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Action | Outside the Bay | Midday

Broad shoulders and grim expression trained on the hologram as it begins to repeat itself for the third time cast a striking and imposing figure. With each successive repetition of Weiss' holographic address, Clay looks more angry, his eyes become harder and something like unease settles into his shoulders stiffening his stance as though he's prepared for some sort of attack that never comes. After the third replay of her recorded message, he turns his head to the stand of pamphlets, finally something beyond grim dissatisfaction gracing his features: confused concern. He takes them easily enough, shoving them into the back pocket of his jeans rather than reading them, except the one referring to Genessia City. That one he opens fully, to the map, visually associating his location with the indicated one on the folded paper.

He reaches into the front pocket of his jeans, pulling out the key that had been in the box he'd been left and then looks up in the direction indicated on the map.

"Free room and board's never good." The statement is made to himself rather than anyone else who may be around, though the latent telepathy he's been graced with will alert him to anyone walking up (unless their minds can't be detected that way) and he'll turn to regard them. There's a pistol in a shoulder holder under his left arm, within ready reach if he needs it, and from the look of him, he knows how to use it.

Audio | Open

(A few hours after he arrives, Clay decides to go ahead and address this Network. Normally, he'd have taken the time to get the lay of the land himself, but Earth, his Earth, has a very set way of doing things, something to build on. This place? "Starting at Square One" didn't exactly capture it.)

I'll cut right to the chase. I get there's a bunch of us trapped here. I get there's no way back, at least apparently. I'll bite for now. So, show of hands: who's been here a while, or who's been here for a bit and got some info, they'd be willing to share with a newbie?

Also, the name's Young. Clayton Young. So, what are we dealing with here? Aliens? Covert government experiments? Give a guy a hand.
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"Indeed," Amberdrake had, of course, pinged that telepathic radar... a little fainter, in some ways. A little stronger, in others. The kestra'chern is dressed in all his usual public finery; feather-patterned open robe over a beaded tunic, wide sash, and loose pants -- all in a color scheme that should have never, ever worked on someone but...

Somehow, it did.

Something to do with that skin-tone of his, it would have never looked right on a paler person.

Feathers, tiny golden bells, strings of beads... the scent of massage oils and incense. A low-level calm radiated off the man, nothing near intrusive enough that it couldn't be shrugged off, or blamed on the environment, but it was there.

"I don't speak with new arrivals very often," he'd just been on his way past, really. Out on some errand and now back to Attleton he'd been going. "But I rarely hear of anyone else distrusting the... arrangements, we're given to start."
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"Not at all, I certainly didn't trust it." Not after Baedal, especially. Even staying in the central city hadn't been an option to Drake, having seen a world like this one funneling its 'foreigners' into a nice easy location for culling the group.

Especially of any Healers, who might interfere with the militia's plans for everyone else.

Drake had, of course, interfered greatly.

"I just don't hear many who question it."
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"Sanest... easiest," Amberdrake countered, inclining his head slightly. "My name is Amberdrake. I have been on several of these worlds. On one, the central gathering point of the newcomers was put to use by the local militia when they decided to cull the numbers."

Between that and his history with war on his own world... yeah, no, neither he nor Sanzo had stayed a single night in the central city.
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Amberdrake had seen enough handshakes to know the standard procedure here. He took Clayton's in his; somehow, not a single callous was present on his hand, though the golden lotus tattoo on his palm was easy enough to spot for that moment.

"It often isn't the safest, no. But it's what people know."


Yeah he's already figuring out a few things, here, despite how soft the skin of his hand is. His grip is just as firm as it's supposed to be; it could be a lot more. And released, after the ritual amount of time.
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"You'll need to be a little more specific," Amberdrake noted with the softest of chuckles, folding his hands into his opposite sleeves. A habit he'd picked up from living with Koumyou Sanzo, that one was. "The information they gave you is a good start. I haven't found any of it to be exactly false, yet, and I have been here for nearly a year now."
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"Yes and no, these places tend to be rather... hollow, in the end. With so few real people in any of them, and placeholders filling in the gaps." Yes, he still called them placeholders. That's what they'd been on Haven, and that was what they were here, too, even if he couldn't shape them with his expectations like the Chosen had all been able to do on that first... extra world.

"Some places have claimed we're here to re-build a ruined existence after the reset button is pushed. Some have used us as fuel for their own gains. Largely, a re-occurring theme is that we're supposed to settle in, hurry up, and wait. The place that had sought to cull our numbers was an outlier, among those I have been to so far. An outlier, but something that could occur anywhere that the locals have enough sentience to view us as unwelcome foreigners."

Meaning that if these locals grew enough sense, they might take similar steps.

It hadn't been his first time being an unwelcome foreigner, deemed to be using up valuable resources by merely living in the same space as others. Ma'ar's entire war platform had started based off wanting to eliminate the Kaled'a'in, after all. Amberdrake's people, with their strange culture and secrets, their dusky skin-tone and blue, blue eyes...

Of course, that had just been the starting excuse. What he'd really wanted at the start of the war was power. Control. Dominance over more and more territory. Hatred riled up the people more than anything to be gained, however.
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"Middling. Less known purpose, more intelligent placeholders than some... right up on the edge of sentience, but not quite there. They generate their own problems, their own lives, but there's still someone else calling the shots behind them."

Thus, as of right now, they were unlikely to rise up against the newcomers. For now. For now.

He'd seen how easily the switch could be flipped on so many placeholders, back on Haven. One virus in the system and the whole place had gone berserk.
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"Of course," Amberdrake wasn't going to pretend it was incredibly unlikely, not when it had happened on two out of the four 'other' worlds he'd been on.
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"If you have specific questions, I could attempt to answer them, but otherwise all I have is the usual generalities," Amberdrake spread his hands with a faint shrug. "The free roof seems harmless enough, for now. As I said, I haven't seen any aggression toward newcomers here like I have seen on some other worlds."


There's always that 'yet'.
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"Indeed," Drake saw no flaw to that logic, himself. "I would say take the free roof, and work on getting something else quickly. That seems the best compromise between extremes, doesn't it?"