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1. Dio: the Arrival [Video/Action]

[A man with the physique of a Greco-Roman classical statue and  a fashion sense right of the 1980s stares out from everyone's smart phones with keen interest. His face is handsome, sensual even but the features are filled haughtiness and cruelty.]

Hello, I'm DIO. [Yes, that is in all capital letters.] 

Please to meet you, Ladies and Gentlemen of this bizarre new world.  I was rather in the middle of something important.... But perhaps this place has done me a service by taking me away at just the right moment, what with my enemies right on my doorstep.  This truly is a most fascinating place.  One that I, DIO look forward to ruling in due time.  

[He says it so casually.]

I understand that that there are vampires here... If so I'd very much like to meet with you.  You see, I'm one myself of a most unique breed. 

Action: Everglade.

[He easily stands out like a beacon in his flashy yellow, black and green attire as he strolls the near deserted, misty evening streets of the town. This place full of great unease and fear... He'll loves it already. Eventually he'll met someone else out and when he does....]      
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Good try on the whole ruling thing, but you're a bit late for that. I was here first.
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1/2 Action

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[Edith just stares and stares at the video. Why is everyone announcing the fact they're not human!? That's asking to be killed, or at least it would be back home.

Edith had a feeling that she was going to regret this, but maybe learning more would be prudent.
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2/2 Video

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So, were you a king..? Sir?

I hope you don't mind me saying sir but, you don't look very much like a vampire.
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So... does that breed of vampire make you color blind? ...Or did you just get yanked from the weird side of the '80's?
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[There's a 7 feet tall droid staring back at Dio, not looking particularly impressed by the post but that's mostly because his face has no real features.]

Hello, Dio. If you want to meet the other vampires, you best option is to check Everglade City first. Some live there.

And are you interested in dating, by any chance? I mean, not me, I already have a boyfriend, but I know a girl with your same interests.
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[After weeks of sitting mostly idle (except, of course, for going to his job) in the Castlevania subarch, Soma has taken to the streets for a long walk, ostensibly to think.

It may just be to get away from the castle's whispers, though. Even as it whispers to Vlad, it's trying to get into his head too, the spirit of Chaos ever on the search for someone else to draw into its dance of insanity.

When he encounters the gaudy figure of Dio roaming the streets, he's momentarily nonplussed. Who set the wayback machine to 1985?]

...Okay, guess I need to add 'get an eye exam' to the day's chores, because I think you just gave me color blindness by proxy.

[...says the guy who's almost completely covered in white. Sorry, Dio. Soma left his manners in his other pants.]
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[Well there's at least one person here who won't have anything snappy to say about clothes.

Not because he can't see them, mind, but because mentioning them will ruin the appearance that he can't.

Dressed to the nines in some expensive Italian suit, gold tipped and black lacquered cane tapping lightly against the ground and walls, accompanied by the steady and cheerful clicking of little dog nails beside him.

Midge, ever present as a corgi in an equally fashionable, if decidedly stupid little white sweater.

The dog was staring at Dio pointedly, gold and bronze eyes boring a hole in the vampire as the man flicked his hair behind his back and rapped the cane sharply against a neighboring street lamp

The good stores don't open until eight AM.

[Briskly spoken, not even vaguely looking in Dio's direction, but then he'd apparently not need to; those glasses didn't look like they were made to be seen through]

I'm letting you know now, it'll help prevent further disappointment.