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Icy ([personal profile] icyheart) wrote in [community profile] genessia2017-06-11 08:40 am
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08 ❄ Action

Welp, time to break out.
[Icy was bored, as always. Prison was probably the most boring place she could possibly be in, which isn't all that surprising, they lack in the 'fun' department.

So when things had started to happen, Icy couldn't help but use that chance to check a few things out. Mostly to see where the holes were that she could slip by and do whatever she needed to go to get out. So while others were occupied with the spirits, Icy quickly moved, walking more than running toward what she had hoped was the exit.

It was a while before she found herself outside the prison, looking up at the sky, with a smirk on her face. She was finally out and she couldn't be happier at what appeared to be chao's going on. It was nice.]

Out and about
[First thing Icy wanted to do was simply fly around. She wasn't planning on doing anything personally except watch everything happen. Being chases by spirits, Icy is probably sitting close by and laughing. Scared? Icy is still probably looking amused at your misery. This whole thing was something Icy wished would never end.]

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