27 April 2017 @ 06:29 pm
Let the Cirque du Vrai begin!

OOC: The event starts today. It affects Attleton. Players can make their own posts and have fun with it or they can reply to this post with top levels and have fun that way! Up to you! There will be a separate log posted for the Showstopper on the 29th. If you have any questions or would like to sign up for the Showstopper, please check out the event details and remember that sign-ups for the Showstopper close tonight at 11:59pm PST.

Please note that if your character tries to enter the circus without a mask and costume (cannot be something your character already owned because it's not a disguise if it's theirs), they'll be prevented from getting in one way or the other. Don't try to get around it and don't try to be like WELL NO ONE CAN STOP MY CHARACTER!! If your character goes right past them they'll find themselves in the field the next day the second they go past the gates, capiche?? No cheating it's not fun for anyone.

As the sun sets in Attleton, a strange haze seems to glow over the barrier for a few moments before in the distance, a sequence of lights flickers on. The entrance sign first, then tents and merry-go-rounds and booths and all manner of dizzying fun illuminate just as darkness falls. It doesn't take more than a few seconds for the sounds of cheers and fun to fill the Attleton air. It almost seems like it's calling to you, inviting you in. As you approach, a man on stilts greets you. He explains that the flyers that have been floating around town with the wind and on the walls were all for this, the Cirque du Vrai! Become someone else to become yourself, step right up! You don't need to buy a ticket, you just need to buy a costume.

"There's a costume shop right next to the entrance for those who aren't prepared, and a master mask maker who will create any mask you desire, or leave it up to him once he decides what he thinks suits you. If you brought your own, that's fine too! The Cirque is here for days, there's time to spare! Don't let reservations drive you to despair! You'll miss out on fun if you let your life run all over the mystery we've so prestigiously spun. Test your skills, test your wills, find your chills, thrills, and pills. Here it is, the moment you've been waiting for is just beyond the gate! Accept who you are and you'll need none to commiserate!"

The man laughs, leaving before you can ask what that means to invite another in, and the game begins. Welcome to the Cirque du Vrai. Enjoy.
26 April 2017 @ 05:55 pm
[Jacques isn’t sure what he’s doing here or how he even got here, but he is pleasantly surprised to see Weiss has opened up a branch of his company over here. Perhaps the girl had more of a mind for business than he had first imagined. Of course, it also could have been because of him; he’d given her ample time to think about things when he imprisoned her in her room.

With a few adept strokes, a video of him is being broadcast, glorious mustache and all.]

Good Evening. My name is Jacques Schnee, proud father of Weiss Schnee who you all seem to know. I trust that she’s been doing an honorable job of starting up a branch of the Schnee Company here in… Genessia, was it? However now that I’m here I’ll of course be stepping up to run my company just as soon as I get settled in. If you have any business with Schnee, be sure to send them my way and I’m sure we can work something out.

[He’s laying the charm on thick – it’s all about appearances, after all.]

Weiss, darling, be sure to call me and let me know where you are staying so we can have a little chat, just the two of us. I’m glad to see you doing so well.
Sale goin' on at the Cloak and Dagger in Everglade.

[... Yes this is video.

Yeah that's Cassian on screen.

Smiling. He's smiling. He's actually smiling and it's not a smug shit eating grin.

His voice is warm. He looks like he's actually got color on his face today. The priest actually doesn't look like he just stumbled out of bed and glared at his reflection until he felt ready enough for the day.

... So apparently there is a pod person in the city.

Spring's what been out and about for a few weeks, rain is comin', some of ye may be interested in gardenin'. We've got feed to improve the quality of soil. Small amounts, potted plant use only until ye get the plant strong enough for transfer.

Excellent for raisin' herbs.

Also sellin' a few enchanted waterin' globes. Fill it once and forget about it for months.

Anythin' and everythin' related to gardenin' is half price, seeds and seedlings included.

And I hope ye all have a blessed day.

[... Oh yes, it's definitely a pod person.]
03 April 2017 @ 06:40 pm
[ Have a Tannusen, clearly in Velvet Lust -- though it's during the day, so no one else is in there with him and more lights are on than usual. It's the downstairs area, all gleaming dark hardwood and metal inlays and all that good stuff. ]

So, I scored these little shits.

[ The camera is panned around as he flips his phone over, and its focus lands on a Pichu and a Cinccino having what appears to be a deadly face-off on top of one of the pool tables. They're about the same size, and they're both bipedal, so it's something of a slap-fight.

An adorable, somewhat staticky slap-fight. ]

But I don't actually know anything about rodents. I'm a bloody cat, okay? Rodents aren't my specialty. Is this normal? The dinosaur, it just kind of perches on rooftops and screams a lot, I think because Tektite's been encouraging it...

[ That's right, Tektite, he's onto you. ]

But these two...

[ The Pichu throws a cue ball at the Cinccino, and then the latter rodent launches itself right at the former's face. Vicious, adorable wrestling match! ]

They generally get along, but I think they're just kinda... hyper. So do I get them a big hamster wheel, or what?

Do they even make them big enough for these nerds?
31 March 2017 @ 12:21 pm
[By the time he got out of the weird, wet cavern he'd woken up in and stepped out into the blinding sunlight, Prompto had mostly had time to calm down (which is good, because flailing his way out of the weird coffin-egg-thing and almost dropping the box that had been on top of him into the water was not the epitome of cool). Listening to the hologram-lady had kind of helped, or at least it had helped cement for him that he had indeed been kidnapped, so at least he kind-of, sort-of knew what was going on.

[(Hey, at least this time it wasn't Ardyn kidnapping him! He'd take it.)

[The city was big, and Prompto found himself looking around in kind of a state of shock. He didn't even think to get out his camera - he was way more concerned with trying to figure out where he was and, more importantly, if his friends were here.

[Unfortunately, just looking around wasn't presenting many answers. So he pulled out the phone that had been in the box on top of him, looking it over for a couple of minutes while standing on the side of the street, getting a feel for it until he figures out how to make a video message.]

H-hello? Can anybody see this?

[He isn't sure he's doing this right, but he presses on anyway.]

I just woke up here? And-- I don't really know where here is. Um.

Nocto? Ignis? Gladio? ...is anybody else here?

Or does anyone know where I can find my friends?

Ano... that's all, I think...

[He closes out the video, uncertain how to end it. Or what else to say, really. Now he has to actually do something.]
10 February 2017 @ 01:42 am


He's not happy. Of course, Cassian is rarely ever happy when he uses the network, so this isn't really a surprise.

... Sale goin' on in the shop.


Pertainin' mostly to defensive and combative charms.

Everythin' else is still full price, none of ye are gettin' cheap potions from me that easy.

... Extra sale on explosive runes.

I don't want a single goddamn question as to why.
Given the controversy with Everglade, this seems to be an increasingly important topic. What are your feelings on necromancy? The undead in general? Controlled or otherwise?

Hostility towards this entire branch of magic is odd to me.

For those that know and wish to share, what does necromancy even mean to you? What does it imply? How is it treated on your world?

[Respond however you wish, but he's inclined to stay on anon.]
Who: Tannusen and OPEN!
Where: Just some random park in Genessia City with a lot of NPC foot traffic.
What: Tannusen's out in public, during normal waking hours.
When: Daytime!
Warnings: Nah. Will update if it becomes necessary.

Tannusen had found a pretty ideal bench on which to set himself up for the day. He sat at one end of it, a backpack sitting on the ground by his foot. One leg was folded over the other, a lined legal notepad of yellow paper balanced on his lap.

The pooka glanced up at people over his glasses as they went by, sometimes seeming to study them and sometimes disregarding what he saw with no apparent rhyme or reason. The mechanical pencil in his gloved hand moved with few pauses, sometimes scratching a word or five and sometimes... drawing? Was he drawing?

Okay, one... why would he do that? Two, on lined paper? And three... no, really, what was he up to?
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29 January 2017 @ 03:37 am
Who: Open to all
What: Adventure!
Where: The White Catacombs
When: January 29th - February 5th
Warnings: None at the moment

Adventure )
27 January 2017 @ 10:29 pm


[ So he's been here a little while; mostly, he's been keeping to himself while he figures this stuff out. It's way different than Eos; for one, he's so used to the open road that this is gonna take a lot to get used to. A lot. He's getting himself acquainted with the shops, the fact that with no imminent threat, he has a lot of time on his hands.

... Right now, he's on a specific mission. There's a certain food he's looking for. This could make or break this place. Find him several places in Genessia City--he's the type to keep moving, so lots of places are fair game.

Later on, though, he puts out a video message. ]


I'm guessin' no one's found out who kidnapped us and brought us here, huh?

[ He's just, like... only slightly irritated. He has important things to do. ]
14 January 2017 @ 12:20 am
Introspection )


[It had been laundry day. Jaune's wearing a different outfit today. He's also blatantly wearing a red and gold bracelet on his right wrist. He knew what it would look like to other people who knew him well enough, and those are the people he's seeking to manipulate. The risks of getting caught basically stealing it are outweighed by the advantage of making his point. He might not outright physically harm his friends, but he'll do whatever he thinks is necessary to hurt the people who hurt the--him.]

Hey, it's the incompetent idiot again here to talk to you about something way more interesting and lucrative than free totes. It's always felt like that being normal is actually more unusual than being super-powered here. I'm not normal, but I'm also not capable of destroying entire cities and I won't pretend that I am.

I don't know if half of what everyone here claims is actually true, and you do have those abilities, or if you're just full of shit.

Actually, I think it might be the second option. [Shrug.] That's not my point. I need to find someone. I'm sure most of you know her, Emerald Sustrai. She's very good with words and manipulating other people. Good people, like a lot of you are. I wish that's where the threat ended, but she aided in murdering someone very important to me. I won't lie and say I won't hurt her when I find her. Think about what you would do if it happened to you, or someone you loved, except it really happened to me. She is going to burn for what she did. But I need your help.

If anyone has any information about where I can find her, I'll pay you 200 red bills upfront. But wait-- [Smirking.] If your information turns out to be useful, and you're not just lying because you're another greedy corrupted fuck, I'll reward you with 5000 red bills for your efforts. [Where would he get that much money? Nowhere legal.]

So yeah, help me find her and stuff and I won't have to cause property damage to do the right thing. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that. [He really doesn't sound like he's hoping it doesn't come to that.]

[Action (Monsters and--)]

[After that announcement, Jaune will seeking out his friends and family, visiting the places he most frequently sees them. Occasionally, he might see someone committing a crime. Instead of arresting them and waiting for the cops, he starts to beating them up, until he gets tired of it or they stop putting up a fight and he continues looking for a select few people. Hopefully no one saw that. He might accidentally run into a stranger or acquaintance, stopping in shock and frowning apologetically. He's good at pretending to care, because he remembers being able to care about strangers.]

Sorry, are you okay? [And he'll extend his hand to help them up, offering a sheepish smile.]

[Action (Heroes)]

[Overall, Jaune considers himself pretty adaptable. He's better at reacting than planning, and he doesn't let himself get stuck in a single mindset. But right now he feels stuck, and he can't pinpoint why. He just wants nothing more than to be around his friends. Looking pensive, his better half heads for Remnant House, as well as Dave and Jeff's apartment. If he sees someone else he knows on his way, he'll probably stop to talk to them.]
14 January 2017 @ 12:52 am
[ Wherever Weiss is right now, it isn't her usual home or her office. It's not the Skyrise or one of Schnee Company's builings. It's clearly some kind of balcony with a panoramic view of Nova City behind it. She seems like she's a little irritated at something and she's wearing something somewhat more formal than her normal attire, though her hair is still in its normal style. She gives a distinctive, impatient look to someone off-screen of 'well? hop to it' before focusing her attention on the video. ]

Hello everyone. As of today, I'm announcing Mercury Black as Nova City's new deputy. Those of you who have a problem with this can deal with it because frankly, I've done a good job so far and I'm tired of being questioned every single time I do anything when so far it's turned out substantially better than anyone seems to expect of me.

You'll also notice that I've opened a new branch of Schnee Company in Attleton. It's time to stop resting on our laurels.

[ Honestly, nothing seems too off except that Weiss seems to be in a less than ideal mood. She looks off the camera again, a man's voice saying "All you have to do is sign here, Guardian Schnee, and it's yours." ]

It's about time. [ The video clicks off as she mutters that last part, moving away from the balcony. ]

B. TEXT; PRIVATE (to whitley, winter, and sun)
It's about time we go back to living the way we deserve to. If you're willing to offer something up to prove you're not planning on being a leech, I'd be happy to have you.

[ And included is an address in Nova City to her new home. ]

[ Well this was... unfortunate. Weiss had just barely woken up and saw what she had thought was herself slamming the door on the way out of the brand new Attleton location. She had no idea what was going on and frankly this wasn't how she wanted to start the day after the ribbon cutting ceremony. She's must've hit her head on something, that would explain how she could possibly see herself walking out of here too.. Uhg. Weiss sighed and went into her pouch to grab some aspirin only to find all of the Dust was gone out of it. Her next thought went to Myrtenaster- also gone.

...Did she get mugged by someone wearing a wig? As far as disguises go, herself against herself had to be the weirdest and most effective. What was she going to do, report herself to Blaze for mugging herself? As importantly, where did her jacket and petticoat go? Did the thief take those too? (What kind of Guardian actually had to deal with this kind of problem?) Even if she wanted to report it, her device was gone. Great.

Weiss frowned at her reflection in the window, then headed to Genessia City to grab one of her old outfits from the old house. It was closer than Nova so she wouldn't have to keep wandering around in the show without frills or a jacket, at least. There's not much left there since she brought most things with her, but her dress from her first Christmas party was and it was clean, so Weiss is going around looking extra snowy as she walks her way back to Nova City. The thief appears to have taken her car too. Feel free to encounter her anywhere on the walk back to Nova, looking rather concerned in general. ]
13 January 2017 @ 10:29 am
[While it had been unexpected to arrive here, Kylo Ren has gotten his bearings easily enough. He observed the welcome, thoroughly read through all the information he could find, found the map and his temporary lodgings and that is now where he is. Upon examining his device, he finally decides to broadcast a message. It's clear he's annoyed, though. There's a frown on his face and his lips are pursed until he speaks.]

Even given such a hospitable welcome, this is not acceptable. I can't be held here. If anyone has any information on how to leave or an available ship, inform me at once.
10 January 2017 @ 09:03 pm
[Video/Action, Everglade]

[She travels a bit of here and there, introducing herself to meet and greet new people, and that's how she learn quickly to get around the cities and get to know the world better. She got a job quickly enough, and hopefully that will make a sizeable savings in her bank in due given time.

She's in the town square, working as an Everglade Ranger and as part time escort for Namur's Jolly Eddy's.]

"Soooo, this is Everglade. Kinda spooky for a city with all of this fog. Anyway, hello! This is Ruby. I heard this town need some help, so I decide to work as an Everglade Ranger and for Jolly Eddy's."

[And she did make some first successes as a bounty hunter!]

"So far, my job is to protect the civilians and keep everything under control. I hope that will help. What do you think?"
09 January 2017 @ 04:02 pm
A. Video

[ She still doesn't know.

Adela can't help sighing, frowning as she turns on the feed. ]

For those of you concerned with my whereabouts in the past while... I apologize for causing you worry. I will be returning home today, if you so wish to speak with me it might be easiest to do so then. Thank you.

[ She seems tired and still unhappy at the least, though she doesn't let the image linger and cuts off the feed after. ]


B. Action, Genessia (Sycamore Cycles, Garden Park, or Genessia City in general)

[ It's with Sebastian's help that she's returned to Genessia, though part of her is still hesitant to return home straight away. Rather than simply stepping inside to face everyone, she began to take a walk. It's not as cold as it was, and she can be allowed that much right?

Still, she's more lost in her own thoughts than anything else. It ends up with her wandering, gravitating towards familiar places and even taking rests there. She's not really paying attention to anyone or anything around her, maybe not even hearing them calling her name the first time. She might have been skipping stones across the pond's surface at Garden Park, or staring at people walking by.

Eventually, by the time the sun starts to set, she will return to Sycamore Cycles. She'll be sitting outside there, still debating on if she wants to come back in or not. If she can face those she, on some level, considers family or not.

Somehow, it feels colder than even that fateful winter day several days ago now. ]
08 January 2017 @ 07:11 pm
[Well, she thought that arriving is a different world altogether would be a very odd experience, but she found however that was really not the case. But then again she was a woman who was oddly use to a lot of oddity. Advantage when you fought the forces of evil...or had anyway. After she had grabbed what she had and left the Bay, having then spent over five minutes or so simply fascinated by the hologram she had the device on and recording.]

Wow, this works close to what a mobile phone does, except this seems to send out to everyone who owns such a device.

[She gives a little wave with her free hand before it starts to play with her necklace.]

So I guess we must all be in the same boat, huh? Away from home, no possible way of getting back easily unless of course you wanted to work as a time traveller when your older or something. Though wouldn't that be a cool career?

[She smiled sweetly, letting out a light chuckle.]

Anyway, hello. My name is Tayler Phillips and if I am here for a while, does anyone know if it's possible to finish medical school here? I mean I was nearly finished, so it would be rather annoying to not finish. But if not, would I be able to actually pursue that career if I wanted to?

[If not, she figured she would find a way to keep up with that line of work. As it means the best cover for what she really wanted to do after all. Even in a new world she saw that opportunity as it meant more possibilities.]
Guten Morgen, wunderschön Genessia City. How many of you have slept tonight at all? It is time to wake up now!

Greet the day before the sun can beat you to it, ja?

I am making this announcement for anyone who is interested. It would be nice to have a morning partner in Fayren for a good brisk morning swim.

[... Yep. In January. Does this look like a joke to you?]

Anyone is invited, it will be fun! I promise, I will make a good breakfast when we are done. How are you doing, by the way, Herr Regis? Do you need anything else?


Well he'd bought these presents for a reason. He missed Christmas... by like... a lot. So it was only fair that he actually get around to it now.

Two short, but friendly knocks at Koumyou's door. Or Sanzo's door. You know, whoever answered the door.

Better hope it's Koumyou. That's not Reinhardt hoping, for the record.

Whoever answers the door better hope it's Koumyou for their own sanity.]
07 January 2017 @ 03:57 am
Nova City

[She was here two nights ago from the Bay. Those first few days, she was wandering around the main city of Genessia. She read the instructions from the pamphlets, read the maps from the magazine, and even peered at the archways that lead to the other four cities that connected to the main one, but she haven't explored what's beyond them yet. She wasn't used to journeying alone in unknown territories, not without her friends for teammates.

Spending the night alone in the Commonspace was an interesting but rather cramped experience, and it was after she contacted Weiss that she was being filled in with a bit of this and that, and later that night, she ended up as a resident at the Remnant House.

The next morning, after much needed breakfast, she made it her agenda to seek out her friends and make her presence known. A video is being played live to the Network, showing a petite girl wearing an interesting attire of white, black, and a flowing red cape, giving her a red hiding hood appearance. She beamed a sunny D powered smile, and waved to the phone.]

"Hi and good morning everyone! I'm Ruby Rose. I arrived here from the Bay a few days ago. I met with Weiss and she filled me in with some of the details.

But...I want to hear it from you guys! What happened to all of you? It's a lot to take in, but I'll do my best to help.

So if you want to speak to me, let me know."
06 January 2017 @ 03:26 am
... Them election results are a pile of horseshite, I'll tell ye that.

What's all this then, as if humans don't already have it hard enough in Everglade? I ain't pickin' up nothin' and movin' just cos some flashy snaggle toothed undead harlot runs the show.

That's an open invitation, I dare any of ye to come and boot me out, house is all ready for a big party.


Speakin' of the rectory and heapin' piles of stinkin' shite, water's gone bad. I'll have to be collectin' it elsewhere now, that's more of a warnin' to any of ye who visit and don't trigger all the traps on your way in.



Tea and coffee will be a little harder to come by, I suggest bringin' your own liquids.
[A quiet gasp escapes Regis once the phone suddenly turns on after a moment or two of fiddling around with it. He makes an odd figure upon the camera, especially since he's accidentally holding the phone upside down. It takes a moment for the regal gentleman to realize his mistake but once he does, he turns it right up again.

The King of Lucis wears no gold. There's hints of silver in his hair in the form of a horn-like crown, silver upon his clothing and hints of silver mixed within those bright sea green eyes. However, he wears no gold. He fits the appearance of a 'lord' of some kind either way by just his demeanor alone. Certainly not your average looking old codger at least. Though, he certainly looks particularly vexed as he stares into this phone.

Regis doesn't know what to make of this strange phenomenon and it shows in his glare.]

Tell me, is it customary for holograms to greet newcomers?

[There's a dry laugh that follows. The sarcasm is heavy.]