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backdated to the 4th/body swap, closed

action for jaune; lunchtime
[ Jaune and Weiss had been getting along for some time now. After their last real fight, it'd taken a while but they were honestly better than ever. And now, she was on her way to go patrol and peeking into his office while he was doing paperwork (or holowork, that she put him up to doing- you know, whatever). ]

You know, I wouldn't mind some company to patrol sector 5 if you want some fresh air and lunch.

[ She knows he doesn't do well with 'homework' for too long at a time. ]

action for jacques; evening
[ After a hectic afternoon with Jaune, it had taken every ounce of her patience when she got a call from the mayor's assistant that she needed to meet with him. Something about securing an event or something along those lines. Weiss had half a mind to just post-pone but given her current relationship with her father, the last thing she needed to do was aggravate it. She'd just.. have to try to keep her hands to herself. Wear gloves. That would solve the problem, right? It wouldn't, but she isn't aware of that.

So Weiss shows up wearing a dress and a jacket despite the weather not being cold, and light gloves, peeking her head through the mayor's office door tentatively. ]
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[To Weiss, Jaune may appear to be just as distracted as usual, but he's having a harder time concentrating. He has to read over the words several times, and even then he doesn't fully understand them. Despite his attempts to convince himself he was in the right, he's felt a sense of wrongness ever since the incident with Emerald.

He doesn't feel like a hero. But he can't talk to Weiss about it because then he'll lose everything. He visibly jumps when he hears her voice, peeking over his shoulder.]

Lunch? [Nervously, he shakes his pen, before standing up and smiling more like himself.] Sure. Since you're inviting I'm gonna assume it's going to be something healthy.
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[The word waffles definitely has Jaune brightening. Grinning, he tosses his pen on his desk, suddenly noticeably faster in his movements as he practically runs to Weiss's side.]

Nothing motivates me like waffles. Let's go.
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[All he can think about now are delicious, sweet, crispy fluffy Belgian waffles. Though once they're in the elevator, he grows visibly tense, a nervous edge in his voice.]

Off? What do you mean--? [He wants to tell her. Experience with their last fight tells him that it will become much worse if he waits. But he's so afraid. They fixed their friendship once already; he doesn't want to ruin it again. Sinking a little against the elevator wall, he sighs, not looking at her.]

There's something I need to tell you, but...can it wait?
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That's kind of an exaggerated example, isn't it? [He laughs anxiously, mumbling.] Maybe that's part of the problem.

Thanks. [He pauses, unsure if he wants to add the next part.] I just, I hope you know how important our friendship is to me. And what it means to let me make a difference.
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Uh...right. Hyper bowls. [Whatever the heck that means.]

Glad to know trying to fix my mistakes is enough to get you to stay friends with me. [He sounds like he's kidding, but he's still nervous. Time for a subject change.] So I forgot to ask, why weren't you in the fencing competition?
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But aren't most exaggerations non-literal? That's why they're exaggerations. [He thinks. He's confused.]

Right. I-- [He hopes not. Weiss has given him too many chances already. It may not have directly been something to harm her, but he's sure this wasn't the Nova City she wanted. He failed. And now he's just waiting for the floor to drop beneath him.] None of us knew how to fence, but I wouldn't have minded losing to you.