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Dorian of House Pavus ([personal profile] tevinteraltus) wrote in [community profile] genessia2017-04-24 02:30 am


[ The device must be propped against something, possibly another book like the one lying open in front of the camera, though the angle is too sharp to see what the book may be. There are three more books stacked off to the right, and a fourth is added to the stack as Dorian leans into view, closing it and placing it atop the stack. ]

I find myself in need of aid.

[ He clears his throat before continuing. ]

First, I should thank everyone for their assistance when I first arrived. You were all most helpful. For those I've yet to meet, [ He inclines his head toward the camera in greeting. ] I am Dorian of House Pavus, and I find myself in need of assistance once again.

Nothing so dramatic as my arrival, of course. I was simply wondering if anyone may have a recommendation from whence to acquire a viable and quality mage's staff, preferably of an Inferno aspect, or, more likely and more conveniently, where to acquire components with which to assemble my own. I'm well and truly capable of casting without the use of a foci, but in a pinch, speed and finesse is preferable to only finesse.

I thank you for your time in advance.

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