[Oh hey it's that weirdo multi-coloured haired chick from like, earlier in the month. The one who tried to eat her phone.

Wow she looks kinda, no really, upset. Like grossly so. There may be snot involved.]

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee's goooooooooooooone, it's not faaaaaaaair!

[Demencia sulks at the phone, before the gross sobbing begins anew. With some mournful wails added in as well.]
18 June 2017 @ 01:17 am
... So s'it all over then?

Thank God, that was the most pointless half month of me life. May as well have just been feckin' dead, should have faffed about in that dead bloke liminal space if I'd known I'd come back to a load of shite.

Would have gotten exactly the same amount of garbage done.

Great, new guardian votin' too.

Can't wait, I'll get the phone all set up, see if I can't hook it proper to the telly and I'll take a shot every time someone says somethin' stupid.

Tannusen, I want ye to cart me unconscious droolin' carcass to me room when I'm done and lock the door so I don't go stumblin' out at three AM and start a fight with the hat rack again.

Seems like an excellent way to spend me weekend.
04 June 2017 @ 08:35 pm
[Usually, this channel is all video all the time.

Which... makes this... odd.

Hey kids!

Are you good at puzzles?

Looking to bone up on your human hand anatomy, but that A&P book is just too fucking pricey?

Are cadavers too impermanent for you?

Come on down to Wade's kitchen and learn through an intensive, fully interactive, two hour long program on how to reassemble a human hand that accidentally got caught in a Nutri-Ninja.

... Bring bleach.
[ Have a 60-year old human with a unibrow, sitting... in a bar? Definitely looks like a bar in the background. Like hell was he going to start tinkering with this garbage phone at the Bay with only his flask to sustain him. ]

Oooookay, this is-- [ beeelch ] this-this is real original, guys. Real novel.

[ He downs a shot. ]

I'm super impressed. And also already getting super bored.
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[Yeah so... Genessia's newest resident didn't really take the time to say. Read the pamphlet that came with her fancy jewelry, phone and key, And who knows what she did with her envelope, since Demencia is currently at the welcome magazine stand.

With the hologram playing behind her. And her not giving two farts about what is being said. And that's mostly because, judging by the fact that the video she's currently recording starts off showing the inside of her mouth.

Before showing the pink and green haired woman, in punk-ish clothing and a weird lizard hat, making a face and holding the phone. Which judging by the angle is probably being held out by her holding it between two fingers.]

Bleh, gross.

[And of course if anyone is nearby they can totally find Dem, after her attempts at consuming her phone, having fallen asleep right in front of the stand because... The welcome hologram was so boring to her that she just dozed off right there.

The weirdo.]