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[Video] A New Arrival

[Another day, another adventure. While Spock isn’t thrilled to find that he’s the target this go around, it’s certainly not surprising; statistically, with how things go on the Enterprise, he was overdue for something akin to this to happen.

He watches the video dutifully and thoroughly reads through all of the provided paper pamphlets (arguably the most alarming thing about this planet), frowning all the while, before he broadcasts a video on the primitive device while he begins to leave the Bay.]

Greetings, I am Commander Spock of the U.S.S. Enterprise. If I have been taken, then I believe that there must be at least one other member of the Enterprise here, a Captain James Kirk [because Kirk’s luck has always been worse that way]. If you have any information on the whereabouts of my captain, please let me know.

I am also interested in learning more about the technology available to us [he hopes it gets better than a god damn smart phone] and what it is that is preventing us from simply contacting our ships and getting transported back. As the Enterprise’s science officer I believe that I may be able to offer some assistance on the matter.
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[ Have someone else with pointy ears, though clearly no relation. There's way too much amusement on his face, currently in the form of a slow and lazy smile. ]

There's an entire city full of technology better than what you've woken up to, if that's your meaning. Go straight north from where you woke up until you see a big gate, go through it, and viola--! Flying cars.

No ships, though. Seems we're fresh out.
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Well, the big... dome kinda thing over all the cities makes anything that goes too high up a bit of a moot point, I think. So there's no... docks for any of it, or anything. I dunno, I'm not an expert on the topic.

It's not the only place, no. Genessia City's kind of a melting-pot of all the other cities, from what I can tell.

[ It's why he set up shop here and not in, say, Everglade. Though now he's super glad for that for other reasons. ]

But if you want a high concentration of the stuff, that's where I'd go.
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About seven months now, I think. Some people have been here for years.
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No idea, man, I haven't paid any attention to that. I kinda like it here.

[ Not a whole truth, but those are rare from a pooka anyway. ]
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No, not everyone here shares the same mentality. Some of us have nothing to go back to, but have found something worthwhile here. Some people are dead where they came from and would cease to exist if they left here. Most people, though, are pretty intent on getting out of here.
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I have no idea, I can say that it's possible to die on this world and be brought back. For a price.

Did it myself once, a few months ago. And I was definitely very, very dead.