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The Storm is Here | Backdated to 15th

Who: Icy, Guardian and his Deputies and Open
Where: Attleton
What: Icy attack with her Army of Darkness
When: 15th April (Will do another log for the climax tomorrow)
Warnings: Warnings of violence because...there will be violence.

15th April - Morning [Closed to Guardian and his Deputies]
[Icy had made sure she had everything perfectly sorted for her plan, which when she planned realized there wasn't a lot to it except for placement. As she stepped foot into the city, she clapped her hands together. Now all that was left was to summon her army and target the Guardians office.

With a smirk slowly spreading across her face, she raised her hands as dark clouds started to cover over th sky and dark rain descended from the heavens. It was unusual rain and for good reason as the puddle was slowly forming into various shapes and of various sizes. Even a throne for herself.

Icy raised her hands when her army was done, the rain still pouring down for a little while longer before dissipating as Icy pointing forward.]

Onwards towards the office of the so called Guardian.

15th April - Morning onwards
[It seemed like a perfectly normal day, at least until it started to rain. But... the clouds seem darker than normal and the rain seemed...pitch black in colour. How odd. However as one might continue their normal day one will slowly start to notice various creatures walking the streets, seemingly marching. They don't seem to friendly either. If one were to get close, they would soon realize that they really aren't friendly at all.

One of the larger creatures raised her arm and swings down towards some poor expecting person. Seems like the battle has begun, or at least people might be needing help.]
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Spectra || Open

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What is a ghost to do? There hasn't been enough worthwhile gossip to post on her blog, except for the Pokémon Spa and that evil clock. Spectra had been going from city-to-city, haunting various locations looking for a scoop, and it was in Attleton that she stopped dead in her tracks.

That was one very aggressive-looking army there. What are they doing? What do they want? Why are those normies just lying on the ground? It couldn't be, could it?

Spectra flew in close to the dark army. Very close. A bit too close. She snapped a photo of one soldier's face on her phone, flash enabled, then moved away as quickly as she could. She began rapidly typing a text with the photo as a file attachment, and the subject line reading:

Everglade Invades Attleton!

Spectra sends the text and photo to all devices (even Icy). She's going to remain in the area and cover this dark army and hope they don't have any ghost-slaying powers.
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Excuse you?|

[What is even going on...]
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Text >> Video

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There are monsters loose in Attleton, attacking the normies. Where did they come from if not Everglade?

[There was an invasion going on, but that's just half the story that Spectra got. The device was flipped over to video so she can provide better proof, thus revealing herself for the first time to anyone as a ghostly girl.

Spectra panned the camera to show the zombie-like people marching and attacking the living. Meanwhile, Spectra narrates in her usual ghostly tone.]

"It's chaos all over as an army of zombies march around the city of Attleton, injuring or even killing anyone who gets in their way... Can the Guardian of Everglade give us a statement with her thoughts on what is happening...?"
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[Crosses her arms and looks unamused at the accusation that Everglade is to blame.]

Just where did they originate? Because I'm in Everglade at the moment, and there's nothing going on that would alert me about such an army like that. [She points to the screen full of...snow creatures?]

It doesn't mean that we won't help, though, if needed.
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"So you do not recognize these attackers...?"

[Mistakes happen. She can easily update her blog with corrections. She still thinks she did her job, though, regardless.]

"If you can help, I'm sure Attleton's guardian would appreciate it... But it is up to him if he needs help..."
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No, and I would appreciate it if you didn't get Everglade mixed up in your alternative news flashes in the future without clear evidence and not make assumptions.

[Ugh, is this how people felt back in Balamb, when she used to put gossip in the school papers?]

If he needs my assistance, he has it.
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"Oh, I'm sorry..."

[She'll try to get luckier in showing up at the right moment to catch the full story.]
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[She's lucky Grell is trying to keep her cool. There could have been a lot more angry words than this. In the meantime, Grell simply huffs angrily and crosses her arms.]

Do you at least know who sent this army?
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"I'm afraid I don't... I..." [Wait a minute... She spotted something that looks a bit out of place.] "...What is that?"

[Spectra pans the camera to a section of the army from a bird's eye view. Is that a throne?! With someone on it, no less.]
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[Grell squints at the screen before using her skills to still the image and enlarge it before clearing up the pixels. Once she sees who it is, Grell can just roll her eyes and shake her head.

So, the big plan is actually happening.]

Well, no one can call her say she's all talk now.
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"Do you recognize this individual...?"

[Spectra tries to float in closer to get a better look at the throne-seated person, but won't get too close.]
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[Grell sends her the cleared up image she enhanced.]

It's Icy. [Sitting on her throne.]
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Re: Video

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[Funny, she doesn't look like a monster from the yeti family.]

"I take it this is our mysterious clock who issued that threat a week ago..?"
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Probably. Although it wasn't so mysterious.
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Re: Video

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I agree... She tried to sound mysterious... Points for effort...
But I wonder what sort of hero will arrive to put a stop to Icy's nefarious time here...?

[Because what can Spectra do? Say 'boo' and hope Icy gets cared and run away?]
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Morning; Guardian's Office | Closed

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[Blaze had been minding his own business by doing paperwork and sorting out various details like bounty information and checking on supplies (particularly for the 'armory' for his and Thirteen's use), so it all started out like any normal day... that is, until his trusty black labrador Kirk and his Flareon started growling.

That wasn't normal.

Taking his companions' warnings to heart, he quickly made his way to the front of the office and peered out the window. The sight of the clouds alarmed him slightly, especially since the weather report in the newspaper made no mention of rain... but that rain in particular looked unnatural, especially with how quickly it came and went. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

He couldn't see what was on the horizon yet, but he pulled out his device to get ahold of Dante and Thirteen.]

This is Blaze. Dante, Thirteen, did you see that rain just now?

[Not that one should be normally concerned about rain... except when it's pitch black like that. Genessia's weather patterns didn't seem like they would get that weird.]
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[As Dante answered the call, two things could be heard. One is a hard rock song coming from his jukebox in his shop. The other was the distinct sound of metal sliding against metal until a click. Dante was already gearing up.]

Yeah, I sure did. I had just stepped out on the way to the office too. Good thing I hadn't gotten far yet though.

I can't tell you what the deal was, or what caused it, but I can tell you one thing. That sort of thing is never a good sign.
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15th April - Morning onwards [Action, Open]

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[Black rain isn't a good sign. A worse one is seeing a pedestrian about to be clobbered. Not on his watch! In a life-fiber flash, he rushed to land a righteous jump kick, then tend to the distressed damsel.]

"Are you all right, ma'am? Aside from the assault, of course."

[Through more verbal blundering he eventually got her and any others under cover and out of harm's way. Now the real fun could begin as he changed into the three-star. All right, time to lay waste to the creatures of the night! Pay no attention that he doesn't exactly look like a man of the day himself.

With his trusty ice sword, he's hacking and slashing at the horde of monsters. Trying work; there's a lot of them and...you know, he could've sworn he got that one already. What in the world?]