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[The video opened to a very frustrated mage dressed much different than normal. Instead of his usual tan robe, he had on a green tunic that Ted had given him, and a pair of slacks, sitting in the middle of the woods and looking quite uncomfortable.]

I-I don't like pants...

[He shifted uncomfortably in them.]

Th-They... They feel like a cage for the fun parts. Wh-Why do so many people wear p-pants instead of robes?

[Sorry Ted. He tried.]
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Oh dear. Well, at least you didn't try to start with jeans...

[ Have a Tannusen, in one of his usual suits. Because pants. ]
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Why are you bothering, if you dislike like them so? I think for most of us, it's a matter of already being used to them.
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[ Have a soft chuckle. ]

I see. Well, good luck with that.
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Why, thank you, I do try.

[ Hey, some effort does actually go into finding the right jeans that are tight in all the right places. ]

It really does take some getting used to, I imagine. I think I'd hate wearing a robe.
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[ Tannusen offers an easy laugh. ]

Easy access is something I like in other people, not myself.
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[ Not like he's never done Wade in a skirt. Or Telsen. Or any number of other people, really.

...Probably Ni, too. Let's just be honest here. ]
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[ A chuckle. ]

Still easier access than what I usually wear.
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Well, I'm a resourceful guy.

Not everything's hard to access.
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[ Tannusen laughs, not having expected to be having this chat. ]

Well, I've still got my hands, don't I? And my mouth.

It all works out just fine.

[ And it's not like he's wearing a chastity belt, anyway. ]
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[it was gonna happen someday with these chatty nerds]

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[ The tiger didn't lean in toward his phone, but his pretty blue eyes caught a bit of mischief, somehow. Probably the Fae nature of his cracked Mask, because eyes? They didn't glint quite like that, normally. ]

No, what?
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(and /this/ is who hooked up with super-virgin two thousand, "Oh... is that scandalous?")

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Ah, that.

[ Tannusen is actually not a bad resource for learning about some of this stuff; a regular 'ol kink encyclopedia, that's him. ]

If I take your meaning correctly, it's called rimming.
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[ Tannusen laughed quietly at that. Oh, man. Did he come across as someone who'd be too proper to do such a thing? How funny. ]

In my experience, it's the perverts who dress the nicest who enjoy doing the dirtiest things.

[ Not that he considers rimming all that shocking. But he knows his perspective is warped all to hell, and it has been since long before he'd ever first put on a suit. ]
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I mean, it's not a given.

[ That a small disclaimer, there. Very small. ]

But it's certainly a trend I've noticed over the years.

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