[ The shot opens on the bog unicorn, which seems to be attempting to nip at some of the weeds growing out from the cracks in a sidewalk. There's no tack on it; no saddle, no hackamore. Not so much as a rope around its neck, but it doesn't seem keen on running off. ]

Look, this is Jethro.

[ That's right, for those of you paying very close attention; there's two Jethros in Genessia and they're both 'unicorns'. What a coincidence! ]

I know, he's no Inquisition Barded Charger or Red Hart, I get it. Gruesome looking, right, don't care. He's a loyal thing who never gets tired... and I can apparently still summon him. But the only thing he arrived with when I did it is the rusty broadsword sticking out of his face. All his tack's back on Thedas, I'm guessing.

I know Fayren's the logical choice for horse-related stuff, but with the magical plague going on over there, I'm not keen on it.

[ Look, one of her besties is a mage, she's not infecting Dorian. Also, she knows how powerful his spells are; let's not have him sneezing inferno spells everywhere, okay? ]

I'll just wait if it comes to it, but if anyone knows somewhere that isn't Fayren that makes tack, I'm all ears. Bonus points if they know how to make armored barding.

xxxxx[ACTION - Genessia City]

You know what's more fun than seeing a zombie horse with a sword through its skull on the network? Meeting it in person! Alley's found a park, and she's just sort of standing out in the open with her singular arm folded with the bar that makes up for the other. Jethro the bog unicorn, well, he's having a grand old time rolling around in the grass like a proper horse. Legs kicking in all directions, sword digging big furrows into the dirt.

"Having fun?"

Judging by the enthusiasm with which the zombie rolls back upright and lunges to his feet, and then trots over to her to ram his bony nose into her shoulder, the answer is yes.

And then something catches his eye... eye socket? And like any horse caught off guard, he spooks.

Unlike some horses caught off guard, he charges at whatever it is while Alley curses colorfully in a foreign tongue, shoved aside by the great beast in his quest to defend her honor -- or whatever is going on in that dead head of his.
21 April 2017 @ 02:57 am

So I got bored.

While mired in the depths of this boredom, I invented a super cool fun new game for all your friends, family and children to participate in.

This game is called "Deadpool Stole Your Shit".

The rules are:

Look around your house!

Is something missing?

I fucking took it.

If you want to get it back you can goddamn find me and pry it out of my cold dead instantly regenerating hands, sucks to be all you normie suckers.

[[YOU WANT YOUR SHIT STOLEN? POST HERE! With whatever random item you want to have vanished. If you're not interested in being burgled, but you want to comment anyway, just mention it OOCly or in your title so I don't get confused.]]

[ And here's Tannusen openly on the network, this time. And in glorious, full color video!

He looks... tired. There's a darkness to the skin under his eyes that isn't usually there, and a heaviness to his eyelids that isn't being affected, for once. ]

Hey, so, here's a question for everyone. Where do you get braile printed?

You know, the stuff with all the raised dots for blind folk to read.


In person, Tannusen can be found at his bar, nursing a mug of tea. Jethro is parked indoors, which isn't actually all that strange for a regular to see. The motorcycle is positioned at the end of the bar, next to Tannusen's seat of choice, and the Faerie occasionally reaches over to pat it on the gauge shroud like one might with a pet.
Current Music: 30 Seconds To Mars - Stranger in a Strange Land
11 April 2017 @ 04:57 pm
Genessia City [ action ]

[It might be a little nippy outside today on this pristine morning but there's barely a cloud in sight. Elatus given up on wandering for the time being after waking at the pier. He settled within the park beside the pond for awhile just people watching for the time being. While he's honestly quite perturbed about his sudden arrival here, Elatus couldn't help but feel somewhat thankful.

Genessia is a rather beautiful city. It's a very modern metropolis, quite different from that of Illyria. There's no horse drawn carriages or the repugnant smell of garbage, manure and whatever the hell else on the streets. It's all quite different, almost surreal. Elatus couldn't help but be somewhat giddy. This a brand new experience, one he would treasure despite the nagging feeling that he honestly doesn't belong here. He's been putting off that thought for some time now and it's only becoming more persistent as he wanders aimlessly through town.

Eventually, Elatus decides that strolling around Genessia is too much of a nuisance and decides to experience the city from a different perspective. So if you're roaming around the city doing errands, try not to scream when something colorful zooms right past your head.

[ video ]

This city is so big!

[Hello, Genessia. Don't mind the overgrown humanoid butterfly upon the screen. This cheery and colorful creature is one of the city's newest residents and it seems he's quite excited to be here. A little too excited given that he's just been kidnapped to some strange alternate reality in a world far, far away. Nevertheless, the faerie is all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Those large purple pupils are just getting wider and wider with excitement.]

Is everyone here from a different world? I already met an ambassador from the Tevinter...Tevinter--um. [A pause.] Oh, Imperium! Yes, Tevinter Imperium.

That's the place! A rather grand name, no? I hail from the Illyrian Empire. We're not as grand as the Tevinters but we have our quirks--

[The faerie pauses for a long moment once he finally catches his reflection within the screen of his phone. It seems he forgot that he's a giant sentient butterfly right now and not "human". Cue in the awkward ]

...Um, well.
10 April 2017 @ 02:50 am
Action | Arrival/Near the Bay )

Audio | Open

[ When the audio begins transmitting, the voice, cultured and crisp in accent, is clearly mocking in tone, though it's apparent after just a moment, he's not talking to the network at large.

At first, the his voice is high-pitched, changing tone to something more normal for him at the second line.

"Here you are, ser. A pittance to pay your way. Now, if you would, obediently follow this path and use this key to open a door."

"It's that easy is it? Why of course! I'd be happy to! What's the worst that could happen?"

[ He breathes a small sigh before the sounds of the device being shifted can be heard, and when he speaks again, his words are clearly, like he's moved it closer to his mouth. ]

Ah! So it does work. In light of this news, it'd be remiss of me not to introduce myself before I explore this painfully ill-advised avenue.

[ He clears his throat politely. ]

I am Dorian of House Pavus, Altus Mage of the Tevinter Imperium and Ambassador to the Inquisition. If any of that means anything to you, wonderful. I'd be happy to let you know where you may collect me. If not, well, no effort is lost save that which is not attempted, eh?