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With My Feet Upon The Ground

Who: Cassian, Tannusen and Garrus
Where: Everglade, in Cassian's Subgate
What: An end to two thousand years worth of BULLSHIT

It was happening again. He knew it was. He could feel that crushing weight on his chest, slowly pressing the air from his lungs. He'd tried so very, very hard to hide it from everyone, easier to do with the newer employees, more or less. The priest was predisposed to wheezing a lot after all, and the air was still thick with pollen. It was no wonder he might have been having more episodes, right?

But Tannusen.

Tannusen would know. Tannusen would be aware. Tannusen was aware, communicated silently, no words for it to hear, no motions for it to grow suspicious of. Walled off from the more important parts of his mind, it was making it very clear that it had no idea what was happening. The beast was starving, it'd been so, so long, and these soulless husks did nothing to appease it. Someone else was going to have to die.

Someone who had a real life. Someone with a real family, with hopes, with dreams. Someone with real feelings and real thoughts. A real person and.... He didn't want to go back to that. Not another life on his hands, it'd almost been tolerable with these atomatons but...

The man was so gray, so washed out, doggedly working in the herb garden outside the rectory, something, anything to take his mind off...

Everything, off everything. It sat in his head like a lead brick, refusing to be budged, and in anger and frustration, a rock was hurled from the dirt, resulting only in a brief episode of wheezing and gasping. Too much exertion. It wasn't happy.

Tonight, it just had to be tonight, he couldn't deny it any longer, he could take this torture any longer.
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Enter our unsuspecting hero

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It's been a few weeks since the... incident at the Cirque du Vrai, while Tannusen was adamant that it was consensual, he also said somethings to make Garrus think that the man was less than safe. So he's been doing some sweeps, keeping an eye on the guy, usually as Archangel. So far there's been no sign of Szelhamos around Tannusen's workplace or house, so when he decides to swing by on his way home from work tonight, he's not disguised as the vigilante. It's been a quiet day just about everywhere from what he gathered, so he has zero reason to suspect that something is going to take a turn for the worse.

He'd soon find out how wrong he was.

He stops off a decent distance away, lest he be seen, and peers through his sniper's scope. No sign of Tannusen, but that's not odd, given his business. Cassian (or at least he presumes he's Cassian from that night) is gardening. And no sign of anyone else. He circumvents the property, checking the blind spots, but nope, no Szelhamos. His visor isn't picking up any other biosignals either, so it looks like it's just him and Cassian here. He should probably head on out before he's noticed.
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Call him over protective, but instead of leaving right then and there he decides to do one more sweep of the place, just to be safe. He's managed to make his way back to the front of the house when his sensors start to pick something coming, something fast.

He does a sweep, ready for his opponent when his visor alerts him to something else: Cassian was no longer in the garden. Shit. There's something here and half the couple he's trying to protect over here is fucking missing right when shit's about to hit the fan. Typical.

He lets out a light chuckle. He's not sure why he's nervous, really; he'd been in tons of tough spots with Shepard or with his team on Omega before he came here - what's one more? But Genessia has all sorts of things he's not used to facing, and without someone to watch his six, well, it's less than a desirable situation.

But he came here to keep them safe and that's exactly what he's going to do, damn it. Just as soon as whatever it is comes into his line of sight.
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Garrus' sensors tell him something's coming, something's near, but he can't see anything even though it's supposedly right in front of him. And, being from a universe where cloaking is not possible, it doesn't even occur to him to just let loose a round. Nope, he stands there like a fool, totally unprepared for what's to come.

Garrus may be a hand to hand specialist, but he's been caught completely off guard and Hastur easily throws him to the ground, the sudden impact causing him to hose his grip on his Mantis. He grunts at the shock, his mind taking a second to recognize the beast in front of him as the tiger's boyfriend. He has no idea what the fuck he's looking at, but okay he can handle this. Totally. The priest(?) wouldn't harm him once he learned he was there to keep Tannusen safe, right? ...Right?

Well it's all he's got so he's running with it. Not like he has mich to lose at this point, really; there's nothing but up from being under a demonic creature that's trying to eat you.

"Cassian, stop! I'm a friend of Tannusen's. I'm not here to hurt you."

He reaches up with a hand to try to grab the wrist with the knife while the other tries to push him off.
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The motorcycle parked outside the house had, of course, seen it all. Left here regularly lately to monitor the situation; as soon as Cassian had lunged to his feet Jethro had begun throwing red flags through its constant connection to Tannusen's brain.

Tannusen wasted no time, changing into his tiger form to run the distance and only shifting back right as he hit the sub-archway, coming out of the shift still running. Not even out of breath, but only because of the other form's stamina.

As soon as he laid eyes on Cassian, the Faerie snapped a hand out and grabbed at thin air--

And the knife vanished from the possessed priest's hand, reappearing in Tannusen's as the blond slid to a halt.

He didn't hold it like someone intending to use it, though, letting it dangle at his side like an afterthought. Tannusen held his other hand out, palm-up. "...Cassian," he attempted to coax, as though not knowing full well Hastur needed the knife he was holding, "come here, love. Let me help you..."
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Tunnel, he'd been named. Not just a toy, but also a killer, one who wormed his way beneath the target's defenses. There was a lot of blood on the tiger's hands; first kill when he was seven years old...

Szel had learned how good he was at slipping under defenses.

Hastur was going to learn, too.

Tannusen just smiled faintly, sadly, and kept his hand extended. His other hand's grip on the iron knife looked really haphazard, didn't it? It practically dangled from his fingertips. Unseen, his claws on the chimerical side of things had a firm hold on it.

Never more grateful he wore gloves on that side of reality, either.

"You know I'll do anything to help you, Cassian," he knew full well he wasn't speaking to Cassian. Cassian could probably hear everything, sure, but... "just, come here. Please?"
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Tannusen allowed some of the pain into his expression, looking like worry in the context. And he allowed himself to be 'lured' forward, one slow step at a time.

"It's the parasite, isn't it?" As if he didn't know exactly who he was speaking to. They'd spoken of 'the parasite' a few times, however. "Stay with me, Cass..."
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Tannusen let himself be drawn in, his offered hand lifting to touch the smaller man's face as he closed in; the gesture couldn't possibly be any more tender.

His other hand... his grip on the knife suddenly shifted with a flick of his wrist, and then he drove it forward and up, aimed between the ribs and angled for the heart. Just as he'd practiced.

It had to be done in one shot, and he'd also wanted to ensure it would be as quick and painless as possible.
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The smell of burning flesh made itself known as reality re-asserted itself, Tannusen only peeling his hand off of the knife -- yes, peeling -- once Hastur was well and truly out. The burns went all the way up his arm, raw and open and bleeding, spiraling like tentacles. The sleeve of his shirt and suit jacket crumbled away in places as nothing more than ash.

Tannusen was quick to loop his good arm around Cass and lower him gently to the ground, holding him close, his expression ripped wide open with an agony that words could never fully describe.

"I'm so sorry, love," he whispered, barely able to see Cassian through his own tears, "I'm so sorry. You can rest, now. Please, rest..."
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Tannusen felt it the moment that body went utterly slack. The last breath seeping out of those tortured lungs. He buried his face in the corpse's neck and wailed with grief, the sound full of absolute heart-breaking agony and yes, the pain of part of his very soul crumbling away like the tatters of his sleeve.

Cold iron was anathema to Faeries. Wielding it was worse. Killing with it, even worse. Murdering a loved one, one who trusted them, loved them back?

He'd never be the same, on so many levels. Never.


Garrus' presence was completely forgotten by this point, the tiger screaming his pain into the dead meat of his beloved's body. He'd eventually wear himself out, if left to it, but it would take... a while.