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[So here we are again.

It's always such a pleasure

Szel, angling the device at him, looking considerably miffed

I'm wondering where we might be able to find chew toys.

[Once again, perched on his shoulder is that massive bug, but this time it's faced in the opposite direction, watching the disaster going on in the background:

A fully grown Ninetails attempting to eat what looks like an eight foot long centipede with a human face. The noise is awful, the bug sounds like a mixture of an air raid siren and a screaming infant.

Szel finally grimaces-

Belz, stop that right this instant or I swear to God, I will lock you in the lounge.

[Belz, the Ninetails, it seems, answers with a short BIFF of a sound, before trying to drag the centi-man off camera.]

Leave it.

[... Tries to drag the centi-mans missing leg off camera-]

Leave it.

[A whine, and the pokemon darts off again, leaving the lesser demon mangled on the floor.]

... Preferably a chew toy that doesn't make any sound, no bells no squeaker. She keeps following me room to room with the waitstaff in her mouth and I can't get a moments peace.
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audio because lol

[personal profile] black_black_heart 2017-04-06 10:13 am (UTC)(link)
Is that -- was that -- the little brown fox from the other day?

...I see someone's hit a growth spurt.