying as always to take him off guard.

That, of course, was what the kestra'chern thought had just happened for... about half of a second.

He registered that this was someone new before Szelhamos even finished speaking. Raising an eyebrow, he calmly went to pour tea into the other cup.

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Amberdrake was sort of a legend in his assorted fields, at least on his own world and thus among the fake denizens of this one. Szel could have heard about him from any number of the 'locals', even if his clients tend to be a bit more closed-mouthed about him for fear of revealing anything personal about themselves.

Thus, the kestra'chern wasn't exactly surprised. He watched Szel with the same calm study he watched everyone with; the kind that wasn't really a stare, somehow, but really didn't miss any details.

"That would be part of the job description, yes," Drake's voice had been cultivated over his entire life to sound smooth and pleasant. Calm, everything about him was calm. He even gave off a low-level calm projection Empathically, as a default. Not enough to unduly influence anyone -- it was about the same as lighting a pleasant smelling candle.

"Would you like a seat, or are you too full of energy?"
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Well that was... interesting. Both the line of questioning and the glimpse of wings. Six of them, no less? Two per person, Amberdrake was used to. Six was novel.

"...I can't say that I ever have, no."
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"They don't have trunks on most worlds, no," Amberdrake had actually been on one where that could happen. Haven. Especially after the stars had fallen from the sky and everything had gone a bit... wonky.

"I'm afraid I'll have to state the obvious and note that you've clearly been drugged. Heavily."

Or, you know, taken a drug rather than been drugged. Either way, the guy was as high as a soaring gryphon if he was seeing all of that. Even if he hadn't been blind, that wouldn't be... normal.
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"Perhaps not in the usual sense," Drake conceded. But buddy, you're still fucking high.

He didn't even have a base-line for how this stranger usually behaved and he could tell that pretty plainly.
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"Well, I'm glad you're having a good time, then."

That still didn't explain why the guy was here.
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...He doubts Drake is aware of the scandal in Everglade? Amberdrake doesn't bother to rise to that bait, not even a little bit. The kestra'chern just takes a drink of his tea, quite relaxed in his seat. He doesn't even react to being tapped with the cane, having rather expected it.

Not because the stranger somehow doesn't know where he is, of course. Drake hasn't moved from his seat this whole time, after all. No, it's expected because the winged man is being so very fidgety.

"How would I know what her stance is with humans?" Okay, maybe a little rising to the bait, if only because it amuses him.

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Don't worry, Szel. Four worlds besides his own, now; you're still not the weirdest -- or bitchiest -- person Amberdrake's ever dealt with. Not by a long shot.

Konzen Douji still had both of those particular titles in the bag.

...It hadn't helped matters much that he'd been the previous incarnation of Drake's ke'chara and everyone involved had known it. Oh, and a literal God, to boot.

"I am aware, yes," Amberdrake decided to play ball, a little, instead of just continuing to gently poke at the stranger's own insinuations, "that one of the city guardians has a dislike for humans that could be observed from orbit."

Being human, himself, and having been on multiple worlds where that was the sort of thing that got a person murdered in the streets... yes. The veteran War-Healer had indeed been paying attention.
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"That's not very surprising," Amberdrake pours himself some more tea, "everyone has their blind spots."


Sort of. Not really.

To be fair, this is after hours, and he'd rather like to get home to his own human not-husband sometime tonight. Some chatty Cathy gossipy teleporting guy is stopping him from doing that, right now, and it's been... a long day.

He's allowing himself a little snark, for once. Just a bit around the edges of that serene kestra'chern mask of his.
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Is this what's going on? Is he supposed to psychoanalyze Grell with this... whoever he is?

Buddy you don't even have an appointment. In fact...

"I didn't catch your name," Amberdrake cut into the midst of the gossiping, after taking a sip of his tea. He eyed that smoke with a little suspicion, glad that the birds weren't in the office tonight.