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AaAaAACTION for Velvet Lust

[No, actually, you can't expect Jarlaxle to not want to visit a place that advertises with giant neon signs.


This is how he's wandered into at least three casinos, two strip clubs, eight dive bars and at least one pawn shop.

Leave him the hell alone, he's having fun.

Needless to say, on his 'find the gaudiest looking pit of sin in town' adventure, he stumbled across, what else, Velvet Lust.

He did not even stand outside the doors and think of it first, like a moth to a bug zapper in he went.

Not like he didn't fit in, what with the usual outfit.

In about as much time as it'd take a normal new comer to get settled, find the groove and locate a seat and a drink, Jarlaxle is more or less already flitting about the upstairs club, or lurking around the downstairs bar.

At no point is there not some kind of drink in his hand.

Best place ever, he loves it, two thumbs up.

God forbid anyone here catch his eye, they're about to have a conversation partner for the next hour and half.
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Wow, that was a very colorfully-dressed man. Not the only one in this building so colorfully dressed, but Tektite didn't pull the look off so much as she just piled more on.

The tiger slipped into a nearby seat, either across from Jarlaxle in a booth or beside him at the bar. Dealer's choice.

"Very somber look you have going here. Attending a funeral later?"
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These two? Flirt? Heaven forbid!

"Oh, of course," Tannusen got Bob's attention and wordlessly, the poofy-haired bartender poured one of his usual fancy oolong teas for him.

"I have an acquaintance who would be fascinated. Maybe more than one, actually." Definitely more than one.
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"Oh? I'm not nearly so colorful, alas," Tannusen chuckled. And indeed, his suit of the night was mostly deep sapphire blue. There was a brown and black waistcoat, and a tie that was that same brown dotted over that same blue. A shiny silver ring on one finger, and a shiny loop 'round his throat above the collar of his shirt.

Simple stuff in comparison; not near so flashy.

Looked damn good on the tiger, though, and he knew also it. It really suited his hair and eye color.
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"Ah, right, you never dropped in though," jerk. Tannusen just smiles, though, and takes a drink of his tea.

"I suppose you'll have to make it up to me."
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Tannusen wasn't really offended, of course, but it was easy to play along.

"It's a real shame," he agreed cheerfully. "So, what are you? I'll go first, if you prefer." See? Manners.

Not every day he ran into someone else with pointy ears, though.
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So, Kimmie it is. Tannusen chuckles at that, and then gestures vaguely at himself, "Bengal tiger pooka. Faerie. Born into a human body, Faerie soul, shapeshifter who is either a tiger who turns into a Fae or a Fae who turns into a tiger, take your pick. The truth's probably a bit of both."

Either way, Tannu's more human appearance -- the one without stripes -- was little else but his Mask, now. A cracked one, at that.
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Oh, yes, blessed, totally. That's totally the word Tannusen would use.

None of that showed on his face, of course. The tiger just smiled one of his lazy smiles.

"Would you like to see my stripes?"

Well, some of them at least. Maybe more if he's good.
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Well, that was always a dangerous stance to take with a Faerie. Tannusen chuckled at that and reached out a hand to attempt to 'boop' Jarlaxle on the tip of his nose.

Whether or not contact was made, the world... bled, a second later.

Velvet Lust was largely the same, just more colorful, glittering dark rainbows like the surface of oil. The bar was also full of many more creatures besides the mundane patrons and the odd pokemon, suddenly.

...Did the bartender have a squirrel in his damn hair?

Tannusen, of course, was the most dramatic change. Even his clothing had suddenly become different, the main point of interest being that long flowing white coat of his that hung off the back of the barstool -- it wouldn't do to trap it beneath him, of course. Feathers so black that one probably shouldn't stare at them for too long lined the upper-most edges, where the skin of his neck and face had suddenly become...

Well, he hadn't been joking about stripes.

All that hadn't changed on him was his basic shape, even the pointy ears were the same under the inky markings; the color of his irises, now surrounded by black, and the metal loop around his throat.

That lazy smile was still there, and he picked up his tea in his black-gloved hands to take another sip.