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Potential Action in Genessia/ Accidental Voice

[Look, he just wanted to contact another Autobot, okay? Why was this too much to ask? As it's turned out, his attempt to utilize his comm system has instead activated the phone because his hands are too big for the device, so everyone in town gets-]

Can anyone slagging hear me or am I talking to myself?

Optimus, can you read me, preferably sometime today!

[As for Ratchet himself? I don't see any twenty foot tall robots here. Just a perfectly normal parked ambulance outside the bay cave.

Totally, completely normal, nothing weird here!
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Tannusen heard the weird broadcast a little bit ago, but he doesn't connect it with the vehicle chillin' outside the Bay. Why would he? No, and he doesn't answer the broadcast, either... look, he's already talked to like, two confused newbies today. That's his quota. He done his good deed for the month.

An ambulance being here, though. And no driver inside?


Tannusen's been around plenty of machinery, between his years as a nomadic carnie, as a biker, and then as an on-the-run something in a souped up Class-A RV that he'd Oakenshielded the everliving shit out of. He's no mechanic, but he's a suspicious bastard.

Kenning, of course, turns up nothing.



Is there a bomb under this thing, or something? Sure enough, the tiger in a t-shirt and jeans, after walking around the vehicle a few times, drops to the ground and starts to shimmy his way under it. Jethro, parked right beside the suspicious ambulance... does nothing that anyone but Tannusen would know about, right now. But he's acting as a look-out for any paramedics or whatever rushing back over to find out what the fuck this guy is doing to their ride.
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Tannusen slid out from under the ambulance in a hurry, mostly because MOVING PARTS, MOVING PARTS.

"Jethro, are you seeing this shit?"
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Silence, so far as any listeners would know it, from whatever 'Jethro' was.

"Right?" But Tannusen, you see, he had no problem 'talking to himself' out in public. That was the kind of thing you got over extraordinarily quickly when you went through chrysalises and suddenly didn't quite exist in the same world as everyone around you.

As the quote went, 'And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.' — Friedrich Nietzsche.

It summed up Faerie life in the Autumn World awfully well.

"Yeah, you'd better be recording."

And Tannusen, not at all put off by what had just gone down, proceeded to do another loop around the ambulance, eyeing it speculatively. Kenning continued to turn up nothing. This wasn't a chimera or anything like one; or if it was, it wasn't magic-based.

Something like K-2SO, or Lil.


The madman knew the sharp edges of his own madness; he knew this was not him being bats. Thus, he kicked at the thing's tires to see if they were legit; rapped his knuckles on the engine hood...

"Yes, yes, but satisfaction brought it back. Can we stop with the cat jokes for ten minutes, please?"
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Knock-knock, knock-knock. A pause, while Tannusen just rests his hand on the hood, tapping his fingers in thought.

You know what's more fun than dealing with someone who's apparently bats?

Dealing with someone who's apparently bats and is apparently considering something.

"You think so? But if it's alive, that would hurt like a motherfucker."

Tap-tap, tap-tap.

"Mn, true. Hasn't stopped me before."
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"I'm not using the fucking pocket knife, Jethro. God, it's like you've got even less empathy than I do."

Which... is... true, actually.

And also, is... saying a lot, because Tannusen doesn't have empathy in most situations.

Nope, when Tannusen reaches into his pocket, he produces a piece of chalk instead of a knife.

And proceeds to start drawing a wide circle on the engine hood.

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Tannusen taps on the center of the circle, once complete, and it... does nothing.




You see, the thing about Tannusen is... he may be a lunatic, but he's a smart lunatic. A smart lunatic who's seen weirder shit than this, even back on his own world.

On any given Tuesday.

"So... I'm being observed by someone else. Is it you, fancy pants?" That question comes with another tap to the hood, and a slow smile.

Not good.

"Let's find out."

And suddenly... the world bled. Markings like ink spread out across Tannusen's skin as the whites of his eyes went black, streaks of darkness slipping through his hair like ribbons. The Bay was a confusing cacophony of every dream and nightmare and fantasy and paranoid delusion to have passed through it; even Tannusen didn't like to look directly at it.

The road... it was gold. Not just in appearance, but in feel, and weight.

The grass of the nearby park was paper and thorns and the trees--

Of course, there was also the matter of the motorcycle Ratchet had so diligently scanned. Now a kirin, too beautiful for mortal comprehension to truly take in.
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Tannusen actually clapped his gloved hands together, laughing.

"Aaaaand bingo, look at that! Told you!" That was at Jethro, and the kirin tossed his head, chromed antlers shining brightly in the sun. Too brightly. Too brightly. Tannusen squinted at the kirin and then turned his attention back to the confused, twenty foot tall robot.

"Was that really so hard? You're not chimerical, so I know you could have done this without the song and dance. Honestly, you must be new here or you'd know better than to play chicken."

Especially with a tiger. Not that a newbie would know that he is one. At least, prior to seeing his markings bloom across his pale skin in what could only be tiger stripes.
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"Can't do, fancy pants. Enchantments last as long as Enchantments last."

Once he's invested a point of Glamour into someone, he can't just pluck it back out again. Even if he wanted to. Probably. And right now, he probably wouldn't even if he could.

Cuz robot guy here's an asshole. And Tannusen? He's an asshole.

"What's the point in hiding out in that other form? This ain't Earth, people don't flip their shit... generally... over folks being weird talking robots, or whatever."

Or tigers wearing human skin.

"I mean, they're all largely pretty stupid, but I've yet to see a witch-hunt over anything other than maybe necromancy. Or... weirdly enough, being an actual human in the wrong town."
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"That'd be over there," Tannusen pointed toward the hologram's platform, which... nope, best not to actually look directly at that whole area, just now. It was a mess. The hologram probably wouldn't even play correctly, to an Enchanted mind. "And to a lesser extent, in the box of crap you probably woke up with."

As far as the Enchantment itself goes...

"By the way, anything weird you see right now? Actually tangible. So if a dragon tries to chomp your head off at some point today, maybe duck."
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"Sure," Tannusen goes to go lean back against Jethro's side, folding his arms. "But I'm an asshole."

He really is. It's one of his better qualities, in his own opinion. Thus, he owns that shit.

"I mean, I guess I could've not warned you, and let you think this is all a visual illusion. Dragons do love themselves some shiny tall shit, though. And we've got at least a dozen of them in this city alone. Real popular fantasy with the mortals, you know."
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Chimera could be far smarter than any mortal or they could be as dumb as a bag of rocks. And on this world? With these people generating the dreams and nightmares and fantasies?

Tannusen... Tannusen would err on the side of dumb as a bag of rocks.

"Sure," Tannusen repeats with a grin that flashes canine teeth that are so sharp they hurt to look at. "But I'm an asshole."

Fuck you, buddy.

"Also, your logos weren't right for the local hospital. You can be generic on Earth, but this place is way too small for that. Not that most of these people will notice."

And with that, Tannusen turns to grab onto the horns of Jethro's saddle and hoist himself up into it. Stirrups are for quitters.
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"Cool story, but if you want to be on a less bad trip, I suggest we get the fuck away from the Bay. The more mortals have been somewhere, thinking and dreaming and panicking, the stronger my world shows itself in that spot. And this is where everyone wakes up. Thinking, and dreaming, and definitely panicking. Every fear, every nightmare, every paranoid delusion..."

That's right, it's an overlapping of worlds. Not just... drugs, like it must seem.

And a hell of a world, at that, if it contains all those things from all those minds.

Tannusen gets settled on Jethro's back, and the chimera just starts walking thattaway. Off toward... somewhere. Aimed... over there. Really, the goal is to find somewhere real people haven't invested much of the Glamour they generate, into. And... somewhere this asshole will fit, so Velvet Lust is out.

(Velvet is full of Glamour, yes, but it's a calm sort of place. The eye at the center of the storm.)
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Tannu and Jethro are pretty easy to stare at, especially that unfathomably pretty kirin. They lead him all the way to the Attleton archway and through it, and -- WELL AWAY FROM THAT CIRCUS -- off to some boring suburb that doesn't have any rentals available to real people. It damn near looks normal, as long as you don't look up at the sky.

Don't look up at the sky.

"There, nice and low-key banal." Not enough to start cooking the Faerie or his chimera, but enough to reduce the nonsense down to a dull roar. 1s and 2s instead of 7s and 8s like most of the trip, or the flat-out 9 of the Bay.

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