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Rocket ([personal profile] notaraccoon) wrote in [community profile] genessia2017-04-24 01:51 pm

1: [audio]

[Rocket woke up irritated, and became more irritated upon exiting his weird sleep-egg thing and finding himself in some kind of weird watery underground hole with nobody else around. When the communicator clicks on, the voice of the hologram can be heard first, just before Rocket's.]

What the hell is a Genessia?

[He doesn't pronounce it exactly right. There's a sound of metal-on-metal, and a frustrated noise from Rocket.]

Well, this is a great mess, no clue where this loony place is, and just some fricking holo humie in a skirt, could use the parts though.

[Yup, he's attempting to disassemble the base of the hologram with the tools that came over with him, his gun strapped to his back.]

HEY, anybody know what the hell this place is and how I got here? Cos I don't remember blacking out.

[Of course, he says that right before that weird gas comes out of the base and he passes out, so replies will happen after he comes to.]

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