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98 Bottles of beer on the wall

[The video feed clicks on in just a moment, and when it does, everyone is greeted by a smiling young woman seated with a guitar.]

Hello everyone! I'm Mirajane, and I'm here to sing for you the ballad of Erza Scarlet and her perfect strawberry cheesecake, as requested by our guild master Mavis.

[The song that follows goes like this, starting off slow and sweet, but finishing into a resounding rock anthem crescendo, that was perhaps a little over the top for such a simple subject matter.]

Thank you for listening everyone, tune in next time to hear the misadventures of Happy and Natsu! Oh, and please remember to stop by Fairy Haven in Fayren if you're looking to have a drink, and to hear more songs from me, Mirajane!
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[The hat should look familiar, right?]

Does the next one involves fish? A fish tale would be great! Nyayaya!
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Re: video;

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[She smiles happily.]

Are you? You guessed Blair right~ Nya-ha!

[And yay! Blair pressed one paw into her cheek so happily at the thought of fish. Fishy song~]

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That's because Miss Mirajane is fun and predicting, just like Blair.

Does this Erza person really likes cake so much?
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[That says a lot indeed!]

Nyaow, sounds like a mission with a sweeter reward.

[Which is making Blair want to try some of Erza's cake... curiosity cat!]
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[Jaune listens to her song, literally doing chinhands as he gets absorbed in the song, invested in Erza's quest for the perfect cake.]

Wow, that was beautiful... I'm glad the song had a happy ending! All songs about cake should.
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[Young man...?] You don't-- You don't look that much older than me.

But you should definitely keep writing and singing songs!
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Hey, you're not old.

[He knows she's kidding but still! The comment about his face has it pink faintly, from the neck up. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?]

I'm 18. I'm a legal adult and everything. Plus I'm...emotionally mature and stuff!

[He is not emotionally mature at all Mirajane he's both in denial and lying through his teeth.]
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[Why does he feel like he just got lectured?] Well I have plenty experience. And you're young too. But you're right, some people are immature no matter what, and some people are just terrible people, and they think they're justified because of their experience.

I have to work harder because of these looks. The name's Jaune Arc.
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[His shoulders start slumping in disappointment, but he brightens up.] If you like golden retrievers I happen to have one. His name is Snow. But I can't grow a beard. I've done it before and it just becomes stubble and then it stops growing so I had to shave it off.

[Why is puberty so unfair.]

[Rubbing the back of his neck nervously.] It's kind of hard for me to get to Fayren that often, but if you ever end up in Nova City let me know. I can show you around. If you want.
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[Gesturing to himself.] I personally can vouch with complete sincerity for Snow's cuteness. I have a lot of cute pokemon too! They were? There's a lot to see, and if you're interested, Attleton's pretty cool too.

[His friend Kay and Cassian who he blackmailed for free steaks work there he has to promote it.]

[Okay, that is a very cool trench coat. He admires it for a moment.] I really like it...but could I wear it with armor and my hoodie? Floppy? [He frowns, pulling up one of his locks to peer at it insecurely.] Is it too long?
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...Did you really have to make the first one about me?

[It sounds pretty accurate to her, and she is out buying cake when this comes on, but she's not used to being thrust into the spotlight despite her position in the guild.]
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Well, if that's what the First wants, I guess it's all right. [It still seems weird to hear herself called the Deputy Guild Master, even if she pretty much got the job by default.]

I don't have much of an ear for that sort of thing, but I thought the tune was catchy.
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Now that takes me back. [It seems like so long ago that they were bitter rivals, even though it had only been a few years.] That would make for an interesting song - I'll have to make sure that it's accurate before you perform it, though. [Of course, her idea of "accurate" would probably be quite different from Mira's, given the subject matter.]
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At least you have no shortage of options. Your reunion with Lisanna, Gajeel and Levy, our victory in the Grand Magic Games...
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[Video] /threadjacking just because ;)

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Of course! You totally deserve to have a song just for you, Erza. [And who better than Mirajane to sing it?]
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F-First! [Her face is beet-red, and she's waving an arm in front of her nervously, as though she's trying to deflect something. She can't handle all of this praise!]

B-Besides, wouldn't it be more fitting to have the first song be about you? If I had known Mira was taking requests, I would have said something...
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[Of course, she's helping! Her songs are awesome!]
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It doesn't really matter who gets the first song, does it? I know that, sooner or later, Mirajane will write songs about everyone in Fairy Tail.

You didn't know? ...Well now you do!

[She winks. You can go and request a song about her if you want to, Erza. Mavis will be happy to hear it.]
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[Rapunzel is just going to be happily clapping on the feed. Looks like she enjoyed it anyway.]

That was beautiful.
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So am I the only friend who was happy at this, or have you managed to succeed with more?

[She had stopped clapping for the moment, sitting there excitedly, leaning closely toward the device.]
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[He applauds with a bit of a whistle.]

I like it. Where is this place?
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Oh, well, maybe I'll find it. It sounds like it would be fun.

[He smiles.]

I like listening to music.
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[Loud applauds and whistles can be heard behind coming from behind Mirajane. Mavis is sitting on the bar counter.]

That was wonderful, Mirajane!
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I told you I'd be here for your first performance! I'm always true to my word.

[Mavis smiled brightly as Mirajane joined her. A hug would have surprised her but she wouldn't have objected to it.]

I expected it to be original, fun and sweet at the same time. [And Mirajane delivered all of that.] You did wonderfully. Thank you!