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[Look, homeboy can barely make out this shit, even with Midge around. The bug is helpful with most things, but the sight link isn't flawless here.

And if he doesn't know what the hell Midge is looking at to begin with well it barely helps at all.

The thing that has gained his ire is zipping around near his head quite happily, after all it has a massive, black marble fort to faff about in.

The thing sitting on Szel's shoulder though, is... it might be a pokemon? Might?

It honestly looks like a three foot long cross between a lightning bug and a cockroach with buck teeth and orange eyes, okay. Szel doesn't seem to care much about that, in fact, as the massive insect watches Azelf dart all over the room, the demon reaches up to gently scratch behind the bugs long antenna.

It can fly. That's about all we know.


It can also apparently pick things up with its mind.

We've learned that too. For the sake of our own sanity in here we're going to call it Steve until it picks something better or leaves.

Am I supposed to do something with Steve or is it just here to break my china?
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[ The Faerie doesn't bother with video because... why would he. But man, does he sound amused. ]

I think your china might just be doomed.
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[ To be fair to Steve, it is a nice damn voice. ]

I think if it follows you home, you're contractually obligated to keep it. Sorry buddy, I don't make the rules.

[ Just makes them up. ]
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Would I ever do that?

[The answer, obviously, is that yes, yes he would. Pooka.]
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Well, there you go then. A mystery for the ages.
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From the egg? A fat, weird bird.
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You could maybe become friends with them. If you do I am sure it will stop breaking your China.

[She thinks anyway.]
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Maybe try talking, it might distract it enough.
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No, that's yelling. Being nice when talking and showing kindness might help... maybe.
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Asking them to stop would be a good start, maybe bribing if you really have to.
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[Through seeing some of Szel's other network posts, Ted got the feeling he was much meaner than he first seemed. Darn. He'd rather not have that meanness visited upon (probably) innocent pokemon, so he'll chime in.]

Lots of pent-up energy, eh? Battling might be the thing to expend that; all such creatures are very found of roughhousing, I'm told.
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Re: [Video]

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Looks like a what now?

[No idea what that is, nor how a blind man knows the "look" of anything]
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Re: [Video]

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Even if it's the key to its maturation, to say nothing of its enjoyment?
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Re: [Video]

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Goodness, with such latitude, is it any wonder your china-

[Then again, maybe Szel actually showing leadership, effort, or anything like dominance would be less than ideal]

On second thought, who knows! Birthing pains might explain. Might be one of those who learn good manners all on its own! Well, good luck to the both of you.