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a summary, more to follow in the comments.

on the 17th of last seed, 4E 201, imperial carriages carried jarl ulfric stormcloak, a group of his soldiers and other prisoners to helgen for a public execution. among them was brynhild, a nord woman caught while attempting to cross the border from cyrodiil back to skyrim after a long journey away from home. coincidentally her roots dated back to falkreath hold, though she'd been long gone and barely recognizable since her last time there.

unaligned with either side of the civil war, at least where official matters are concerned, she wasn't even listed to be executed yet by the imperial captain's orders she saw herself seconds from being beheaded — that is, until the dragon alduin attacked.

managing to escape with the help of ralof, one of the stormcloak prisoners, brynhild set off on a quest where she would discover much about herself: namely, her role as the (seemingly last) dovahkiin or dragonborn. her initial confusion after she defeated the dragon mirmulnir and absorbed his soul just miles away from whiterun was what set her off to meet the greybeards - and though they did their best to train her in the thu'um (dragon shout) and helped her master the shout of unrelenting force (fus ro dah), she initially rejected this legacy and took off as far from there as she could.

in months of adventuring through the nine holds, brynhild proved to be stellar thief and a skilled archer; relying very rarely on other weapons, she fell on the good graces of the daedric prince hircine and chose to wear his savior's hide with pride. she was imprisoned more than once, encountered the forsworn and hagravens, fought other dragons and, in one occasion, got in cahoots with the dark brotherhood (after not-so intelligently accepting one of their contracts; the mun would like to clarify here that they're playing their character as having joined but not being the listener because that's just way too much for one nord :D think of it as an unfinished questline even though it is very much finished). all of this (and more) before the dragons' attacks and the increasing instability of the civil war prompted her to make a serious decision in regards to accepting her fate.

at present time her ~canon point~ is in the dwemer ruin of blackreach. having recently met paarthurnax, brynhild left northwards in search of one of the legendary elder scrolls in hopes that it would help her defeat alduin once and for all.


in short, brynhild is very no-nonsense. it's not that she doesn't have a sense of humour or anything, but she has a very direct approach to problem-solving and doesn't enjoy tiptoeing around more than she necessarily has to already. as an archer, she's a skilled strategist; she's not the best but she feels as if she always has to do her best to be at least two steps ahead of her target. this is especially so, since despite her physical strength being good enough for her to hold her ground in a fair fight, she does not rely on heavy weaponry most of the time unless it's absolutely necessary.

though she has some very wavering morals where stealing and some degree of cheating her way through a situation are concerned, these do not mean she does not have values. as a nord, brynhild values her people and their heritage and though she tries to play off as a neutral party, she can't help but to feel a degree of resentment towards the empire for having lost her childhood, and towards the thalmor for prohibiting religious freedom in the province. as a woman, she values herself and her integrity and does not stand for anyone who looks down upon her for not being as bulky, as tall, as manly as other warriors. thankfully she doesn't seem to be the only one, either!

again, it's not that brynhild doesn't have a sense of humour - far from it, actually. she's not overly funny, but she cracks a few jokes here and there though they often come laced with a bit of sarcasm or to mask what could otherwise be a blunt observation. she's more about idly teasing someone and she'll generally take it as a challenge as well. nonetheless, a genuine insult is still that and might not easily be forgiven: the damage can go from a few harsh words, to fists, to a fit of blind rage (though it would take plenty plenty plenty of poking and prodding as very personal matters to ever get her in that sort of state).


quickly: she's of average height (around 170cm tall) and more of an athletic build though not without some curve to her frame. her skin is pale and marred with small spots and plenty of freckles, especially along her cheeks, nose and shoulders, as well as several scars along different parts of her body; not even her face is spotless, with one scar traveling down her right eye and another across her lip. her eyes are a clear grey-blue with a sharp look to them egged on by defined eyebrows. as for her hair, it's quite a dark brown passing off for black in bad lighting; the upper part of it is pulled back into a tight braid that ends midway with a small hairpiece, then falling loose down to her mid-back with the rest of it, with only a few small braids messily worked into it here and there. her hair is naturally wavy, not thin but also not very thick and strong and it often just looks messy. she wears very few accessories besides (occasionally) an amulet of talos or an amulet of mara
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ahrk fin kel lost prodah, do ved viing ko fin krah,
tol fod zeymah win kein meyz fundein!
Alduin, feyn do jun, kruziik vokun staadnau,
voth aan bahlok wah diivon fin lein!

nuz aan sul, fent alok, fod fin vul dovah nok,
fen kos nahlot mahfaeraak ahrk ruz!
paaz Keizaal fen kos stin nol bein Alduin jot,
Dovahkiin kos fin saviik do muz!
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player information
name: Heather
age: 33
contact: [plurk.com profile] vikael or PM this journal
other characters: N/A

character information
name: Vincent Valentine
canon: Final Fantasy VII Compilation
canon point: Just before the attack on WRO Headquarters; Dirge of Cerberus
age: ~65 (looks early 30s)

(canon) background: here
(original) world: n/a

Shapeshifting: When stressed, Vincent can sometimes "hulk out" in the form of the Galian Beast, a rampaging monster of rage capable of considerable physical damage and Beastial Flare (A fire-elemented attack a lot like a supernova). When it comes to nearly being killed, Vincent will transform into Chaos. When Vincent transforms into Chaos, he is completely unaware of the situation save for the vaguest of senses. Chaos craves the corrupted souls of the living, is capable of god-like feats of strength, flight, gravity attacks, etc.
Enhanced reflexes: Hojo's augmentations and experiments gave him increased agility and speed, making him very difficult to hit, or to even track well when he's moving quickly.
Materia Usage: All residents of Gaia are able to use Materia, which is essentially crystalized magic. Vincent's are pretty normal, and they are on chains which allow him to augment what his gun fires. Fire materia? Fireball. Lightning materia? Electricity ball.
Damn Good Aim: Vincent is a hell of a shot, rarely missing even when he has nearly no time to aim properly. His expertise is in handguns. Custom ones, too.

Loyal: It's takes quite a bit to earn Vincent's trust, but once you have it, he'll always come to your aid, even if he's not very good at telling you he'll be there. His friends' problems are his own, and he'll stand with them.
Responsible: He can sometimes take this to an extreme, feeling responsible for things that are way beyond his actual fault. That being said, we he does feel responsible for getting something done, you better believe it's going to be done. It takes a lot of prodding (sometimes on behalf of his friends) to spur him into motion, but once he's going, he won't stop until a mission is completed.
Pragmatic: Vincent follows his own moral compass, not allowing the thoughts or beliefs of others to influence his actions. He doesn't really concern himself with how others view him, but does what he feels to be right in a given situation.
Belief in Innocence: A little confusing, I know, but basically, Vincent believes that the innocence of those who have never committed any grave wrongs should be protected at all costs, and will go to great lengths to do so.
Observational skills: Vincent's tendency towards quiet reflection and observation coupled with his Turk training in subtlety make him very well equipped to notice the minutia of a given situation, and to notice details others may have overlooked.


job skills (optional):
housing (optional):

network username:

network sample:

prose/action sample:
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Name: Rapunzel
Age: 17
Birthday: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: Unknown
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Green
Canon Point: Just after 'Where will my life begin (Reprise)' when she leaves the tower.
Date of Arrival: 3rd July 2017
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Name: Haru Okumura
Phantom Name: Noir
Age: 17
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 5'2" (158cm)
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: A
Hair Colour: Light Auburn
Eye Colour: Brown
Canon Point:
Date of Arrival: 7th June 2017
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So this is going to be listing Eidth's abilities as a Vampire, I will always contact a player and ask before doing anything drastic however if you'd rather nope out all together feel free to leave a comment here. (They will be screened)

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Other Vampire Stuff
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How's My Driving?

Do you have feedback or critique on how I play Edith? This is the place to give it! Also if you could provide links to examples with any critique, that would be excellent, since it'll help me identify (and improve!) the issue.


If you'd like to talk in slightly easier but still private way, you can send a PM!

Additional Links
History (WIP) | Abilities
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Kirishima Sigil - Kirishima is another Battleship of the Kongo line. While she's more aggressive than I am she is very much a solid partner. I tended to let her lead due to this as it was found that often being aggressive allowed our presence to cause mistakes in our enemies. She was sunk alongside me in Yokosuka Harbor. I had originally believed that I had caught her Union Core but it seems that I hadn't. If the situation was reversed, I believe that she'd have made the same decision I had. I hope her core was recovered from the sea.

Maya Sigil - A Takao class cruiser, she does seem eager to perform but I am unsure if that eagerness would be a detriment in combat. Perhaps things would have gone differently if I had brought her to battle alongside Kirishima and me. Although she may have begun to sing the bear song endlessly until we made contact...

Kongo Sigil - Kongo is the Flagship of the First Oriental Fleet and my superior, having replaced the former Flagship Hyuuga after she was sunk. She is very focused upon her tasks although I'm unsure if the phrase 'by the book' may apply to how she operates. I regret that we were unable to finish the mission she gave us.

Hyuuga Sigil - Hyuuga was my original superior when Kirishima and I were part of the Former Second Oriental Fleet. The fact her as a Flagship, was sunk was a sign that I-401 was not to be taken lightly and that given the ability to do damage to one of us humans are a major threat.

Ted Icon - Ted was the first human I encountered outside of combat. Exhibit's Odd behavior. He may have a desire to collect words or at least the origins of words. Unknown if he believes that I am actually human. He may refer to my name as being 'Distinguished Hazlenut' after the characters that make up my name in kanji. I am not sure how I feel about this.
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like dislike neutral

Pidge thinks she is a cute kid, though the idea of such a young kid being separated from her father makes the paladin quite frustrated. She feels a bit like an older sister to the kid at the moment.
Pidge has a hard time reading this girl, so she’s not entirely sure what to think of her. So far she hasn’t been bad, so she is going to see how things go from here.
Pidge finds him nice, and cute, in a way that reminds her a little of her brother. Jaune isn’t as nerdy as Matt but he seems just close enough that it is comforting to her right now.
Kaytu Esso
He is a robot, Pidge is in love. But on a serious note, she feels very comfortable around Kay, as it normal for her and technology, and he has been very kind to her so far.
Pidge... is a bit uncertain about him. He isn’t rude, or mean, per say, but he isn’t the kind of friendly she is used to. She’s willing to keep giving him a chance, so long as things don’t blow up on her for it.
Pidge has met him... but doesn’t know much about him, so she is preferring to stay neutral.
Pidge finds this girl very quirky and amusing, but she also respects the strong will that she seems to have. She is considering making a more friendly place for those who are young but don’t want to be dependent on other, with Louise.
Pidge finds him nice enough, and is glad that he wasn’t too proud to go back on the idea of her needing to go to an orphanage. She thinks that they could at least have healthy respect for each other as people with fighting experience.
Pidge finds him friendly enough, even though he claims to have been a part of an unsavory group before. She thinks he’s a lot better of a person than he even tries to seem.
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Yugi Mutou
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Alucard Sword - Family heirloom from his mother.
Alucard Shield - Can be used in tandem with a Shield Rod to become a weapon.
Alucard Mail - Gives extra resistance to Fire, Ice and Lightning attacks.
Twilight Cloak
Dragon Helm


Dark Metamorphosis - Red blood splashed on him will restore his own life for a short period.
Hellfire - Alucard can teleport and attack with fireballs from his cape. A similar skill used by his father.
Soul Steal - Alucard can drain life from nearby targets from a distance.
Summon Spirit - Summons a spirit to attack enemies.
Tetra Spirit - A more powerful Summon Spirit; Summons four spirits.
Shapeshifting - Alucard can change into the form of a wolf, a large bat or [sometimes poisonous] mist.


Leap Stone - Allows Alucard to double jump
Gravity Boots - Allows a high jump
Holy Symbol - Prevents Alucard from being harmed by water (it's not a snorkle, dammit!)
Familiar Cards - Allows him to summon a Faerie, Bat, Demon, Sword or Ghost familiar
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Memory is the Key

Fog on the Horizon - Haruna arrives in Genessia and encounters a strange man.

Into the Fog - Haruna makes her way into Fayren and gathers information
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Pets, all the pets!
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